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  1. Seems you're the 'donut' exposing yourself to tor rather than running adblock/noscript combo or something similar. Talk about unecessary and most sites i know that are legit will block ALL tor comms, it's pretty stupid not to block any proxy/tor service. A trusted VPN, which tor is not, you might of been allowed but way to make a comeback, no wonder you were banned previously.
  2. Use the correct thread at the top of the page, its a sticky.
  3. While this is old i hsd this but didnt think anything of it. It happened for me when the skylander was not in my collection, maybe that helps someone in the future. Don't know if its the only cause but it's one.
  4. Hopefully it doesnt take you quite so much effort to sort a faulty cable when it comes to your "company"...
  5. Believe it was marketed towards people not using kinect as it has the kinect options on it, or they were just added later. But i use this more than kinect for vid etc, it always works, where if i have music on, kinect doesn't always hear.
  6. The US had it first for a long time before the rest of us. In the UK i have it, not sure if thats me being a beta tester or last months update. But it works. Infact it works rather well i was quite surprised, it actually really did give me good suggestions on videos to watch, but i have been using my one on youtube only for gaming things so its not bloated with crap vids.
  7. The problem with instant on ive had for as long as ive had the console. I've been trying to narrow down the variables because sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. One thing that does seem to make a difference is how long the console was on for, day or two and its uaully fine, much longer and i'll have to use the touch button or unplug. (Yes there is a reason the console is left on that long, its not me being lazy lol)
  8. I always play rogue but this being free and md not being sure if I want to invest in endgame yet, I've gome with Tiefling Scourge Warlock but ill be going into the life leech tree rather than fury. Its always quite a powerful leveling spec as you can DoT up targets and just keep chain pulling with little worry about health if done right. I've also found out since deciding that route that locks of this type will eliminate the need for a cleric in many situations and can dps and heal the whole group using life leech DoTs ticking away. Anyway if i find this fails then it will be trickster rogue dark elf/elf (not looked at racials). Either way this is the class I love to play all sneaky and stealthy and top DPS single target at end game... And that's my two slots used up amd unless I really get into it that will be all. To many games anyway, raiding/end game is commitment of alot of gaming time.
  9. I'll make as much effort as you did yes
  10. You should rethink that.. Need is only available if it fits your class otherwise its just greed or nothing. If everyone passes the item is left. So might aswell use greed un pugs when you get into a guild the loot sharing becomes fairer (assuming the guild is half decent). Also greed is often used as an offspec roll and need used for mainspec. Someone needing an item they don't need or whatever then yea, that's not fair and in most games earn yourself the title ninja and no one wants you sround tainting the guilds name The way the game is setup for consolse that should be less of an issue but don't blanket mark people using greed. In WoW and most others follow a similar way: Need = Main Spec Greed = Off Spec/Everyone who can't use greeds if there is no enchanter. Pass = Everyone pass if there is an enchanter (enchanter greeds and DE and share at the end. (that's automatic now)
  11. This becomes alot of fun if you had a perfect world forum account and cryptic account from years ago both on the same email addy Be 15 easily before support gets back to me >.<
  12. Change names for this one and make a silver account using your old name and that will "hold" the gamertag for you, if want achievements well thats just not possible if you move accounts.
  13. Assuming the lobby doesn't change or the system doesn't notice a host change as a full lobby restart then thats what should be happening. All maps, in the right order all the way through, rinse and repeat. Must say i have noticed 2 maps lately coming up alot but being that the community isn't that big and i am aiming on campaign atm i just figured it was the playlist and low numbers there.
  14. Sounds like when dashboarding first became a thing, maybe they never introduced the auto loss thing in this game so people do abuse it? Either way its decided for whatever the reason that its lost the host and is looking for you to put yourself into another lobby. Would take someone dashboarding or quitting at the right point at the end of the game for it to work, though i have no doubt some cheating fucks done the math.
  15. Burn cards seem overhyped anyway, either i have the perfect place to use one but its not the one equipped or, well no thats about it, bit of fun maybe, changes things up a tiny bit. Respawn is about the only one that comes to mind the rest just hang in groups "titan timer cards" "weapon cards" "explosives cards"....
  16. Can i just get this right? You're comparing a new"ish" IP to that with games of over 10 years of the series franchise and you expect people to be freaking insane at it? Your tactics for "best" are very personal at best aswell tbh. Playstyle comes into it alot and not only do you not know how we play, we dont know how you play. Taking a guess though we don't play the same even remotely. Actually are you the person i keep killing?
  17. Boosting on a server that for you will have a HUGE ping? I think thats what it was telling you lol All of this is a matter for tech support, only they have the systems to check. Also curiosity, is that 100 wins during rank 8 or total? Did 1-50 on 360, doing again on the one, i only went to gen2 as that was an achievement but i have noticed in my rank 1 titan im not far off 50 wins already and not ranked once, just played as normal, 40 something games (stop putting me in at the end when its all over lol) so 100 seems low unless all challenges totally reset, thought it was only some.
  18. Odd, didnt know that. I never really check for it as we don't use it these days but im curious as to what other games that could use system play but don't these days.
  19. I think it has a very each to their own side to it and if its not your thing then the game is out of luck pretty much. I wouldn't say i am any pro but just keeping an eye for the obvious incoming missiles and the not so obvious little men coming at you from the floors and roofs and you should not die quite so quick. Took me some getting used to getting a pilot off me but even as a nab it wasnt instant boom.
  20. CTD (crash to desktop (or dashboard here) seems rare but does happen and seems to happen on 360 and the one.
  21. You won't get anything different, i'm actually surprised you have had the exact 4 same maps in a row, in the exact order, twice. Campaign in this game while it has a little bit of story will throw you in anywhere on any side. It's not a campaign as such but a playlist, this playlist includes nothing but campaign levels and plays them in the rotation of the campaign.
  22. SEND DEAUTH SPOOF MAC Throw some magic packets about and i can either get you connecting to my "spoofed" router, that now is identicle to yours to your laptop or just boot you off and claim it as mine. I haven't even installed malware or a rootkit yet. You need to read something about hacking, probably just the meaning of the word actually but something. You're network security is actually insecure, assuming you dont use both that is, WPA2 and MAC addy filtering, turn off WPS or only allow so its push button (reaver software will explain why this is done.) And even then thats the most basic home security system for a comp. Don't leave the house or take off the tin foil hat! AUTH sorry what was that? you're network is secure because you use MAC address filtering that on legit software can't be changed but on an tool used for this purpose it can be. Good logic, don't run a bank
  23. I realise this thread is old but have only just come across it, not sure how i missed there being so many games on steam that had cheeves, i knew about fallout but playing that again while fun was daunting and the glitch to get 1000g i just didnt feel right doing so never did. Do any of these still exist and can be bought today and played for achievements. I still have GTA 4 to get through on PC anyway but there is some i thought were console only not to mention have they removed all GFWL from steamworks or just bits so far?
  24. 4hr race... i remember when the race in TDU (test drive unlimited) was an hr long and that was placing in top 3 as i recall, thinking about it i never did get a decent score on that race..even the idea of it now makes me cringe nvm 4hours straight.
  25. Still refusing to pay £30 for the game atm lol but then my backlog is huge so i can wait. I think it more comes down to do you think you enjoyed the game enough to warrant it, then have a read about each bit of DLC the season pass comes with/will come with and decide then.
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