Family Game Night - Achievement Guide - Every Point Counts

There are 91 achievements with a total of 1850 points.
 Winner! (10 points)
Win one game of Boggle

See Fifty Wins

 Loads Of Winning! (30 points)
Win a total of 5 games of Boggle - Any mode

See Fifty Wins

 Wordsmith (20 points)
Score 5 6-letter words in one round of Boggle
Unless you like torturing yourself, my advice is to use the Word Hunt mode and search for 6-letter words displayed on the Lexicon. If you make sure that portal cubes are turned on you may pick up a few more that originally listed. Keep in mind you don’t have to win with just 6-letter words, you just have to make 5 during the game.
 Bits and Pieces (10 points)
Make 10 words that are 3 letters long in one round

See The Mind Boggles

 Portal Pro (20 points)
Win 10 games of Boggle with Portal Cubes turned on

See Fifty Wins, but go to custom and set Portal Cubes on.

 The Mind Boggles (20 points)
Win a game with 20 words that are 3 letters long
Create a custom game with the timer set to 8 minutes and 1 round. This should be more than enough time to find twenty 3-letter words. If you are struggling, make sure you are playing a Word Hunt game (I'm not sure how to scroll the list though and the longest words show up on top so it may not be very helpful) with Portal Cubes turned On. If you are having trouble making twenty words, try connecting three random letters together. You may be surprised to see how many words you didn't know were valid in Boggle. During my try I was able to get twenty-three words. Only 10 - 12 of those words I was familiar with or thought of on my own.
 The Mighty 8 (20 points)
Spell an 8-letter word in Boggle
Again, unless you still like torturing yourself, use Word Hunt as it tells you the longest words on the board. If there is not an eight letter word, finish the game anyway you have to play 50 for Fifty Wins and you should get an eight letter word somewhere in there.
 I Call Fives (20 points)
Finish a game only using 5-letter words
Simply start a game of Boggle and create one 5-letter word and let the timer run out. You do not have to win the game you just have to finish it. It will help if you play a Word Hunt game and turn the timer to 30 Seconds.
 Fifty Wins (40 points)
Win 50 multiplayer games of Boggle
Simply start up a local custom game and play alone (with two controllers) or with a friend locally or over Xbox Live with Word Hunt turned on. Set the custom game setting to One Round and 30 Second Round Timer. Create one word before the timer runs out (you can make more, but you only need one), rinse and repeat until you get 50 wins.

** Note: You must have two controllers for this achievement to unlock. Both Winner! and Loads of Winning will unlock with only one player but Fifty Wins will NOT.
 You are Win! (10 points)
Win just one game of Connect 4

Just win a single game of connect 4. The achievement will unlock once you complete that game.

 More Wins! (20 points)
Win a total of 10 games of Connect 4

See "Lord of the Wins"

 High Five (20 points)
Win at Connect 4 by connecting 5
Start up a normal local game with another controller or a game over LIVE. Simply lay two of your chips on the bottom row, have the other player lay their chips on top of yours, skip a column, lay two more chips and then lay the last chip in the open space between your four chips to Connect 5.
 Grid Lock (20 points)
Finish a game with a draw by filling the whole board

Start up a normal local game with another controller or a game over LIVE. There are a total of 42 spaces that both players have to fill without managing to get a Connect 4 or higher.

To do this have one player fill the first three slots (on the left) on the bottom with the same color; have the other player lay their chips on top; repeat this until you reach the top. There should be four open columns to the right; use the three columns furthest to the right and repeat what you just did.

Eventually there will be just a center column to fill. Make sure you alternate opposite colors in this column so you don't get a Connect 4.

 Smooth Operator (20 points)
Connect 4 in under 2 minutes

See Operator, this is an emergency

 Operator, this is an emergency (20 points)
Connect 4 in under 30 seconds
Start up a normal local game with another controller, or a game over LIVE. Simply lay four chips horizontally or vertical with the opponent not interfering to get a Connect 4 in under 30 seconds.
 Power Chip Collector (20 points)
Win a game of Connect 4 Using all of the Power Chip types at least once

You are able to use power chips in the game type Power Chips. Start up a local Custom game with another controller or a game over LIVE.

Set the Game Mode to Power Chips and the settings to:
Column Drop: No
Drop Clock: Disabled
Rounds: 1
Score Limit: 20
Time Limit: None

You will need to use all five of the power chips in one game and manage to win. The five power chips are: Hand, 2x, Down Force, Weight, and Explosion.

 Horizon Line (20 points)
Win a game of connect 4 with a horizontal line of 7 pieces. Single player or multiplayer
Start up a normal local game with another controller or over LIVE. Lay your first three chips in the first three slots on the left, then do the same for the next three chips, but on the right side. Finally, fill the middle slot to gain a Connect 7.
 Lord of the Wins (30 points)
Win 50 games of Connect 4
Any time you win on LIVE or locally, it will count towards this achievement. The easiest way to get this achievement is with a second controller. Set up a local game, sign the second account in and just play Original Connect 4. Have the second controller place chips away from yours as you go for Connect 4's. It takes about 15 seconds a game, so that's under 13 minutes of actual game play for 50 wins. You can check how many wins you have by selecting Achievements in the Trophies section of the game.
 Perfection (20 points)
Win 4 single player rounds in a row!

This has to be done against the AI in any mode. Select Play Custom, set the Game Mode to Power Chips, and change the settings to:
AI Difficulty: Novice
Column Drop: No
Drop Clock: Disabled
Rounds: 1
Score Limit: None
Time Limit: 1:00

I found it easiest to try to get two chips on top of eachother, then wait for the Hand power chip. Once you get the Hand, place it on your two chips and the opponent won't be able to lay a chip there. You can then score a Connect 4, and just let the time run out. If you are about to lose/tie a game, you can just press the start button and select Restart; this won't count as a loss.

For some reason I had to view the Trophy for this specific achievement in the my Trophies collection before it would unlock.

 Win! (10 points)
Win one game of Sorry!

See 5 Times Win.

 5 Times Win! (25 points)
Win a total of 5 games of Sorry! against a friend
Simply set up any match with two controllers. The quickest way to do this is the Bonus Cards mode. One match takes approximately 7-8 minutes - 5-6 if you're lucky with the cards. That's a total of about 30-40 minutes for all games.

As stated by the user Rocket, these wins don't have to be against a friend at all, as wins against the CPU will count, too. Whilst wins with two controllers will be a lot faster, this is good news for everyone with only one controller.
 My Apologies (5 points)
Move one pawn of an opposing team back to the start zone
Simply move a pawn of an enemy back to the start zone. You may do this using a Sorry!-card, a yellow slide or several bonus cards (Sideswipe, Wipeout) found in the Bonus Cards mode of the game. This one will definitely come while you're doing the other achievements.
 Fragile Alliance (10 points)
Finish Sorry! without sending any of one teams pawns back to the start
This one might be tricky. You are required to finish a match without ever having any other pawns moved back to their starts. That means you won't be able to use Sorry!-cards, the bonus cards "Wipeout" and "Sideswipe" or yellow slides.

This may become really annoying, especially if you end up having only Sorry!-cards available. Small hint: If you have a steal card available on any other player besides you, use it to steal the Sorry! card of your main account on purpose. You will need to remember the correct position of the card as the enemy cards are covered while in steal mode.
 I am not Sorry at all (30 points)
Win a multiplayer game in under 10 minutes
Win any match in less than 10 minutes. This is easily done in Bonus Cards mode with two controllers. The quickest route is to go directly to the right, not the left. You may do this if you have a 1 or 2 to place a pawn on the actual board and then use a 4 to reach the rightmost corner.

Note that getting 1's and 4's right at the start won't happen every time, so this one is a little luck-based.
 All Out Offensive (30 points)
Move 2 pawns from every opposing team back to the start in one game
Set up a match with 4 controllers (GH controllers work, too). Now you don't want to finish the match unless you moved 2 pawns of every team back to their starts. If you're unsure, write a list and cross them off as you move them back.
 Rainbow Dancing (10 points)
Win a game after moving one pawn from each team back to the start zone

See "All Out Offensive".

 The Yellow Dart (20 points)
Use a Sorry! yellow slide to send a pawn back to start
Slide over an enemy while he is standing somewhere in the middle of a yellow slide. There are 2 on every side of the board.
Have the enemy player stand somewhere between A-D whilst you directly hit E to start the slide (You won't start it when you hit some other spot than E).

Note: Slides may appear in different colors.
 Red Vengeance (20 points)
Use Sorry! on an opponent within one round of them using Sorry! on one of your pawns.

Simple: Right after one of the other teams used a Sorry!-card on you, do the same on them.

 Master of the Cards (40 points)
Use all the Sorry! Bonus Cards in one game
Simple. Just avoid winning a Bonus Cards game unless you're sure to have used all available Bonus Cards.

There are 5 different cards:

Steal (Steal any card from any player)
Sideswipe (Take out every pawn standing on a certain side of the board)
Wipeout (Take out at least 1 pawn of every player)
All Change (Get a complete new set of cards)
Freedom (Get pawns onto the actual board without being needed to have a 1 or 2)
 For the Win! (10 points)
Win one game of Yahtzee against a friend

Start a new game session and make sure you have two controllers. Select Yahtzee as the game of choice. Play well with the character/controller that you want to win with and poorly with the other. To play poorly, just make sure you choose to strike out a section every time you can.
This can be done in a local match or on xbox live.

 All the Sixes (20 points)
Get a Yahtzee with all sixes!
Make sure that you have wild dice activated in your settings. During your game, make sure you always keep 6's and wild dice. After a few games you should get lucky.
This can be done in any game mode.
 High Chance (25 points)
Fill the chance Total with a score above 24

For this achievement, the total score of your five die must add up to 25 or more. Once this happens, select "chance" to submit the total.
This can be done in any game mode.

 Dice Time (20 points)
Clock up over an Hour of playtime in Yahtzee

Self-explanatory, just play the game a lot and this will come. Alternatively, you can start a game and leave it running to increase your time while you're not playing. You can check your time in the "stats" section when you view your trophies. All game modes contribute to this.
NOTE: This may not unlock straight away. Try playing a different Hasbro game for it to unlock.
This can be done in any game mode.

 High Roller (15 points)
Roll 3 Yahtzee's in one game
A Yahtzee is 5 dice of the same number. Before you begin a game, in your settings, make sure that wild dice are allowed. Keep holding the same numbers every time and this will come pretty quickly.
This can be done in any game mode.
 Real Small (20 points)
Roll a small straight starting with a 1

A small straight is 4 consecutive numbers. For this achievement, you must get the numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4. This is easier done with wild dice enabled.
This can be done in any game mode.

 I Only Need One... (30 points)
Roll a Yahtzee, Full House or Large Straight on your first roll

This is purely based on luck. You can increase your chances by enabling wild dice. To make sure you get the achievement, select Yahtzee, Full House or Large Straight immediately after the roll (don't roll again otherwise you miss out on the achievement).
This can be done in any game mode.

 Ground Floor Apartment (10 points)
Roll a Full House using only 1’s and 2’s
For this you'll need three 1's and two 2's or two 1's and three 2's. Wild dice help as always but luck is a major factor. Remember you have 3 rolls to work towards this.
This can be done in any game mode.
 Infinite Win (40 points)
Win 50 games of Yahtzee

Win 50 games of Yahtzee. Your stats are found in the trophy section. All game types contribute to this.
This can be done in any game mode.

Weffalump has found a quick way to achieve this in less than 30 minutes:

  1. Start a single player custom game with game mode set to "Half-Card"
  2. Roll the dice once then select all five dice so they are put into the slots at the back.
  3. Repeat step 2 until you "Bust" and are pronounced the winner. Usually only takes 1 or 2 rolls.
  4. Select play again and repeat until achievement unlocks. Each win takes about 30 seconds.


 Winningtons! (10 points)
Win one game of Sorry! Sliders

See So Many Wins...

 So Many Wins... (20 points)
Win 20 games of Sorry! Sliders

Just win 20 games.
Set the game to instant home so that if you hit the center circle, you go home with one pawn. It's possible to win in one round if you hit all 4 times, pretty easy once you get the flick down.
thanks to MongolianSlayer

 Flawless Victory! (20 points)
Win a game of Sorry! Sliders without losing a Slider off the board

Easy way of doing this is to just tap forward on the analog stick.

 Battle Box Master (20 points)
Finish a game having used all of the powerups at least once

Game Setup:

  • Go to custom
  • Turn on battle box
  • Difficulty: Novice

If you want to use a second controller turn off the AI's

just keep sending your pawns down the board and collect the purplish boxes to get a power-up and the the end of the game you should have all the power-ups.

  • Mini Pawn
  • Aftershock Pawn
  • Heavy Pawn
  • Powershot Pawn
  • Ice Pawn
  • Guard Pawn
  • Ghost Pawn
  • Accuracy Pawn

A quick tip if your stuck on getting the ice pawn just change the turntable to off and the KO penalties to off. If you change the setting and play on danger dots its not to hard. Instant Sorry board might be good as well.

 Fast Sliding (10 points)
Win at Sorry! Sliders in under 5 minutes

Game Setup:

  • Go to custom match
  • game type: doesn't matter
  • Difficulty: Novice

If you want to use a second controller, turn off the AI.
Simply send your pawns down the board and on your second controller, if you use it, just tap the so it doesn't make it on the board.

 I Don't Need Help (10 points)
Finish one game with Battleboxes turned on but do not collect a single one

Game Setup:

  • Go to custom match
  • turn on Battle Box's
  • Difficulty: Novice

If you like to use a second controller turn off the AI

Now usually the box line up in a row so it will be easy to send your pawns down the board. its all about time and how slow you move your .

 Over the falls (30 points)
Knock 4 pawns of the same colour out in one game of Sorry! Sliders

This seems like its hard but it really isn't, as the achievement description says you need to knock of 4 pawns of the same color. You don't need to knock all 4 pawns at once just as long as you knock 4 of the other pieces out in the single play through.

 Slide Time (30 points)
Play Sorry! Sliders for a total time of 1 hour

You should get this while your getting the other achievements. Just play through the game for an hour.

 Ice Man (20 points)
Use the Ice Pawn 10 times

This does not need to be in 1 game play

Game Setup:

  • Custom Game
  • Game Type: Battle Box
  • Difficulty: Novice

If you want to use a second controller turn off the AI's

Now the main objective is to get these purplish boxes that spawn in the middle and you need to slide your pawns into them.

 Event Horizon (30 points)
Win a game of Sorry! Sliders on Instant Sorry without falling into the centre hole

Game Setup:

  • Go to custom
  • Game Type: Instant
  • Difficulty: Novice

If you want to use a second controller turn off the AI's

The best way to pick this up is by using a second controller, and being very careful on how fast your moving your .

 Captain Win! (10 points)
Win one game of Battleship against a friend

If you are having trouble here, just plug in a second pad and remember where you placed the opponent's ships. This is also an easy way to get Escort Mission; make every shot count. You can also get  Begginers Luck and Iron Bottom Sound this way.

 Destroyer'd! (20 points)
Sink your opponent's Destroyer before any other ship
Either get a second person to help or plug in a second pad. Place the destroyer (that is the smallest ship, it is 2 units long) in the top right hand corner, or somewhere easy. Play as the opponent and hit these two squares first.
 Make Every Shot Count (20 points)
Sink a ship longer than 3 units without missing
Similar to Destroyer'd, Place the ship for your opponent. It must be the Battleship or the Carrier (4 units or 5) and either sink it in one go using salvo mode or take shots one by one without missing from your first hit to the one that destroys it.
 The hunt for Blue November (20 points)
Win a game of Battleship Salvo with your submarine still afloat

Your submarine is the rounded looking submarine type ship that is 3 units long. It looks just like a real submarine.
Place it somewhere and make sure your opponent does not hit it. If you have 2 pads, even easier. Make sure you are playing Salvo Mode when attemtping this achievement.

 Beginners Luck (10 points)
Score a hit on your first turn
Score a hit on your first shot. Same method as mentioned above. Place a ship for your opponent and make sure you know where it is.
 Escort Mission (30 points)
Finish a game with two ships still afloat that are next to each other
Put your two-unit boat and three-unit boat next to each other and hope that they don't get sunk. If you're having trouble doing it, just use a second controller.
 Sea Commander (30 points)
Win 20 games of Battleship

Just win 20 games of Battleship. This works accross all modes so i recomend Salvo as this is a great game and also the faster of the three.

 Iron Bottom Sound (30 points)
Sink all your opponent's ships in Salvo Mode within 4 turns
The easiest way to obtain this achievement is to simply play against a second controller. Remember where the second controller's ships are placed and sink them as quickly as possible.
 Minimal Loss (20 points)
Win at Battleship while keeping at least 3 of your fleet afloat
If you're having trouble with this, just use a second controller and have them miss your boats intentionally.
 I thought I heard singing... (10 points)
Do not fall for a Decoy

Start a game of super weapons and each time you score a hit, make sure your next shot is not in any of the surrounding squares. A decoy is a hit that will turn into a miss on the next turn. If you place a shot next to a decoy, it is classed as "falling for a decoy". If you realise it is a decoy and do not fire next to it, you will unlock the achievement.

 Word Win! (10 points)
Win one game of Scrabble. (Scrabble is only available in North America & English).

Just win a game in any Scrabble mode. You can use two controllers.

 More Winning (20 points)
Win 5 games of Scrabble - Any mode. Scrabble is only available in North America & English.

Just win five games in any mode, you can use two controllers. Xbox Live games count, too.

 Cleaned Out (20 points)
Use all of your letters on one turn. (Scrabble is only available in North America and English).

You will need to use all seven of your tiles. You can go to and type in your letters (type "?" for blank tiles.) You should easily get this your first game.

 World Wide Web (20 points)
Complete one game of Scrabble on Xbox LIVE. (Scrabble is only available in NA & English).
From the main menu of Family Game Night, select Play via Xbox LIVE. From here, you can either go to custom match and find someone waiting in a Scrabble game, or create your own. Just finish the game (win or lose) and it will unlock. You can look for others to trade this achievement with in the Achievement Trading Thread, located Here.
 Bridge the gap (20 points)
Reach the other side of the board in bridge builders. (Scrabble is only available in NA & English).
Play with two controllers on Bridge Builders. You start on the left side of the board and need to connect words so a tile touches the right side of the board. To make this quicker or easier, use for word-building.
 A column of 7 (20 points)
Place 5+ tiles in one go to create a vertical 7 letter word. Only available in NA & English.

This can be done in any mode -- a regular game of Scrabble would probably be the easiest. You can do this by either creating a 7+ letter word vertically (up and down) or by adding on to other letters to make a 7 letter word. Using two controllers, you should be able to set yourself up to make big words. For example: "ER" is a valid word, so try to create that word vertically. Once you've done that, with the help of you should be able to create a 7 letter word using at at least five or your tiles.

 Fire it up! (10 points)
Spell 5 words with letters that are "on fire". (Scrabble is only available in NA & English).
Play locally and select Play Custom from the Scrabble menu. Choose Hot Letters as the Game Mode; start the game up. In order to get your letters "on fire" you will need to hold down the until the bag starts to catch fire; do this when it's your turn to grab letters.

When the bag has flames on it, quickly let go of the and press to Deal All. Your letters should be on fire, and this is the state the letters must remain when you create a word. The letters must have flames on them when you press to confirm your word (There is a difference between "heated up" and "on fire." "On fire" letters will have flames on them, "heated up" letters will just seem like they're gleaming.)

This must be done in one game and the entire word does not have to be all "on fire;" only one or more letters of the word do. I would suggest using a lot of 2-3 letter words when going for this.
 Lengthy Word (20 points)
Place 5+ tiles in one go to create a 9 letter word. Scrabble is only available in NA & English.

This can be done in any mode -- a regular game of Scrabble would probably be the easiest. You must create a 9+ letter word, which means you need to build off of at least two existing tiles. Using the same method as "A column of 7" -- set yourself up with an existing "ER" or "ERS" -- both which are valid words. Once you've done that, with the help of type in the letters "ER" or "ERS" along with your seven tiles, and eventually it will return a nine letter word for you. Make sure you have plenty of space open before the word you're building onto. If your letters aren't ideal for creating big words, trade them in for new letters until you have a good set. (Ideally, keep all of your A, E, N, R, S, T, and blank tiles.) (For the record, my word was "AIRLINERS".)

Another method is to make the word "LING" "RING" or "TING" (all valid words) and go that route, instead of using "ER" or "ERS."

 Captain of the Scrabble Team (30 points)
Win 20 games of Scrabble. Scrabble is only available in North America and English.

This can be done in any mode. From the main menu select Play Locally, select Scrabble and go down to Play Custom. Change Game Mode to Hot Letters, and select Play. You will want to play by yourself. Press to Deal All; once you have all seven letters on your tray, press to End Game/Pass Turn; you will end up winning the game. Select Play Again and do the same thing until you reach 20 wins.

 Take your time (30 points)
Reach over an hours playtime in Scrabble. (Scrabble is only available in North America & English).

This requires you to be in games for a total of 60 minutes, time spent on the menus do not count. By the time you finish all of the other achievements, this one should be unlocked.

 Tower Surgeon (10 points)
Remove a Jenga block in 2 seconds in any game mode

This achievement can be unlocked in a multiplayer or solo game, but is best done solo because the game can be picky when it comes to unlocking this achievement. It can unlocked online, but it works better in single player so you can remove the block as soon as the game starts.

As soon as the match starts, hold , and pull out the piece that the cursor starts on by using . If you pulled out the block fast enough, the achievement will unlock.

 Bomb Disposal (25 points)
Remove 20 bomb blocks in Jenga Remix mode only

This can be done with one or two players in remix mode, but can be done faster by yourself. During a remix game, you may get a bomb card that turns a few of the blocks into bombs, and you must remove them before they explode. You can get between two and four bombs with one card so this will go fairly quickly.

One faster way to get this achievement is to restart the game until your first card is a bomb card, so you are not playing for a while to get the card to show up. You do not have to finish the game when you remove the bombs, just quit or restart as soon as the next card is revealed.

The pause menu will show your progress under "Achievements".

 No Mercy (25 points)
Win 5 games of Jenga in a row in multiplayer only

Can be done online or with two controllers. To get a win, you must score a point by removing a block and placing it on top of the tower successfully. Every so often, the second player goes first. When this happens, they must score, than you score points on your turn as well. Once you have scored, the other player can lose the match by knocking the tower over, or by dropping their block instead of placing it on top of the tower. It's recommended to just drop the block, as it's a bit faster than trying to knock the tower over.

 Plummeting Potato (20 points)
Cause Mr Potato Head to jump to dodge the Jenga tower 10 times

You can do this achievement in solo play, or do it with a friend online. Simply remove a block facing Mr. Potato Head, then remove the one in the middle as well to make the tower give away and lean towards him. Make sure you remove the blocks about 3 or 4 rows from the bottom so that the tower will fall on him.

You may also grab a block on the back of the tower and pull the block out, then again at the side to make the tower spin around, and fall over on him in one turn.

 Tower Of Strength (30 points)
Accumulate 30 wins in Jenga in multiplayer only

Use the same tactic explained for the No Mercy Achievement to get more wins. You can do this online or with a second controller. Once you get 30 wins, the achievement will unlock.

 Jenga Solitaire (20 points)
Score 1000 points in single-player Jenga

There are two ways you go for this achievement, but no matter what, it can only be done in single player. The first way you can do this is by play the game normally and remove only middle pieces, and you can get 1000 points that way. Make sure to not let the tower lean too far to one side by placing the blocks gradually leaning to the other direction. It is a little tricky but can be done. Be sure to watch out for wobble as this causes you to lose points. As soon as you get 1000 points, knock the tower down quickly and you will not lose any points for wobble and unlock the achievement.

The other way is a much faster, but it may take a few tries to do. When the game starts, find the block facing away from Mr Potato Head about 3 rows up. Grab this block, and pull it out and to the side. The trick here is to make the tower turn about 90 degrees then wobble before falling over. If you knock over Mr Potato Head, it will not count. Make sure you topple the tower towards the screen(the side of the table to Mr Potato Head's right).

The tower must wobble, be turned at least 90 degrees, and cannot knock over Mr. Potato Head when it falls for this to work. For some reason, the game gives you some insane score and even after the wobble penalty, you will have more than enough points. This can be tough to pull off but may be easier for some people compared to playing a full game to get the 1000 points.

 Power Player (20 points)
Use all the Power Squares in Connect 4X4 Remix

There has been alot of confusion on this one so here are the details! You need to get one of each of the 7 power squares in one game of Connect 4x4 Remix! It's not all the power squares on the board as some have thought. I was commonly missing the Green spaceship.

Power Squares:

  • Teleport (Blue Arrow)
  • Points 5
  • Points 10
  • Bonus Turn (Single Gold Star)
  • Detonate (Bomb)
  • Star Cluster (showers the board with your color chips)
  • Magnet (Green Spaceship)

This can easily be attempted with 4 controllers. Otherwise I suggest finding a partner in the achievement trading thread found here. Set the game to Remix, 5 minutes in length should be plenty of time, and just get 1 of each of the above power squares.

 Red Leader (20 points)
Win a game in all modes of Connect 4X4 using red chips only

Simply win a game of Normal and Remix Connect 4x4. If you are player 1 than you will always be the red chips. Also this can be easily done with 4 controllers to avoid the hassle of the AI.

 Fourmost (30 points)
Win 20 games of Connect 4X4 in any game mode

Just win 20 games of Connect 4x4, it doesn't matter if it's Original or Remix. This is also best done with the 4 controller method. Otherwise visit the achievement trading thread found here to find a partner.

 Spoilsport (25 points)
Block a Connect 4 fifteen times in any game mode in Connect 4x4

This will probably come naturally while playing for 20 wins. Once an opponent gets 3 chips in a row, block the Connect 4 with your chip. Better done in Original mode, and also best done with the 4 controller method while racking up 20 wins.

 Smarter Than The Machine (20 points)
Outsmart the AI player in Original Connect 4X4 single player

The only suggestion is to set the AI difficulty to "Novice" to get the win. And you're playing against 3 AI players instead of one.

 Block Around The Clock (20 points)
Win a game with a blocker in Original Connect 4X4 only

This is best to do against the Novice AI or with 4 controllers. You need to block their Connect 4x4 by pressing  (your chip will change into a blocker chip) and win the match by scoring a Connect 4x4.

I personally used 4 controllers and had player 2 set 3 in a row on the left going towards the center, while I set chips on the right towards the center. The other two players I just stacked on top and out of the way. When there were 3 chips on either side, I pressed , dropped the blocker and got the win by blocking player 2's chips.

 Pictureka Pair-fection (20 points)
Win a multiplayer game of both Pictureka Original and Pictureka Remix

You can use two controllers or play online with a friend to get this achievement. Start a custom original game with only 3 cards to make the game go faster. Once the game starts, have either your friend or your second controller do nothing the whole game and you will get credit for the win. To make things go a little faster, you can use the second controller to pick the wrong things on the board and it will deplete the timer a lot faster but.

Once you have won an Original game, play a remix game and win and the achievement will unlock.

 Spelling Wizard (20 points)
Spell a word in 5 seconds or less in Pictureka Remix

For this achievement, you need the game to roll a yellow die. Play solo so that only you are going for the achievement. When the yellow card is picked, you must spell a 3-5 letter word in 5 seconds. You must be very quick to do this.

Getting a 3 letter word will be easier of course, but sometimes, after you have spelled a word, you can restart the game and the same word will be chosen during the the next match. This does not always work but sometimes does and will make this achievement easier on you.

 Hawkeye (10 points)
Find an image in 3 seconds in any Pictureka game mode

This should be the first achievement you get and is very easy to do. When the game has you find an animal, you must find it and click on it within 3 seconds of the timer starting. Many times, the image is on the starting screen and you can find it while the round is starting.

 Crush The Opposition (25 points)
Win a game of Pictureka without other players scoring in any game mode

To get this achievement, play with a second controller or with a friend online. Have the second player do nothing in a 3 card match and the achievement will unlock once the match is over.

 Round Robbin' (25 points)
Win a round on each card type in Pictureka Remix

You must get one card of each color. Play a solo remix match and set the game to 9 cards to be sure you get a chance at all the colors. Once you are awarded the 5th card color, the achievement unlocks.

 Finders Keepers (30 points)
Win 15 games of Pictureka in any game mode

Play with a friend or two controllers and have the second player do nothing the whole time. If you want things to move a little faster, have the second player click on the wrong images and letters several times to make the timer go down faster.

Secret Achievements
Papa needs a new pair of shoes (10 points)
Shook the Yahtzee dice for longer than 10 seconds

When about to roll the dice, hold and move until the achievement unlocks. It should take around 10 seconds.
NOTE: This achievement seems to be glitched for some players. Try clearing your cache or playing another game and coming back to this.

This can be done in any game mode.

Enough Already! (10 points)
Shook the Boggle box for longer than 10 seconds

Keep spinning the for 10 seconds to shake the dice. You'll need a stopwatch or the ability to count for 10 seconds as the achievement doesn't appear until the game ends.

Block Battle (20 points)
Played a game of Jenga that exceeds 20 moves (multi-player)

You must do this online or with a second controller. Just take turns removing middle pieces, and try to keep the tower as straight standing as you can. Make sure not to let it learn too far to one side, and after 20 moves(10 moves from each player), the achievement will unlock for both players.

4x4 in 44 (15 points)
Made a Connect 4 in under 44 seconds in any game mode
Again, check the achievement trading thread found here for a partner but it is easiest to do with 4 controllers. Just drop opponent chips out of the way and set yours up in a line in less than 44 seconds. Done!
Lucky Guess (20 points)
Won the red card vote 3 times in a row in any Pictureka game mode

Play with a friend or second controller to have the red color show on the game die. Make the game a 6 or 9 card match to have a better change at red being rolled. When red is rolled, have the first player pick a high number and the second player pick a low number. When you win the vote, you go first that round. You do not have to win the round and get the red card, just win the vote. Do this three times in a row to get the achievement.


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