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  1. For the most part I think they are pretty fair and varied. The Nightmare runs will probably be really difficult. But then again they probably should be. Not to many RNG ones either which is nice. The biggest random factor will probably be spawns and if you have a good team or not. Oh, I also feel they made an error when they made it so that achievements need to be unlocked in MP modes only. For some that might make them a lot harder to get.
  2. Even worse is when you get them in packs... 😅 This game is mostly fun I think. But the random spawns of a lot of special ridden can feel a bit cheap at times. Like, say you have cleared an area and then you turn round and there are two Tall Boys right behind you. Oh, one thing that i really do not like is the ledge mechanic. I have "fallen off" a ledge and hung there like an idiot several times when my feet are almost touching the ground below. I wish the game only featured this mechanic when the drop below would kill you. Or have you pick eiher to fall or hang around. Like the "X to give up" feature. Smaller nitpick is to tone down the effects of the acid. That stuff kills you way to fast and on some levels you are so tightly confined that you can't really move out of the way. Those were my main gripes I think. In general I really like the game. 🙂
  3. Yeah, just got back into Gears 5 in order to do the Hivebusters DLC. But they really added a lot of garbage achievements to this game. It is almost as if they just want to force people to keep on playing. If that is the case then they could at least have fixed some really bad bugs that have been there for ages. Not a fan of how they handled this game at all. I am talking about the achievements though. The DLC and a lot of the maps were pretty nice in my opinion.
  4. So many games I want to play right now. But I just started on the Early Access version of the indie game Death Trash. So far it is quite nice. It blends a bit of old school Fallout with some more weird things. There is a lot of raw meat in there for one... But yeah. I will probably finish the entire EA-version of the game. 🙂
  5. I have not finished a lot of games as of late. But one I just finished and it was in my opinion really nice and a bit of a surprise as well. 🙂 Intravenous - PC - 4/5 So Intravenous is an indie game that draws inspiration from early Splinter Cell games and probably Hotline Miami. It was a very good blend of action and stealth and the pixel graphics are gritty and fits the seedy underbelly setting of the game. I actually liked this game more than Hotline Miami and I much prefer the graphics in Intravenous.
  6. Not grinding anything on the Xbox right now. That does not mean I am not grinding a game though. As of right now I am deep into grinding for weapon orbs in the remake of Secret of Mana. Really liked the game up until it was grinding time and then it got a lot more boring. I would imagine that the average gamer add about 10 hours in the last couple of dungeons just grinding for rare drops and orbs. Can't wait to be done with that. 🙂
  7. Gamertag: Reggiez Game: Immortals Fenyx Rising Good luck everyone! 🙂
  8. Interesting topic this. I have never been a huge Tomb Raider gamer. Played a few games but not that many. I would actually be more interested if they released a box like the Master Chief Collection for TR. Have the bulk of the games in one package and if they could remaster or remake a few of the old ones as well (Huge project though). That would be something. 🙂 One of the problems for me is that there are so many games that I don't really know where to start if I wanted to get into it now. Having a collection where the games were sorted in the correct order would be a huge help. Also, as a side note. It is pretty cool that the Tom Raider franchise is still alive and kicking 25 years into it. Off topic I would really like a remaster of the first Parasite Eve as well. Also recently played Star Wars Episode I: Racer on the PS4. Gave it a 3/5 because of some not great map design. That game would in my opinion be a lot better with a remake of the graphics as well.
  9. Haha, I just realized this as well. Would not hold my breath on him returning to enlighten us about the state of things. Also the entire topic is so weird to begin with. Defining what boring is could be different to each and every gamer out there. 🙂
  10. Now this is pod racing! Yes, I just finished playing through Star Wars Episode I Racer that I never played back when it first came out. I usually like racing games like this but some of the maps had aged less good than others. Overall though it was pretty fun. A modern remake of this game could probably still be quite good. Then again a lot of the prequel characters were a bit silly. I give the game a 3.5/5 rating from me. 🙂
  11. Still super pleased with winning the last round of the monthly giveaway. Still, never hurts to get back into the race. 🙂 Gamertag: Reggiez Game: Resident Evil 3 Good luck everyone!
  12. As my first 100% completion on the new Series X I just finished Star Wars: Jedi - Fallen Order. Could have been a great game. But the camera was awful and the UI for the maps was pretty horrible as well. It was also a bit buggy and could have used a bit more polish. If felt a bit rushed. I still give it a solid 3/5 though. The characters were good and the story was decent. Would probably play another game with the same cast. 🙂
  13. What? 90 hours... and the rest in this thread is talking about 10-15 hours in average. So either this was a misprint or you did something that only you did? Kind of curious now. 😋
  14. Gamertag: Reggiez Game: Assassin's Creed Valhalla Good luck everyone. 🙂
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