Dragon's Dogma - Progression Trailer 4 - Questing and Crafting
Capcom's latest Dragon's Dogma trailer focuses on questing and crafting… the clue's in the name.
Mar 29, 2012

Duration: 01:37
Views: 316
Akai Katana EU Teaser Trailer
Hey everyone, it's an Akai Katana EU teaser trailer!
Mar 29, 2012

Duration: 00:57
Views: 290
Transformers: Fall of Cybertron 'Our World' Trailer
Your world or our world? Which world? We're confused… just watch the trailer, will you?
Mar 29, 2012

Duration: 01:42
Views: 275
Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Behind the Scenes Trailer #2
Head behind the scenes of the upcoming Transformers game with this latest BTS trailer.
Mar 29, 2012

Duration: 02:53
Views: 84
Sniper Elite V2 - Killcam of the Week #4
More slow-mo gratutious kill cams from Rebellion and 505 Games.
Mar 29, 2012

Duration: 00:50
Views: 1147
Game of Thrones 'Epic Plot' Trailer
We know the TV show (and books) has an "epic plot," but can the game live up to such a high standard?
Mar 29, 2012

Duration: 01:47
Views: 413
Sniper Elite V2 Killcam of the Week #5
Ladies and gents, it's with supreme disappointment that we announce and reveal the last in the series of the SEV2 killcams.
Mar 29, 2012

Duration: 01:04
Views: 1949
Sniper Elite V2 'Assassinate the Fuhrer' Trailer
Come on, you've all dreamt of killing Hitler, right? Well now you can with this pre-order DLC.
Mar 29, 2012

Duration: 00:29
Views: 453
Sleeping Dogs Gameplay Highlight: Driving
It wouldn't be a free-roaming open-world game without driving… well, it could be, but it'd take ages to get anywhere.
Mar 29, 2012

Duration: 01:02
Views: 412
Ghost Recon: Future Soldier - Inside Recon: 'Guerrilla'
Ghost Recon: Future Soldier continues its 'Inside Recon' series with this latest piece titled, Guerrilla.
Mar 29, 2012

Duration: 02:57
Views: 393
Trials Evolution March Gameplay Trailer
Fast bikes, simple mechanics and crazy doses of fun… it's a winning formula.
Mar 29, 2012

Duration: 01:29
Views: 205
The XBLA Pitch: Ten Developers, Ten Games, Ten Minutes
It's a simple premise: we give 10 of the biggest XBLA developers a minute to pitch their game… and boy do they pitch it!
Mar 27, 2012

Duration: 10:15
Views: 164
We Shoot Real-Life WWII Sniper Rifles - Talk to Rebellion About Sniper Elite V2
What happens when you give us a World War II sniper rifle to shoot? We shoot shit. That, and talk to Rebellion.
Mar 26, 2012

Duration: 11:48
Views: 266
Ridge Racer: Unbounded Launch Trailer
Namco's latest Ridge Racer title drifts into stores now and drifts on to our site with a launch trailer.
Mar 26, 2012

Duration: 01:44
Views: 50
Kinect Star Wars - UK Launch Trailer
Can Kinect and Star Wars combine to create an experience like no other? The launch trailer reckons so.
Mar 26, 2012

Duration: 01:20
Views: 74

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