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Everyone has their first console game, whether it’s Duck Hunt on the NES or Streets of Rage 2 on the Mega Drive, well, Dean’s that young that his first console game was Halo: Combat Evolved. Seriously. How does that make you feel?

After stints with TGN, Follower Entertainment and Think Jam (film PR) in the UK, Dean joins the Resero Network to achieve his life long goal of working with Rich – I mean, games.With a Media Production degree from Lincoln University, Dean specialises in video and will be doing a bit of everything on our wonderful sites.

A self-confessed Marvel super fan, Dean is a multi-talented scoundrel. He once played in a punk rock band as a drummer, can play the piano, likes to sand surf in the Sahara desert (I know, right!?) and likes his coffee with a 50% water to milk ratio – meaning the milk budget in the office has been quadrupled… thanks Dean!

Dean likes RPGs, used to love Halo before it became a bit meh (Dan’s words, not his), likes Deadpool and weirdly loved that Tron Legacy game that was all kinds of awful (sorry, Dean!).

Oh, and he once drunkenly seduced Casey Affleck at a film launch after-party. True story... kind of.

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