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  1. Haha! Apologies! Was just focussed on getting it up for ASAP so people could use it if they got early access over the weekend 🙈
  2. Yeah, I'm getting the same, leave it with me, I'm on it.
  3. Hey Floyd, ads on the site should never start with audio, let me know which ones and I'll speak to the guys. I'll also try and get them to find a solution where no ads start with sound - all sound on ads should be user initiated, we made that clear to the guys that sell our ads. Let me know. And yeah, with the Raptr stuff, Google doesn't like it. It's old signatures, basically. If you spot a thread that it comes up on, link here and I'll go through and remove Raptr from the people's signatures in that thread - been doing it every time I come across one for the last few months. @Trevor - Sorry, mate, totally missed your message! My bad! We're working on a solution for that ad (and all ads, actually) and should have a much better solution in place by the end of the month (fingers crossed).
  4. Hi chaps, sorry, been meaning to respond to this sooner. Basically, we have between 3 and 5 ad zones on each page, the reason you see so many blocked ads is because the ads refresh every 90 seconds or so. I think it's about that, not 100% sure. It's a common thing in ads, but on most sites you won't even notice it happening because you never stay on a page more than 90 seconds. Here's an article about it: https://www.adpushup.com/blog/what-are-auto-refresh-ads-and-how-do-they-work/ So, just to clarify: there aren't 5,000 ad zones, ha, it's just ads refreshing in the same zones. No malware, nothing like that, just a fresh ad load every certain amount of seconds. As for it breaking the site, that shouldn't happen, maybe the wrong size ad is loading into the wrong area. If you see that happen, note the ad, the brand, maybe screenshot it, and send it my way and we'll get it nuked
  5. Brilliant, thanks. And as for the amount of ads, we don't really have any more than any other site. We are working on ways to present them in a much more manageable fashion though which we should be able to roll out soon
  6. Hello mate, just wanted to check in and see if you were still having that issue. Should have been dealt with last week, but just wanted to check in and see whether it was sorted. Let me know, if not I'll follow up on it. Thanks
  7. Ha, that's what I did. 297 per kill, can do about 3 or 4 a minute. Been through Mibu a few times and I think that's slightly quicker though. Plenty of options. If you're looking for one early game, there's a good route at the Sengpou temple. Spawn in at the temple grounds idol (think it's called that), drop down kill 4 wolves (40-ish a kill), jump over the small river/pool and then stealth kill 6 monks (about 87 XP per kill), then use the Homeward Idol and rinse and repeat. Can do the entire run in about a minute.
  8. On it, mate. Out of interest as I want to see why you're affected far more than anyone else and get to the bottom of it... you said iOS, but is that iPad or iPhone? And what version of the OS are you using? Are you using Chrome as well? Thanks in advance, good sir.
  9. Cheers, Sgt, thanks for flagging that up =)
  10. Will sort it. And honestly, not sure, mate. It seems to affect you more than most. I've not had any issues since we made the big changes a while back. Maybe it's a device/OS issue and we should look at that more closely and figure out the cause of it. Where and what did you see this ad on?
  11. There should be no sound on ads unless initiated, remember what the ad was for? Sorted, it was a signature with a Raptr link, that's all - a site that no longer exists.
  12. Forgot to reply the other week, Chef. Apologies. Spoke to the ad ops team though at the time and they said they'd fix it. Had any issues since? If so, I want to follow up with them and get that sorted once and for good. They assured me that we shouldn't see that issue again though. Let me know
  13. Don't suppose you have a screenshot do you, Chef? If not, can you grab me one, please? Thanks in advance. In terms of video ads, they should all be muted by default, are they not muted by default? I think the audio pops in if you hover over for a certain amount of seconds.
  14. Okay, cheers, mate. Blocked the two URLs from the system. Let me know if you have any other issues.
  15. doggy, quick question: were you on desktop or mobile for this? (just trying to get to the bottom of it now)
  16. Wonderful, chaps. And long may it continue!
  17. That is music to my ears. If they do start popping up though, give me a shout
  18. We should have ironed out most of the issues and got rid of the problematic ads... has anyone had a problem recently? As in, the last few weeks (since the beginning of July). If so, let me know some details and we'll go on the offensive once again!
  19. Hey guys and gals... just wanted to check back in and see how everything is going. I'm assuming no news is good news on this front? How has it been for everyone recently? Fingers crossed we've ironed out a lot of the issues and everything is performing as it used to be
  20. As an aside, is anyone else having issues with those ads except Lewie? We're finding it hard to track these down. Lewie, can you let me know everything you use, from mobile phone, where you are to browser, etc. The more specific, the better. Starting to think if it's just you Lewie, it might be an issue on your end. We're trying to replicate though, so the more information you can give us, the better.
  21. Cheers, Lewie. Have fed them back to the ad guys, the more info like this we get, the quicker we can locate the biggest culprits. Thanks again, good sir.
  22. Apart from the ads above? Otherwise okay? Heh, well hopefully it's a bit of a smoother ride for everyone, ha. Also, as an aside, coffee and technology doesn't mix
  23. Cheers, Lewie. Fed those links back to ad agency and they'll get right on it As an aside from the odd issue here and there, just wondering what people's experiences are in the last week or so since we tried something new. If you could let me know that'd be wonderful.
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