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  1. I just finished Sequence 5 Memory 3 and had a very difficult time with the 3rd memory. When it was complete, I accidentally chose the Dead Kings mission which I did not want to play. I could not figure out how to get out of it and back on course (which seems to be very difficult in this game). I really just wanted to get back to free roam mode but ultimately chose to replay a mission. Now I seem to be stuck in Sequence 5. Do I have to replay this entire sequence or is there a way to get to Sequence 6? Thank you.
  2. Is anyone interested in playing the campaign in co-op mode? Thank you
  3. I've never actually boosted for achievement points but don't like games that reward you so little for completing a campaign. I like to get at least half the Gamerscore so if anyone is interested, please let me know. Thanks
  4. Hello, Would someone kindly invite me to their club? (or volunteer to join my empty one?). I am not sure what is best GT: NukeSteve Thanks
  5. I'm trying to climb the rope in the subway car and am getting spit upon by the ratz. I know you can shoot while climbing as I've done it in other places in the game. For some reason though, I'm unable to draw my gun while on the rope here. I can draw my gun if not on the rope but then don't have an angle. I can obviously climb the rope but no gun. I've seen videos and even have the book but I don't know what to do. I thought it was RB. I'd really like to finish this game. Thanks
  6. Thanks for replying everyone. I was definitely in the right elevator and after I posted this, I was able to find it. To be honest, I really don't think all the online videos posted on YouTube are helpful. Luckily, the people on this forum are helpful. Thank you
  7. I have never in any game obtained all of a collectible type and in this game, I am only missing this one. I've watched countless videos, read forums and I can't seem to trigger the elevator to go up so I can jump off. I've seen one video where one person makes it look like it is in the beginning of the level and I've seen other videos where it looks like after the last major fight inside, it is just a ride up. I've also seen one (which is what happened to me) where you take the elevator (down?), meet up with your crew and go outside. This person then fought a bit and went back inside the facility to take the elevator up. In my two times playing this level, I've once triggered the end of the level - no terminal and now, I went outside, slayed many Flood and when I go back inside, the elevator is disabled. Any thoughts/assistance would be most appreciated. I find this level the most difficult because I get lost extremely easy. Thank you
  8. Thank you Jonanian and BluWolve. I think I am convinced to get at least that first package.
  9. Thanks for the fast response! That helps. I'm hoping to find out just how much I can play alone - and what achievements can be obtained. As I said, I don't mind buying additional content and I know I won't get all the achivements (not that I ever do!) Thanks agian
  10. I feel totally stupid asking this but can this game be entirely played as single player? I've downloaded the "free" game and have done a few missions. I love the game (as I do all Age of Empires related things), I just don't want to play online - at least not yet. While I do crave achievements, that is not the issue. I realize I will miss many of the online related ones. I'd even be willing to buy a lot of the add-ons if I could keep playing. And just to clarify why I don't like online play, it's because I am not good at it. I just like playing. Thanks in advance
  11. Thank you both for replying. I swear I have done what is suggested but as I mentioned, I'm sure I must be missing something. I probably just skipped over something in my frustration.
  12. Thanks for replying so quick. Actually, initially I did not do this but then I did and it is what enabled me to build another building. Still can't get out
  13. I hope someone can help me as I am sure I'm doing something wrong. I'm in the Bastion and the only thing I can do is smoke the pipe which takes me to the Who Knows Where area. My lack of skills and perhaps lack of upgraded weapons means I have lost this every time I've tried. I'm getting frustrated. Can someone tell me if I am missing something obvious?
  14. Just wanted to add (in addition to a big Thank You) that another requirement is that you have to have the appropriate character on the appropriate ship. In other words, no bad guys on the Republic ship otherwise the space mission will never unlock. Others might find this obvious but if I can help others.... Thanks again
  15. I've added a few people from here to increase my wizard score and for that, thanks! However, I was hoping to add some people that have low scores for the achievements - perhaps some dummy accounts? Or is that something I can do myself? I'm not sure how that works. Thanks in advance
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