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  1. Good Luck with that, Sincerely a Lightning Fan since '04. I know he wanted to be traded before he actually did, I think he had some tensions with Killorn and Kucherov before as well. I think he wanted to end up in Montreal so the trade ended up working really well for both teams. Montreal gets a dynamic play maker. We get a grown up version of DeAngelo with better passing skills and patience.
  2. It seems like ever since MSL wanting to leave and buying out Vinny's contract, Stamkos has been on edge about where he wants to play. I'm a huge lightning fan and I've come to terms with Stammer leaving (before finding out about the whole Drouin trade) Stamkos doesn't look like a leader at this moment he was way better when he had 2 great leaders to help guide him. Hedman has Stralman which has made him a way better player along with Sustr, Drouin was probably helping out the likes of Brown/Condra since they practiced more with each other being on the bottom 6 lines, Brown's overall puck handling skills have vastly improved since last years and Condra looks more sleeker with the puck than he did in Ottawa but the sample size is too small for his situation. Seems like the best cast scenario that would make TB a cup contender is if Stamkos were to leave would be to make Drouin on 1st line or 2nd as they would be able to keep the triplets. Hedman would keep Stralman making his overall play even better down the line, but could gain DeAngelo (another iffy player that might want a trade to Philly) or Koekkoek. Then with that we'd be able to start focusing on Pecca/Point/Erne as a possible bottom 6 line and get rid of Cally and Filpula down the road for their contracts. Then Vasy is the obvious option to replace Bishop (who's playing at a semi-elite level just doesn't have last years offense backing him up) then his backup would be Adam Wilcox and has potential upside as well. This would be ideal if Stamkos decided to part ways but now the whole Drouin trade thing has thrown a curve to the mix. Palat-Johnson-Kucherov Drouin-Point-Stephens Erne-Namestnikov-Peca Brown/Vermin/DiGiacinto/Joseph-Paquette-Callahan Hedman-Stralman Koekkoek-DeAngelo Masin-Spencer Vasilevskiy Wilcox
  3. Looking to do VoG for that achievement if possible on Hard but mainly just trying to get it done on regular. GT: PepSuber x360a Class: Warlock Sub-Class: Sunsinger and Voidwalker both Maxed Lvl: 28
  4. Looking to boost on **Xbox One** -5 Kills in a round with the RAWR -Win a Chain Link game with less than 50 tickets -Destroying a Vehicle with the EOD Bot GT: PepSuber x360a
  5. I know, I've already completed the game a few days ago, was just giving a "heads up" to those who're still doing challenges and haven't entered the 1st prime mode.
  6. Pretty easy achievements by the time I figured out you can probably do almost all the ones for Escalation (like Healing, Tormenta, etc...) by yourself in a private match I was just missing my last achievement. Overall easy achievements, can't however say the same on the story/gameplay.
  7. If you are still doing challenges for the achievements like Tormenta or any Healing ones they will reset when you Prime so make sure you either get those out of the way before doing so. Or prime first then work on them, just giving a heads up is all.
  8. Looking for a crew to join to wreck some havok and have some fun.
  9. LF any good DPS Legendary guns and a Bee shield level 53 if possible, I don't really have any weapons would hope who ever can help can dupe them for me, thanks.
  10. Most of the time it will show if Live is having issues etc... And so people don't keep making new threads "is Live down?". http://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-live-status
  11. it's not down atm, http://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-live-status
  12. I'm assuming you found out why it's wrong and not just yelling at my post about it being wrong.
  13. XBOX LIVE Service Users may experience difficulties with the following services: Signing in to Xbox LIVE Affecting the following LIVE Platforms: Games for Windows LIVE Windows 8 Windows Phone Xbox 360 Console Xbox.com Zune PC Client 1/29/2013 5:51:38 PM PST:You might have been kicked off of Xbox LIVE and you might be having some problems logging back in. We are investigating this issue and we’ll get this fixed ASAP so you can get back to your favorite games, apps, movies, and music. We will let you know how things are going in 30 minutes. We appreciate your patience.
  14. Why was this thread made? By far best Racer so far since Burnout Paradise.
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