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  2. I signed up last week to this site. My gamertag has been added to the queue to sync but nothing has happened in the past week. Am i doing something wrong?
  3. I have tried for the past few days to get my Gamertag synced to this account but nothing happens. It just says added to queue check back later! Any advice?
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  5. The focus with shift codes right now seems to be with TINY TINA’S WONDERLANDS.
  6. Skeleton Key Expires: June 2 TBRJJ-TW659-W5B5C-T3B3J-3BTBK
  7. So i just completed the R6 Siege's current battle pass, with ten days left before the season 2 battle pass is released. Now i don't know what games i should be playing while waiting for the next battle pass to be released. Not in the mood of downloading games.
  8. Got a nice surprise to today, was taken out for lunch and to see Top Gun: Maverick. Freakin' awesome from start to finish! ✮✮✮✮✮
  9. What's that armor it looks sick! So much Vigor and no Int
  10. Yesterday
  11. Elden Ring - 4.5 This was a ton of fun and by far their easiest game to date. To be honest, by the second half of the game, I had a character build so OP it made things almost too easy.
  12. Chip N Dale: Rescue Rangers - 4/5 This was so much better than it had to be. It was legit funny af and the countless cameos felt organic and not just shoved in for the sake of cameos (looking at you Space Jam 2: The worst movie ever made).
  13. While I'm enjoying the game, they really lacked ingenuity with these achievements. The list, with the exception of maybe the campaign and two Invasion ones, is basically the same as Sniper Elite 4. No achievements for the new skill system, hiding bodies in bins, or using instinct (or whatever it's called). Do we really need to master 18 weapons? Plus, they took out career stats in the Service Record and replaced them with medals, similar to Gears of War 3. Why? Most cumulative achievements do track on the console but why did they have to change this? It's a step back in my opinion.
  14. since last post i've read: aristotle and dante dive into the waters of the world - benjamin alire sáenz billy summers - stephen king the hobbit - j.r.r tolkien dress codes for small towns - courtney c stevens fans of the impossible life - kate scelsa the weight of zero - karen fortunati tell me three things - julie buxbaum night shift - stehpen king the call of the wild - jack london the talisman - stephen king faking normal - courtney c stevens underwater - marisa reichardt devil house - john darnielle golden boy - abigail tarttelin empress of the world - sara ryan call it what you want - brigid kemmerer warbreaker - brandon sanderson we are the ants - shaun david hutchinson here's to us - becky albertalli & adam silvera letting go of gravity - meg leder girl made of stars - ashley herring blake the art of feeling - laura tims none of the above - i.w. gregorio teach me to forget - erica m. chapman the thing with feathers - mccall hoyle under rose-tainted skies - louise gornall girl against the universe - paula stokes violent ends - (anthology collab between 17 different authors) a heart in a body in the world - deb caletti i don't read much non-fiction but tonight i am starting andi zeisler's we were feminists once: from riot grrrl to covergirl, the buying and selling of a political movement
  15. Then what specifically do you mean by the achievements don’t appear? We can’t help if we don’t know specifically what the issue is as we can’t see what you’re seeing. In your site settings, you can toggle: - Auto hide secret achievements - Auto hide checked achievements: When viewing achievement lists - Auto hide checked achievements: When viewing achievement guides - Auto hide completed games from “My Checklists” page Since you just joined the site, you can’t have encountered the checklist bug, so I’m stumped as to why some achievements aren’t showing for you. Or do you mean that even though you have unlocked achievements, they’re still showing as locked?
  16. The first one was mainly buggy for trophies. You have to be so clinical with saves and what you do before the data has a memory leak or so,ething and won’t progress. TSW2 seems to not have that issue this are but a hell of a lot of bugs on different routes. Like every time I turn it on, I need to change my reticle opacity and turn motion blur off. Silly little stuff like that is just shocking how it exists. I know a guy on PS who has done all of 2 and it’s like literal 50 Dlc packs and he said the ga,e is at an all time low state since rush hour released near a year ago.
  17. The option is activated, but the problem still persists. I have seen the option before, is because of that i sent this feedback.
  18. Still WIP - Online 3/8 - should be done in 4-5 days. Text / Layout also later. Sniper Elite 5 has over 150 collectibles, a lot of optional objectives and kill target challenges in the missions. I put all together in one video for each misssion. All maps / missions are really huge and you can go to nearly any point at any time. There is no order but I tried to find a logical path along the story objectives each time. Mission 01 - The Atlantic Wall Map (large) - Numbers match up with the timeline in the video Timeline: Mission 02 - Occupied Residence Map (large) - Numbers match up with the timeline in the video Timeline: Mission 03 - Spy Academy Map: Timeline: Mission 04-08 Coming Soon.
  19. I should have mentioned that I spent most of iso playing Medieval Dynasty and SnowRunner. That was until my power supply in my PC started acting up. I've been tempted to start Train Sim World 2. I played the first one on GP and really enjoyed it. Thought 2 was a step up but may hold off if it's buggy.
  20. but for me "trying" something means having to get 1005 whether i like it or not 😛 I will look up some clips. were you the one who enjoyed sims? why no simulator games while in isolation. 😛 I just started train sim world 2 on ps5 since 23 of the dlc are free from the 2020 version. fuck it is buggy as hell.
  21. Being stuck in isolation for a week I fired up the Series S to jump back into the backlog. Started Crysis 3 after finishing 1 and 2 ages ago. Still the weakest in the series but bearable. Also felt like more GTA so I picked up where I left off in SA. The recent updates have helped and it plays quite well now. Haven't had any technical issues which is nice. Also started Rainbow Six Extraction and I'm hooked so far. Decent gameplay and well incorporated progression system. Not sure how long the appeal will last but there's a decent amount of content to get through. As much as I enjoyed the RNG of the maps and objectives there have been a few spikes that ramp the challenge up to 11.
  22. That’s because the ‘Show completed achievements’ toggle at the top of the achievement list is ‘off’. Need to turn it on.
  23. Last week
  24. Pretty much this lol and ME:A's attempt at an open world is nowhere near as bad as Dragon Age Inquisitions(Biowares other flagship) attempt at an open world since thats one of those that's full of fetch quests and map markers that are overall pretty meaningless (yet despite that I still like DA:I). Still I'd give ME:A a shot since its a gamepass game so it's not like your me who paid full price years ago for a mess of a game that needed/received some patching You tried Stardew Valley? I've not played/heard of Forager but based on the farming aspect Stardew fits lol. I'm probably going to give Part 2 a go tomorrow or Friday but I'm hoping either the actual gameplay is better or the story is amazing to make up for the dull gameplay but we'll see, I actually paid for Part 2 unlike the first which is part of the PS Plus collection so I feel I need to play it regardless and not just watch it on Youtube lol.
  25. BORDERLANDS 3 Reward: Antihero Head And Saurian Skull Trinket KSK33-S5T33-XX5FS-R3BTB-WSXRC
  26. The Tower Tourist is not RNG at all. Each Tower has a fixed set of floors and biomes that is the same for everyone. Everyone who has played the three towers to completion since the Season 2 Update is at 80%. The only "luck" involved is if they decide to include unused biomes in subsequent tower releases.
  27. I just finished Forager, which is luckily a fun game for me, because I had to do a second play through due to a mistake with the obliterater. Anybody know of any similar farm, craft, build, mine, fight kind of game for people who are kinda dumb? Cause I would like another
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