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  1. An amazing thing happened to me yesterday. Being a fan of Guile, he's the one I turn to almost immediately. Yesterday, I chose Blanka. Made it to the end without continuing... He's ridiculously fast. Very good range. Even playing without using Supers/Ultras, you can destroy anyone in your path quite easily (on Medium). I'm going to try and test that D-Pad mod that people post on youtube. I can't seem to get to grips with the controller and I can't afford another gamepad.
  2. I'm online now, willing to get the elusive Leader of the Pack and help anyone needing. Just hit me up on Live.
  3. Key to the City is in Orzammar, actually. Here: http://dragonage.wikia.com/wiki/Key_to_the_City
  4. I'd say play the game at your leisure until the end of Ostagar, because after that you can decide if you want to reload for the achievements (most of these take about 5 minutes to get) or just continue your path. An example: Nature of the beast Near the end of this quest, you'll have to make a decision on who to side. Fortunately, most key points have an auto-save trigger. Save then and there. Proceed and make one choice. Achievement pops. If that's the one you wanted to keep, save at the next opportunity and reload your previous save. Play again for the other option. Achievement pops. reload your save with the decision you wanted to keep. In this quest I WANTED to side with the wolves. Before meeting with the lady, I saved. I killed the elves and then saved. I reloaded my save before meeting the lady, killed the werewolves. Achievement popped and then I reverted to the desolate camp save, where the elves were no more. Regarding the romance achievements, with the gifts, you can get 3 of them on one playthrough.
  5. Ultimate has ALL DLC packs and awakening. ALL OF THEM + AWAKENING. Awakening is the first expansion for the game. Get Ultimate Edition.
  6. I'd say that your *best* option (not necessarily right, mind you) is go for the rogue route. Though you can have a lot of skills/talents, you can basically focus on cunning and strength, Coercion at three and Arrow of slaying and get them in no time. I'm doing this (basically because Nature of the Beast needs massive coersion as a rogue) and finding Bully/Menacing fairly attainable on my first play-through.
  7. There's no point in farming exp as enemies are scaled. You'd get raped by high-level enemies because you wouldn't have gear to match your level. In my perspective, there's an endless supply of exp if you just travel around Denerim/World map and get random encounters. You'll get exp and loot, though at a slower pace. Or you can fight alone most battles, if you make it.
  8. Story-wise you'll have a few (or a lot) of spoilers. You'll also get some gear which will appear in the main quest. I'm referring to those adventures you start in "New Game", of course. Optimal playing sequence, for me, is to play them after you have all your companions and then play their related DLC. The other DLCs (Warden's Keep, Return to Ostagar, The Stone Prisoner), you can play them whenever you want, but some may be difficult.
  9. There's a quest in your companions list where its written that a merchant is waiting for you. Go to a spot South of Orzammar (Sulcher's Pass), and all will start.
  10. Sorry friend. I don't play online, as I don't have Gold atm. Finances are rough at the moment. :D

  11. Congrats on your success! Why not put the time you spend in front of the TV doing exercise? Do you exercise using a schedule? Possibly (if surely) Kinect can in fact be used as a gym replacement. That's nice. I'm a skinny guy, so Kinect won't help me much.
  12. Want to help me boost on dark sector? I'm online right now. My gamertag is jump you.

    Thanks would really appreciate it

  13. You can never have too much Dark Sector... Thank you for the guide.
  14. What's this meteorite you guys write about? Didn't see anything related to it in my run.
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