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  1. Still slowly working my way through the runs in Streets of Rage 4. It is a really good game but half of the achievements are just pure grindy garbage. You have to beat the game more than 10 times and after that grind in Survival mode for hours to unlock all of the moves. Some of that would have been fine but this is way to much. Will be glad when it is over. 🙂
  2. Went back to Streets of Rage 4. I like the game but the amount of times they make you finish the game for all the achievements. Ten times as far as I can tell. Not sure any game is fun to go through that many times. 😶 Anyhow, will probably go through with some of the characters and then leave it for a bit again. Also on a side note. Today I've been a member of this forum for... well a lot of years! JOINED August 8, 2008 - Kind of miss the 360 era on this forum. 🙂
  3. I do like getting achievements but it does not get in the way of me picking games. Used to care a lot more about such things. One thing I do care about are unskippable cutscenes and not being able to pass over content you have already seen. This should in my opinion be built into all games. Not sure why devs keep missing that option. Oh, well. Might still look into the game but that is a minus for sure. 😑
  4. I am a bit on the fence about trying "As Dusk Falls". That game was shown at a lot of the game shows in the middle of the summer. I did like the story hinted at but the graphics was a bit of a hit and miss for me. I do kind of like that they tried something unique though. But yeah. Reading that you really liked the story though. Kind of gets me thinking that it might be worth it after all. 😄
  5. I have recently been watching the first three movies in the franchise and this made me think of this game. I went with B4B when it came out and that made me skip this game. But I have now started thinking it might be worth a try. Nice to read that it has good things going for it. 🙂
  6. Hey this is a very nice feature. Great work all round. 🙂
  7. Not a lot of feedback in this thread. I still have not completed the full 100% but with Nightmare ongoing and about halfway through the 50k kills I have already clocked 90+ hours. I would say that for a lot of people just playing with randoms this is a 100+ hour completion. A lot of things also hinge on luck. You need to find secrets on a lot of maps and some enemies must be killed in a specific fashion. Getting through the game on Nightmare also requires a bit of skill and a good team I would say. I will update this answer when and if I reach the full 100% completion of the base game. Edit - 2022-08-31: So, the second DLC for the game just released and for me that was nice because I had sort of gotten tired of the old levels. Seeing as the DLC should not be taken into account when looking at the 100% original completion I will just say this. It is nice to be able to continue grinding kills in some new levels. 🙂
  8. I would say that with a game like Back 4 Blood you are sort of meant to figure out the maps eventually. If you are going for the full achievement list you will replay the levels a lot of times. Many of the areas are linear with some extra fat added in the form of extra rooms and limited altenate routes. Some of the areas might be a bit hard to orientate yourself through. I really have a problem with levels such as "300 Below" the design is not always amazing. But for the whole. Just push forwards and try to keep in mind what the objective is. If you are struggling I would go online and play with others on recruit. Then you can afford to get a bit sidetracked and explore the maps.
  9. Just finished the first of the "newer" Tomb Raider games from Crystal Dynamics. I liked it over all and I have already moved on and started with "Rise of the Tomb Raider". One thing that I did notice was that there are almost to many things on the maps to collect and to get XP from. I know that you could just skip this but for completionists that is tough. This only seems to grow even stronger in the sequel. So, I liked the world, the mechanics, the story and the action. But the game was a bit long and a bit bloated (in my opinion). 🙂 Tomb Raider - 4/5
  10. Will do! I love Chrono Trigger and have had some great runs through it with friends over the years. I will be pleased if this game ends up being just a solid one. 🙂 I would love a good remaster of Chrono Trigger. But the Square Enix remasters of the classic FF-games have been... well it could have been better overall.
  11. Finally after having the 360 version for years I started going through the Crystal Dynamics Tomb Raider. This is the PC version though. But it still looks great and plays well. I am enjoying it quite a bit. They really put Lara through the grinder though. The punishment in the cutscenes should probably have killed her five times over. But then again... game logics. 🙂
  12. Not sure if this thread is active any longer? But the online services for 90 older Ubisoft games has ended. Found that information in this article from Eurogamer. https://www.eurogamer.net/online-services-for-90-older-ubisoft-games-ended They listed a lot of games and they also provide the full link. But I thought that it would be nice to have the Xbox relevant ones in a list. So here goes. 🙂 America's Army - Xbox 360 Avatar - Xbox 360 Beyond Good and Evil - Xbox 360 Blazing Angels - Xbox 360 Call of Juarez 2: Bound in Blood - Xbox 360 Call of Juarez 3: The Cartel - Xbox 360 Far Cry Blood Dragon - Xbox 360 Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 - Xbox 360 H.A.W.X. 2 - Xbox 360 I Am Alive - Xbox 360 Just Dance 3 - Xbox 360 Just Dance 3 Greatest Hits - Xbox 360 Just Dance 3 Kids - Xbox 360 Just Dance 4 - Xbox 360 Just Dance 2014 - Xbox 360, Xbox One Just Dance 2015 - Xbox 360, Xbox One Just Dance 2016 - Xbox 360 Just Dance 2017 - Xbox 360 Just Dance 2018 - Xbox 360 Just Dance Disney Party - Xbox 360 Just Dance Disney Party 2 - Xbox 360 Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth - Xbox 360 Might & Magic Duel of Champions - Xbox 360 MotionSports - Xbox 360 MotionSport Adrenaline - Xbox 360 PowerUp Heroes - Xbox 360 Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands - Xbox 360 PureFootball - Xbox 360 Rabbids Alive and Kicking - Xbox 360 Rainbow Six Lockdown - Xbox Rainbow Six Vegas - Xbox 360 Rainbow Six Vegas 2 - Xbox 360, Xbox One Rayman 3 - Xbox 360 Rayman 3 HD - Xbox 360 Rayman Origins - Xbox 360 R.U.S.E. - Xbox 360 Shape Fitness Evolved - Xbox 360 Shape Up - Xbox One Shaun White Skateboarding - Xbox 360 Shaun White Snowboarding - Xbox 360 Smurfs 2 - Xbox 360 Spartacus Legends - Xbox 360 Splinter Cell: Double Agent - Xbox 360 The Adventures of Tintin - Xbox 360 Tom Clancy's EndWar - Xbox 360 Toy Soldiers War Chest - Xbox One Your Shape Fitness Evolved - Xbox 360 Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012 - Xbox 360
  13. Decided it was finally time to play Chrono Cross and ordered it today. I hope it gets here in one piece. Not often I buy Switch games but I played the original Chrono Trigger on the SNES and... well it felt right! 😄
  14. Well, the title kind of says it all really. Just noticed that Streets of Rage 4 is soon to leave Game Pass. Last of April 2022 if I understood everything correctly. So if you want to get things done in the game and only have it through Game Pass. Now is the time I guess. 🙂
  15. Good luck boosting the 360 library! I have a huge backlog that I at times think about doing something about as well. If you want a little tip about finding people wanting to boost I would mention "Trueachievements.com". I have been on these forums for many years but when it comes to pure boosting I would still say that trueachievements is a better tool for it. You might already know all this though. 🙂
  16. I am currently playing a pretty new Steam based JRPG with a to be honest not great name. Transcendence Legacy Voidswept it is called and it has been pretty good so far. It has great music and gives me old school JRPG vibes. Has some cool mechanics going and I am somewhat sure it has hidden bosses and such as well. So it might be worth a New Game+ on top of the original run. 🙂
  17. Yeah, I think I might have started my run on Hard if that was possible. Trying to get as much done as possible. I agree with all you said about the controls though. They could have been... well, just a bit better. The remake of Alan Wake is probably really good. Loved the original. 🙂
  18. Dead Space was really great but the remake is also looking very promising (imho). So that series hopefully will be back in style. 🙂
  19. Nice! Started a run of that game a long time ago but got stuck about half way through. Realized I had missed some achievements by not reloading choices or something like that. Also the gunplay was not as smooth as I had wanted it to be. Also really like that the Remedy games share universe. In the very beginning there is a piece about Alan Wake on a blackboard or something like that. 🙂 Overall though I liked it quite a bit. Will have to go back and finish it at some point. I have myself finished the first Far Cry and have now jumped into the second one. With a few mods in there it has so far been really nice.
  20. Great work on the guide and also nice to have some videos showing the S-Rank journey. This is one of those games that will hopefully feel really good to 100%. It makes you work for it from what I can read here. Really enjoyed playing through this game with a friend a while back. Not loving the achievements though. Whoever though it was a good idea to force players to complete the game that many times should have a stern talking to. I have played quite a few games several times but this is just stupid. I also saw that they added even more runs in the DLC. 😑 Update: Almost done with all of the mandatory playthroughs of the game now. Not as bad as I thought because the game remains fun. But I still hate the number of achievements tied to completing runs with different characters. Also, the grind to unlock all of the moves in this game is mind numbingly boring. The progress on that should have been a lot quicker.
  21. Decided to go old school and started the original Far Cry on PC. Got hold of the original discs for the first three games. Good thing about the PC version is that I could mod the graphics slightly which was nice. Never played the game before but as of yet it has been pretty good. A lot harder than many games these days. For one thing the AI of 2004 could see you from pretty much anywhere and start shooting at you. 😅 Almost at the end of it and already kind of looking forward to the next one. 🙂
  22. After having looked this up a bit more, Stegosoft Games that made Rise of the Third Power also made the RPG Ara Fell. That game seems pretty great as well. So I have added both of these to my list now. 🙂 Apparently they have nothing to do with each other aside from them both being old school JRPGs in style. Ara Fell is also available on PC for a pretty good price right now.
  23. I had never heard of this game before your mention of it. Seems like a solid new old school JRPG. From my understanding it is a sequel to an earlier game? Do you know if that one should be played before starting this one? 🙂 Headed over to the forum page for the game but unfortunately it was empty. 😑
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