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  1. I've lost my progression twice now. Only the career seems to keep all other stats. I swear this problem was in the first game too.
  2. I was just coming here to complain about this. Kept putting me in the wrong position now my progress is reset. Dunno if I should bother with this game for a while now
  3. Just looking for someone who wants to work on level 250. When I find someone we can work out specifics like time etc. Just send us an xbox message
  4. Im from the uk and when it comes to rare games the rarest ive got my hands on are Asterix at the olympic games Marvel ultimate alliance gold edition My horse and me (green uk edition) Darkest of days (not in uk) Jurassic the hunted (not in uk) Jurassic Park (not in uk) Test Drive Ferrari Racing Legends Pineas and ferb quest for cool stuff (again not in uk) tornado outbreak shooting love 10th anniversary (japanese but region free) most of these are prob easy to find outside the uk obscure but not rare titles a-train hx crash bandicoot mind over mutant crash bandicoot crash of the titans Tales of vesperia magna carta 2 Arcana Heart 3 Crash time series EDf series hot wheels beat that g-force monster jam spiderman freind or foe snipers (german game) spyro dawn of the dragon spongebob planktons robotic revenge thats just to name a small list from what i can see from here
  5. I have a session so far consisting of 15 people and we need a few more for the thru the pack achievement in forza 6. it starts in an hour and 20 mins of this post. if your interested send me a message to the gamertag Bawhawhaw
  6. Any one know if this game has system link options and if the achievements will still be available that way. I just cant remember i sold it so long ago and wont be able to pick it up again in time
  7. i can confirm mine and my girlfriends versions of the game are the same. I think in gonna give up on this game now
  8. I have just finished my first season and cannot start a second as i need to sign with a team but have no offers. has this happened to anyone else
  9. I was worried that this would never come back and thought that it was gone forever but i have recently started it. turns out there was redeemable codes available for this game which came with an xbox steering wheel... there are plenty of people selling these codes on ebay for anyone who really wants to play it
  10. Im up for boosting this game as much as possible. I have a session set up on Trueachievements for sunday if anyone is interested. http://www.trueachievements.com/gamingsession.aspx?gamingsessionid=292741 dont know what the policy is with linking to other sites but this needs to be done
  11. Ive had this game on import for a while... and to be honest i dont see the problems. Ive just finished the golden era 100% on hard and it was nothing. I would give this game a 6 out of 10 so far at that.... It has nothing on games such as ridge racer 6, unbounded or sega rally. Im not a great racer either
  12. Has anyone else found that in the Golden Age career they cannot obtain all points as in the 250 challenge on the event rico's blown it finishing in the top 3 like it says doesnt complete the bonus challenge. I have done this multiple times and nothing... EDIT got it to work... it seems this race goes a bit glitchy and places cars so far ahead that you cannot come first... but i kept trying and in the end it was kind to me and i came first and the bonus unlocked... hope this helps anyone
  13. Just a quick note. The check lists for blue dragon and guitar hero 2 do not work...

  14. Its got to be a glitch then... but some have got it... must be something we have all done which has disabled it... I have tried on a new profile and nothing popped though
  15. Can someone give me a detailed description of what you did to earn this. Ive done everything it says.. that means no restarts
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