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  1. If anybody finds this, I need Social Butterfly as well.
  2. I understand the concerns and shift in difficulty. It is indeed very different, and if you try to fight like you did with Tallion, it's gonna be close to impossible. Celebrimbor is different, he has different strengths, and once you are comfortable with him, it's not too hard of a DLC. Sure, it's annoying when you've been playing 30+ hours with Tallion to switch. I think the low health is very unforgiving and the no-focus-with-bow makes the bow practically unusable. But, branding lots of Uruks very quickly is quite fun in itself. Against a Captain or Warchief, activate the One Ring, and spam Y+B. Anyway, I had problems at first, but adapted quickly and just finished this DLC story.
  3. I really like these Title Update with new achievements out of the blue. Ryse, Sunset or Titanfall. I say: bring some more achievements like that. Please let the whiners whine.
  4. Still looking for someone for the dizzy achievement GT: Tanelorn82 late evening north america
  5. Big fail indeed. Missing the haystack I mean.
  6. add me for visits : Tanelorn82
  7. I went up to level 14-15 or something like that and the next time I played, I was back at level 8. I grinded back to level 16, I hope I stay there.
  8. Thanks for that guide, I was using another very poorly written guide and realized it took me too much time in the first part. I got to the Island with 2h10 of playtime. Thankfully, I could speed up a lot and finish under 3 hours.
  9. Just want to point out the same. Even with a step by step guide, I think we're looking at 10-12 hours for the game.
  10. I searched a little bit on TA and since the last update, you also need to have bought all OS Voices.
  11. I experienced really bad stuff with randoms... 2 times on Haven. 1- While I was the only one taking care of the mortars, a single arc titan was next to the harvester... not getting killed 2- Everybody rushed to the mortars, and the harvester was killed by grunts/specter I finally got my 2 stars with another team of randoms... but higher generations.
  12. Looking for an invite as well ! I'm on late during the evening (North America - 9-10 pm EST) Send me a message GT: Tanelorn82
  13. I feel you as well. I remember when I was trying to get the last few maps for some game modes... Very annoying. However, not to the same extent. Good luck
  14. Nice explanation, I was just wondering why it wasn't with a French accent considering AC II had an Italian accent. Also, choosing British English is the good choice here, it fits the time period and it's quite classy. And, as a French speaker myself, there's few things more annoying than an English with a thick French accent... it's just unbearable.
  15. Great, it seems clear you can use it. However, since I only had prologue and First mission done, I simply restarted. It was really easy to go through both of them the second time.
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