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  1. It seems like the game really isn't glitching out on you, rather, you two have a bad connection. My friend and I never experienced any of these problems, maybe try having soeone else host it? Stick together too, the game might have trouble rendering when you two are far apart. Hope you are able to get it!
  2. They said the 360 would be a 10 year console, so I am going to safely say that we have at least another 2 years before the next generation is released. Besides, we havn't had any major news or beta tests of the so called 720, and once that starts happening, I'd say we would have a year from when the testings/major leaks start.
  3. Thanks for the invite bro even tho im late on joining. Im not good on forums for the most part im more of a gamer not a sit here and talker ya know heh.. but ya im only looking for seriously to get it good and done with god

  4. hey man i would like to join your gears group but i didnt see an option for it... message me on xbox Gamertag is WarcraftHeroGod

  5. I'll save you some time. Mariners lose. Now instead of watching the game, you can pay more attention to drinking beer, wearing you baseball cap inside out (rally cap) like we just love to do here, and eat those nasty tasting famous Seattle garlic fries. Oh yeah, and you can do the wave without caring if theres going to be a good play, because there won't . I'm a sports fan, but Seattle just let's me down... the only good team we have are the Storm... 18-2, .900PCT.... but no one cares about that (I only learned about it from a small section on the back of a newspaper showing WNBA statistics). Anyways, Mariners game are always fun, so if you do make it to a game, have fun! That agility orb would be the end of me! Plus it's only worth 1/4 agility skill!
  6. cool thx, its a german gamerscore/ps3 trophy board. I'll post the link to the thread later


  7. sorry bout all that -.-

  8. ....................

  9. ...................

  10. Happy Birthday back at ya!

  11. Happy Birthday man!

  12. I don't think thats enough. Just get the HDD, because HDD alones are like the price of the arcade. 60GB HDD is $100.
  13. I would assume they can track your console back to China or Egypt if that was the case. Not to often do a heard of 1,000+ Americans pack up to move all across China and play Xbox and speak Chinese. They could also just track your xbox's region. Could it also possibly be religion based? Don't want to start that topic though.
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