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  2. Yeah that would be great, thanks
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  4. I am unfortunately away from my console until Sunday evening. If you can wait that long, I’d be happy to send it to you.
  5. Could anyone please share me the latest world, only need the newest achievement. Cheers Gamertag: JWilliamson99
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  7. Finished up El Hijo A Wild West Tale. Not a bad stealth game. The levels were easy enough but the control issue made the game a lot more frustrating. Getting stuck on the environment or having the controller eat my input meant constant restarts of levels when I got detected. Also downloaded A Building Full of Cats. Such a relaxing game to play. I've found myself drawn to these types of games lately mainly so I can chill and not have to deal with the frustration that often comes with other games.
  8. THAT ISNT THE PROBLEM. There isn’t anymore white to shoot/beat off. If you try to nothing happens/no more pieces shatter off. It’s just a glitch. You just have to keep bringing Scarlett down to her knees and doing the QTE and eventually it will go onto the next phase. ended up wasting all my health items because of this stupid glitch thinking I had to use the crowbar and nothing else, but nope the glitch still occurred. So I recommend using the laser pistol if you have it and just shoot her until the QTEs pop up. But once she went to the second phase, she went down super fast with the laser gun.
  9. Completely understand. I try to stick to the mind set of playing games for fun, not necessarily to win, even more so as i have gotten older. That goes for all games as well, not just MtG. Had a game last night that was a total blast, solely due to the fact that all four players had the same mind set, and just had decks built for fun and uniqueness rather than actually full focused on the meta expensive cards and winning. One guy even said as soon as he sat down that he had made a deck specifically with the goal to draw himself out of the game while just creating absolute chaos on the field haha. Pretty sure once it got rolling he was drawing like 20+ cards each turn, but was very quick and light hearted about the whole thing and it made for a hilarious match. On the other hand, another game someone had a salt shaker deck that had the sole purpose of slowing the game down to a point where everyone else just wanted to concede. It truly just broke the match down to a point where no one could hardly do anything at all. Couldn't attack him, couldnt draw more than one card, had to sacrifice multiple cards every turn, could only cast a single spell each turn, i think you get the picture. It was like a filibuster deck or some thing, just a waste of time for everyone. He had no way of actually properly winning and finishing the game, and it was the longest most boring game of MtG i have ever played in my life, going for over 2 and a half hours before i just scooped and left 😕 I do really love the game in the casual fun way it can be played, but i guess i really just have to learn to recognise when it is best to concede and start fresh with another group rather than feeding the trolls. All part of learning the game i suppose. I do enjoy the fun matches and dont want to give it up completely, so i pretty much just have to adapt a bit and realise that not everyone has the same mind set as me, and how best to avoid those types of players in future. I think @institutions had a great idea posted above, just ask straight up if the deck they are using is a sweaty meta deck, and if so just shake hands and concede before even sitting down to play. Definitely gonna use that advice next time i go 👍
  10. When I was a teenager, I got into collecting MTG cards, chasing gold cards. This was when they had the named expansions, like Ice Age and Fallen Empire, a lot of decks were being built with IA cards. A local comic/card/hobby shop put together a tournament at the mall right by my house and I paid to enter. I got my ass handed to me in an express bag and got laughed at by coke bottle glasses nerds and it made me so angry, I gave up ever attempting the game again. I eventually came around in my mid 30s when my friend hooked me up with a huge starter box, but I only play rarely & very casually.
  11. Seconded. For specific picks, I'd got with Illusion by VNV Nation, The Last Goodbye by Billy Boyd, My Immortal by Evanescence, 45 by Shinedown, Zzyzx Rd by Stone Sour, Shadow of the Day by Linkin Park, Lacquer by Katatonia.
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  13. New Full Achievement Guides & Roadmaps Riddled Corpses EX - Necrophage33 __________________________________________________ New DLC Achievement Guides & Roadmaps Killing Floor 2 / DLC: Deep Blue Z - bLaKgRaVy __________________________________________________ New Xbox One Games Game __________________________________________________ New Xbox Series X|S Games Game __________________________________________________ New Windows 10 Games Game __________________________________________________ New DLC Game __________________________________________________ Contributors bLaKgRaVy Necrophage33
  14. According to your profile, you were scanned 10 hours ago. Your gamerscore on XBA matches the Xbox app. You should be all set. 👍
  15. Yeah that’s a common occurrence with achievement descriptions; once you unlock them, some change to past tense or change completely. Just one of those tools some devs don’t utilize enough, like achievement tracking. It’s there, just too lazy to implement it. 🤷‍♂️
  16. Ta I just looked at the Xbox app and see what you mean. I'd based on my comment on looking at my profile on Xbox.com.
  17. Hello, may I get an update? I mistakenly changed my game privacy to friends only lol But all settings must be good now. Thanks in advance
  18. DLC: Deep Blue Z Difficulty: 2/10 Time to 15: 5-10 minutes Unobtainable: None Deep Blue Z DLC This free DLC adds one new map, ‘Subduction’. The only achievement is to destroy 10 holographic projectors on the map. This new map is available in Survival, Weekly, and Endless game modes. All the collectibles on the map are available as soon as you start so it is suggested that you use the strategy outlined in “Catacombs Cash” in the main guide by leaving one enemy alive at the end of the first wave while you search for the collectibles. Projections from the Deep 15 Collect 10 Holographic Projectors in Subduction The collectibles on this map are in the form of holographic projectors (discs) and all are available as soon as you start the map. The suggested strategy is to kill all the Zeds in a wave except one (preferably a Bloat) and then locate the collectibles at your leisure. Shoot 10 to unlock this achievement. Refer to “Catacombs Cash” in the main guide for more information. Thanks to Cheetah’s Guides for the video:
  19. Ugh, sorry about that. I’ve reset you but it can currently take up to 8 hours to scan. I’ll update once it’s done. https://www.xboxachievements.com/profiles/Kong+Teddy EDIT - You were scanned approximately 10 hours ago (1:30am Eastern). Sorry for the delayed update.
  20. Hi friends, Any chance I can get a manual update? It's been a over a year since the last scan. Thanks
  21. Euther its quiet here or the XBA app doesnt like sending me post notifications, but anyway anyone got Diablo 4 yet? If so how is it? I was going to pick it up and play since I've got some time off work due to acquiring a kidney stone (painful little fucker btw) but because of it I'm finding it annoying to game due to either being in pain or high as a kite on painkillers lol.
  22. Cool thanks! I can do a comparison and correct any discrepancies as I gave the ability to edit achievement names and descriptions. This happens because XBA only uploads achievement lists when they’re first released, so when a dev/pub changes something, it doesn’t get changed unless someone notices it. Thanks for bringing it up! EDIT - Looking at the list on the Xbox app, it seems that the past tense wordage shows up after you unlock the achievement. I compared the complete unlocked list with one of my friends who has 1500/1500G, and that's the difference in those, so I won't be changing those. I will research the specific number achievements, though. EDIT 2 - All done. I had to change roughly 12 achievement descriptions. Thanks again for bringing this to our attention!
  23. Having started on ReCore, I've spotted a few minor discrepancies in the descriptions compared to the current Xbox.com list, which I think are down to the release of the Definitive Edition update. Firstly, most of them seem to have had the tense revised. e.g. "Yoink!" has changed from: Extract a Core from an enemy To Extracted a Core from an enemy However, there are a number where there is more information. e.g. "The Architect" has changed from: Find Every Blueprint set To: Found 336 Blueprints This is one for the very bottom or Rx's to-do list as they are basically correct but have had slight wording changes.
  24. Haha nice one mate, thats a good sign for sure 👌
  25. @BluWolve glad you met someone. I recently started talking to someone online. She sent me pictures of her poonanie so I think it's getting pretty serious.
  26. Haha yep at least that way it saves me a bit of time setting up and could eventually discourage people from using the sweaty meta pay to win decks in casual games. The shop does have competive events as well, with prizes and such, so i just dont understand why some people are so focused on cheesy wins on casual nights. I only have limited time to play as well so when a game is over in 5 minutes, im just sitting there for an hour waiting for a new round to start. Literally just a waste of time for nothing other than an ego boost ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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