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  1. Happy Feet 2: 10-15 MX Vs ATV: Superflex: 10-15 Duck Dyansty: 5-10 Also, Turning Point [FR/DE] is not PAL only. The Canadian french version is the stackable version. And that is NTSC (North America).
  2. Is this the kind of response you expected.
  3. The person who suggested Project 8 has used certain methods in the past to makes games easier. I don't know if they used the same thing in Project 8. But I do know you'd have to make virtually no mistakes in order to get that time. I've seen gamers who have completed Ninja Gaiden take hundreds of hours of practice to get that game done... It is universally considered one of the hardest games on Xbox. As for suggestions... 5-10 hours: Happy Feet 2 Under 5: Bloodbath (German only, digital only) Under 5: Kick-Ass 2 (German only, digital only) 10-15 hours: MX Vs. ATV supercross 5-10: Raving Rabbids: The interactive TV game show 5-10 Duck Dynasty
  4. Doesn't surprise me. Focus Home Interactive games stopped stacking at Farming Simulator. Real shame.
  5. Coldgears

    Beer Pong

    Would be nice. Doubtful to happen though. Most of the Kinect games are marketed to kids. I could see them making a knock-off and calling "cup-pong" though.
  6. Few things. 50 Cent is not in english. At the best, it's broken english. I remember specifically having trouble doing some of the challenges because they are all in Japanese. You can kind of sort-of figure them out. Like if it's 50,000 you need to get 50,000 money. If it's 3, you probably need to kill 3 of a certain type of person. Still it's in japanese. For bioshock, the Korean and German versions are in full english. They don't have any Korean or German in them at all. As for the japanese, it's not really minimal. It's more like mostly japanese with a few english words. Like, all the perks are in japanese, but for some reason the perks change to english when they become level 2 or level 3. But only a few perks level up. So for the most part you're stuck trying to figure out which perk is which. All proper names are in english, but everything else is in japanese in terms of menus. I remember specifically having trouble figuring out which audio diaries I had as they were in Japanese. As for Dragon Age: Origins... I'm really upset I didn't know that the Platinum Hits came with the DLC. I would've bought that. Are you sure Awakening comes with the Witch Hunt DLC? (I know on the dashboard, you can buy Awakening seperately from Witch Hunt. And on Trueachievements they have it listed a seperate DLC) I really, really hope it doesn't come with Witch Hunt, because I have Awakening and I bought Witch Hunt for $10 on the marketplace. Really dropped the ball on Dragon Age and paid more than I should have
  7. I'm 150 pounds overweight and did it in two hours. The game is very responsive. The only hard part of the game is the final song. Not because the game is responsive, but because it's the only dance with more than two repetitive movements. It took me maybe 30 mins to memorize the dance and get the 5 stars. All the others you should get first try. Well, the amount of people you need to boost isn't factored into the time. Just so people don't get the wrong idea though... It does require more than one person. Every 2-3 challenges you get one that requires you to kill two people with one shot, or two people within 5 seconds. Which would require a third. You're gonna want a third throughout the boost so that way you don't have to worry about getting someone to help out every handful of challenges. EDIT: I'd also like to recommend Nat Geo TV and Nat Geo TV DVD to be put in the under 5 hour section. I'm 150 pounds overweight and did the download version, including both DLC's in 4 hours. I did the DVD version in an hour an a half. There's no reason it should take over 5. I'd even say to add a * to Nat Geo DVD because it's very easily down in under 2. SECOND EDIT: Sixty Second Shooter for the under 5 hours. I'd also recommend the * for under two hours. I did the game in just under an hour. No reason it should take more than 2.
  8. How it's supposed to work is like this; the game's language is set to whatever it is on your dashboard. Depending on the game this can be either subtitles or full voice acting. For example, setting your language to France will make Saints Row The Third have full France voice acting. Setting your language to France on GTA V will just have French subtitles. However, a good amount of games stack strictly on the fact that the original publisher outsourced the game for localization to another company. A big one is Spike Chunsoft, which publishes the vast majority of Japan stackables Here's the thing. When a company localizes the game, a lot of times they don't spend the time putting the other languages back in, so no matter what language you select it's in the localized language. In the game of Bioshock, the Korean and German are in full English and the Japan is in broken English.
  9. Why'd you remove crazy taxi? It was quick and easy? I don't get it...
  10. I'd like to suggest Star Trek 2013 for the 15-25 hour range. It takes around 15-20 actually, and there's absolutely nothing hard about it. Despite getting 4's the production values are top notch. Graphics are amazing, voice acting and sound track are among the best. Only reason it got bad reviews are because it's a very glitchy. With a month or two of polish it'd be a 7-8 out of 10 rating for sure. Honestly surprised so few people have cometed considering how quick, easy, and fun it is. Anyway, yeah it belongs in the 15-25 hour range
  11. Interestingly it seems that Ninety Nine Nights 2 Korean is working just fine in my NTSC box. In other news, I really hope there's a German/Austrian (Hopefully both) of South Park and the Stick of Truth. I was hoping there was going to be an Australian and a UK stack as they both had cut content, but the fact the cut content was very minimal, and they are releasing on the same day as the US version I highly doubt they will stack. In fact, with the state of stackables as they are, there's a strong possibility the German won't stack. Hopefully with the delayed release it will though... Also, it doesn't seem like Phineas and Ferb is getting a Europe release anymore. It was supposed to be released in February but 505 Games never released it... I sent them a tweet but didn't get a response. Oh well...
  12. I'd like to suggest Rugby Challenge 2 for the 5-10 hour range. I did the game in an 8 hour sitting knowing nothing about Rugby. (Admittatly, I don't know much of anything in American football either) An Australian friend who knows the sport did it in 6.
  13. I just don't see what you are doing to get a group together that takes more than an hour? Sitting in the lobby for hours hoping for a random? Sending messages to hundreds of people asking them to buy the game? Just ask a friend, join a TA session, or send messages to people on the boosting thread here.
  14. It depends on where it saves your progress too. If the achievement progress is saved to your profile you'll be fine. If it's saved to your save game you'll have to redo it. When your save games corrupt always expect to redo work. Try to remember to back-up your saves. I've lost over 50 hours total from various corrupt saves. It sucks.
  15. It may be a valid issue for you, but it isn't a valid issue for *EVERYONE* that's the key factor. It is listed as (B) so you can factor the amount of time it may take you to find people For me it's ridiculously easy to find people. If it's an old american game like Damnation or Hour of Victory I buy 2/3 copies, and get a friend of mine to buy three copies. And we triple/double box the game. Finding people in that case is about 2-3 minutes of asking a friend in a party I'm always in while I game anyway. If I really can't find people, you can always join boosting sessions on TA (Or the boost thread on this site if your so inclined). Yeah, if you're really casual about it and you don't have a core-group, or don't have multipule boxes to double/triple box it *CAN* take you 5-6 hours (more maybe?) to find people. But this isn't the case for everyone. The (B) is perfect for letting people know what they are getting into. If they have trouble finding people, they know to avoid games with that next to it. I honestly see no problem.
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