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  2. Hey everyone, there's been a small update to profiles. Rx has added a "Profile Last Updated" message to the top of each profile so you can see when it was last updated. It's not much, but it has been suggested and it will at least tell you how long it has been since it updated. It's a step in the right direction!
  3. It's supposed to be once every 24 hours. Looking at your profile, it says it hasn't updated in two months. I'll go ahead and reset you. I'll update this post when it's done. Since your gamertag has spaces in it, it's possible that there's a glitch with it. Please read the posts directly above yours for more information. I'll bring this up with Rx again. EDIT - Your profile is updated! https://www.xboxachievements.com/profiles/Mr+Skull+503
  4. According to TA, there are no unobtainable achievements for this game.
  5. I played through 1-3 in co-op on Insane. RAAM at the end of 1 was a right pain in the ass.
  6. So do what I said then? Regardless of what Xbox is your home Xbox, you have access to any of your games when you sign into an Xbox. I typo'd my post. I meant "Right and the way I read that is he can play your games on his Xbox [without] you being signed in..."
  7. Not sure the last time my stats updated. it's been a while. How often is it supposed to do it?
  8. Hi The 100% achievements in this game is still obtainable?
  9. Hit the nail on the head with Halo's review. The melee and the radar get me the most - that's core Halo gameplay right there! Franchise was made famous off of those and they still muck it up. I was wondering how the Spyro Trilogy was - I only played the DS game and it was fun enough for a kid's game. Good to know it still made you kill your furniture though 😁
  10. Achievement Tags Game __________________________________________________ Achievement Tiles Game __________________________________________________ Game Covers Game __________________________________________________ Game Tiles Game __________________________________________________ New Full Achievement Guides & Roadmaps Game __________________________________________________ New DLC Achievement Guides & Roadmaps Microsoft Solitaire Collection / DLC: Title Update (W10) - Necrophage33 __________________________________________________ New Xbox One Games Game __________________________________________________ New Xbox Series X Games Game __________________________________________________ New Windows 10 Games Game __________________________________________________ New DLC Game __________________________________________________ Contributors Necrophage33
  11. November 2021 Alan Wake Remastered: A great nostalgic trip through a very unique game from 2010. Remaster played well and was pretty. Even though there were six million collectibles, my rating is the same as it was 10 years ago when I experienced it for the first time. Far Cry 6: I played one insurgency and it soured my opinion of the game quite a bit. So much so that I would rather the rest of the insurgencies sit there and rot rather than even attempt them. Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!: I enjoyed playing this again, such a messed up game hidden behind cute anime girls. Had to fight RNG quite a bit, and the guide was shit which cost me some time. Completion was annoying and the new scenes really didn't add much value. Forza Horizon 5: Where to start...The good is FH is very fun, and more of the same (which is great). The addition of an accolade leaderboard had me chasing as many as I could, and I cracked the top 500 in the world out of 11 million people. It is also half the reason I was chasing an XSX and probably why I paid a $150 surplus to get one on November 5th when Forza released. I grinded the game to hell and back, got every car, got 100% on promos, got 100% on events, and topped the leaderboard on every stunt except one (which is not possible, you know who you are Mr 349 MPH on a speed zone). The bad: Online is completely broken, and still is nearly a month later. It makes online unplayable, including Eliminator. Forza arcade was great in FH4 but they butchered it in 5, which led to two unnecessary three hour boosting sessions. The story is pretty awful, more than I remember in 4. Games need to stop being woke and trying to cater to snowflakes, because its embarrassing. Another very awful thing FH has implemented is an auto-ban for liveries. Liveries are one of my favorite things about Forza, and now I can't even use them. I caught a seven day ban and the worst thing I had on any of my cars was a "drive fast eat ass" sticker. Although my ban was for "Child Endangerment" so I don't even know if that sticker was the trigger. Support just ignores you and eventually turned off my ability to create tickets rather than simply tell me what livery/sticker I was banned for. I will NOT be supporting Playground Games after FH5 is done. Call of the Sea: Had this on my radar for a while and finally knocked it out because it is leaving Gamepass. Also stacked it on Win 10. Was an interesting story and the puzzles were fun/easy. No complaints. Halo Infinite: "343 Studios, what I've just played is one of the most insanely, idiotic games I've ever experienced. At no point in your predatory, incoherent video game was there anything that could even be considered fun. Everyone in this lobby is now dumber for having played it. I award you zero points out of 10, and may God have mercy on your soul." But seriously. As a Halo fangirl who has sank literally 7,000+ hours into the series, maybe even more: This game is so fucking awful. I cannot think of a single pro, so I'll just list the cons: * Very predatory MTX system and season pass. * Literally everything cool costs money. Literally. Fucking. Everything. Yes, I want that cat ears helmet. No, I am not fucking paying $10 for it. Fuck you 343. * Season pass is way too fucking grindy. 2,000 games to get to level 100. Sure, I'd love to have Halo be my second job. * Weekly challenges are fucking awful, forcing you to use so many skips that you run out and consider purchasing more. * MMR in unranked games, making every single game a sweatfest for decent players. * Controls and aiming are completely wrong compared to every Halo before it. * Playlist selection is fucking awful, even in a "beta." * No nostalgic maps. Hell, there's like 7 maps total and none planned to release alongside the campaign. * All weapons, except BR & Sniper, feel fucking awful to use. * Frags are too OP. They encourage being a pussy rather than fighting me 1v1. * Not enough BRs on any given map when you start with the shit AR and shit Magnum. * Ranked play goes by MMR instead of, you know, your fucking rank. * Forced crossplay. Sure, MnK does not have aim assist, but they can fucking crouch spam their way to victory. * Cheaters. * BTB is more boring that watching paint dry for 8 hours. * No collision amongst players. * Melee registration is the worst in the history of Halo, if not video games overall. * Games do not auto start, forcing you to start each time and stay out of menus until they are loading. * Armor customization is so poor unless you poor money money money into the game. * Different armor cores, meaning you can't use any armor piece with any armor set. Cool helmet? Can't use it! * Unlocking the same emblem 3+ times because you get it for your nameplate, spartan, and weapon!! Fucking stupid. * 10 second respawns means I spend more time staring at my own ass face down on the floor than playing the game. * Radar is useless and may as well not even exist. * No slayer playlist. In a game where, you know, you fucking shoot people. Why do we lose every game? Because Puppys sucks at OBJ. Does Puppys want to play OBJ? Fuck no! Is that enough to justify a 1/10 rating for a series that has defined my life? I hope so. I seriously cannot see how everyone is rating this a 9/10 or 10/10 experience. Now I'm still excited for the campaign, so I will rate it separately. However, the fact that co-op is SIX MONTHS away, I am already taking 2 points off whatever more score will be. Just delay the god damn game rather than releasing a shit fest. With both of my beloved Xbox series sucking ass this December, why even own an Xbox at this point? Haven: Another game I've had on my radar for a while, pushing it up the queue because it was leaving Gamepass. Short and sweet exploration game with very light turn-based fighting. I enjoyed it a lot, and would love to see more in this world/lore. Spyro Reignited Trilogy: Never played these on PS1, and after Sly Cooper was a bust I was gonna pass. Pulled the trigger anyway, and its going ok. Completed first two games. Spyro 1 was basically a LEGO game, nothing to write home about. The second game was also peaceful with the exception of a very frustrating boss fight and a very, very, very, very, very frustrating collectible. Almost tossed a controller but decided to murder a pillow instead. Third game is going well, I'm about 50% through it and its my favorite so far. Knock on wood that there isn't anything worth losing a controller over (J/K, unless...)
  12. Thank you NuVion. This game is free with Gold Dec 2021, and I'm trying it out.
  13. BORDERLANDS 3 Reward: Arachnoir Head All platforms KZKBB-5HZ9S-CFKR9-RJ3T3-JBTK6
  14. if he doesn't like it and opens it, i'll buy it in that like-new condition for 436.95
  15. finally getting into the co-op campaign of gears 1 and 2 on insane. i'm not scared to do it solo on insane, but why do that AND a co-op playtrhough? honestly, the first game was a breeze, outside of two bits. the mine carts were infuriating, as the enemies would randomly fall into your cart and explode. i also hated the start of chapter 4 where there is about 2038954 torque bow twats when you are split from your partner. the checkpoints there are about as generous as a stranger offering you lemon juice to relieve a deep paper cut. they got to see some of my inner demon of hatred as i started slating everything about the game once i got pissed off. my partner lost all his g2 save data, so we are blitzing it with me on insane and him on casual. i think gears 2 would be much tougher, provided we both had to be on insane at once. also couldn't resist the spyro trilogy for one easy payment of 13.99 - the deal is pure fire. when i did this on ps4 a year or two ago, i used the dpad. i can't use the dpad on the x1 pad, due to the uncomfortable position in which its located. I am quite enjoying it the second go around, especially since i know the wee lil firefly shows you where the 1 of 500 gems are that i missed. i am avoiding the "flight" levels. to me, they are just an unwanted ball ache.
  16. Here's what I'm trying to say: I want to be able to play my games on my Xbox Series, my Xbox One, and also allow my cousin to play my games on his Xbox.
  17. Thanks! I wouldn't call it effort though. That implies I was continually working on trying to increase my gamerscore, which I never really did. It's been 13 years, but the majority of it came naturally from participating in tournaments here. All it takes is one GSL for you to go from 8,000 to 80,000!
  18. I checked with our programmer and he said he's been trying various troubleshooting almost daily to sort out the issue with tags with a space in them. Hopefully he can get it sorted soon.
  19. Last week
  20. G'Day, XBA. Sad news today, unfortunately. As some of you are aware, we've experienced significant delays in sending out both physical and digital game-prizes for quite some time now. While I know for a fact forum staff have done everything in their power to have these games delivered in a timely manner, once it is out of their hands, their isn't a whole lot more they're able to do. I've spoken to the Admin Team and we hope to have an improved giveaway system brought back to our site soon enough. In the meantime, if you have an outstanding prize, please politely contact Dan Webb at [email protected] Thank you and kind regards.
  21. Voted 51-75 hours. I'd say it takes around 70-80.
  22. Voted 5/10. It's not too bad once you get a good team together. There are some really decent people playing with randoms, so it's a matter of waiting until you get paired up with them. I'd say it only takes 70-80 hours to mop up the list and I enjoyed every second of it.
  23. Congrats! 1 million milestone is huge! I can't imagine how much effort you put into that. I'm sitting here just reaching 8000 gamerscore after getting my Xbox Series S in April.
  24. This was probably my most played game last generation. I decided to give it a try when it first came out and have been almost addicted to it since. I keep telling myself "Now, I'm done for a while" but I keep coming back to it as my go-to mp game. The game has evolved a lot since it first released (3 new maps, new guns, tons of new legends, balancing stuff and events) but I'm trying to pull myself away from it for a while because for so long it was eating up all of my game time. Plus, I sort of don't like the new map, storm point.
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