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Alan has been described, mainly by Dan, as a Brit living in an American’s body, what with his dry and sarcastic writing style, his brutal honesty and him being so blunt that you could easily mistake him for a spoon. In fact, there were rumours around that X360A’s mafia was looking to abduct him to teach him to speak like a Brit as well. These rumours are unfounded... for now.

Alan’s specialities on the site lie with the achievements themselves, updating the tiles, collaborating the information for the monthly Achievement Unlocked post and generally nurturing them to death. He’ll even dabble in the news and the reviews if called upon.

When Alan isn’t knee deep in achievements on the site, he can often be found earning those pesky achievements on Xbox Live or showing his young daughter the ways of The Force. Known as his ulterior super hero persona, The Pants Party, around the forums, Alan likes long walks on the beach, the smell of fresh coffee in the morning and continues to swear he has no connection to the French, despite his surname. Sacré bleu!

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