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  1. Of course every game is sold early. Even the Game Stop stores here in Germany have told me that even though their company policy is not to sell games early, they still do it as soon as someone else does. I think game companies just have release dates to make sure that everyone has saved enough money by the time their game hits the market.
  2. Anyone who says that stores are not allowed to sell games before the official release has obviously not played Gears 3 prior to release. I got it from a legitamite store 3 days early, played the MP and didn't get banned. Instead, when you had a look at the event calendar it said something like "you are one of the lucky people who are playing the game before anyone else. Enjoy." Sounds like Epic doesn't have a problem with their games being sold prior to release date.
  3. I will get all 4 but I probably won't use any before I Prestige for the first time. As far as I know you can unlock some new challenges which I will certainly do because I'm pretty sure that those will unlock new callsigns or other cool stuff. I don't think that I will need more custom classes than the ones they give you anyway. After Prestige 3 or 4 I will probably choose my 3-4 favorite weapons and unlock them permanently.
  4. If you are playing on a New account you can still access the Prestige Shop because you get one Token for every time you prestige in MW3.
  5. Actually there are 96 combinations for the wheel and levers and I've tried them all in co-op and nothing happened. I also got all dials into the right position and also nothing happened. I will continue trying tomorrow.
  6. You do NOT need the PaP version of the V-R11. I did it with the "standard" edition. Works fine.
  7. So after working my way through several Videos on YouTube and lots of threads on the forums I decided to make a video of my own showing all the steps to get the achievement in solo mode. Thanks to Captain and 7 for pointing out that you can use any gun to kill the agent in the green beam (helped a lot). So here is the video: [ame= ] [/ame]
  8. Realy good Roadmap for Espgaluda...obwohl ich das jetzt auch in deutsch schreiben könnte. Grüße!

  9. I completely agree that this game is absolutely awesome. I can't believe that all others that think the same are forgetting one of the most important aspects for replayability (at least for me and for many others probably too): mission scores. I personally cannot wait to finish the game just to start working on better mission scores. Since this game was already used as an example earlier in this thread, I'll just use it again: Devil May Cry. Finishing the game was one thing but then you would replay missions over and over for that S-Rank. Same with Vanquish. Also, people should really take advantage of XBL and play the demos before judging. Just because a videogame magazine says it's short you should still give it a try. I remember a magazine saying that Mushihime Sama Futari is 20 min. long until you see the final boss. Yet I have probably put 100+ hours and counting into this game just to get a better score. This is probably also the one problem that would come to my mind when thinking about achievements. Someone posts something like "the combat missions are too hard", oh there's an achievement for that I might not get so I won't play it. Or " yeah, I got the full 1k, now I finished the game and will never play it again" Fun games should be played AND replayed.
  10. Prestige Edition. I still need to get enough batteries to start operating the AC Car. Has anyone used it yet and can tell me how the quality of the camera is? The steelbook the game comes in (I believe it's the same steelbook as the hardened edition) looks really cool and the medal is of very good quality. Don't regret buying the Prestige Edition at all. So if: You don't have the game yet Really like the CoD franchise Have 149$ to spend GET THE PRESTIGE EDITION
  11. 0 / 1000 But the game is right here on my desk. I wish i didn't have that much work today.
  12. As a defender play a medic and issue a squad defense order on any M-COM station and just throw med packs near it. Also keep reviving everyone. As an attacker, play as assault with C4 (use the perk that lets you take 6 + the perk for more explosive damage). Issue an attack order on an M-COM station, plant all of your C4s on it and charge it. Wait until some people come to discharge and BOOM. Many many points. Have fun, rank 22 doesn't take long.
  13. I did it on Nelson Bay. Use the Assault class with any weapon that let's you have C4 (Shotgun, G3, Thompson, etc...). Use the perk that let's you take 6 C4s instead of 3 and the one for more explosive damage. When you attack, go to the M-COM station on the right (I think it's "B"), plant your 6 C4s around the house (2 on each of the longer walls and 1 on each of the shorter ones), activate the M-COM and wait for some people to come and deactivate it. BOOM. Easiest way in my opinion. PS: You could do the same while defending but that wouldn't help your team very much. Your choice
  14. Does Anyone play this game anymore? I still need the online achievements so please feel free to add me if you need them too. I work a Lot so it may take a couple of days until we find time to play. I will edit this post when I found someone to boost so until then, add me...
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