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Proudest Achievement
 Gears of War 2
 Seriously 2.0
Favourite Achievement
 Dark Souls
 The Dark Soul
Pain-in-the-Ass Achievement
 Left 4 Dead
 What Are You Trying to Prove?
Proudest 100%
 Dark Souls
Never Again!
 Gears of War 2
 Veteran Gear
Most Shameful Achievement
 LEGO Indiana Jones
 This... this is history...
Most Shameful Game
 Kung Fu Panda
Working on (Game)
 Gears of War 3
Working on (Achievement)
 Gears of War 3
 Seriously 3.0
Working on next (Game)
 Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary
Working on next (Achievement)
 Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary
 Living Legend
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