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  1. I'm debating whether to get the DLC, the game is pretty enjoyable for me but is it worth 400 ms points or 800? (I forgot how much)
  2. Very true, hopefully if Microsoft made let's say Xbox 720 or something, that you could somehow transfer your gamertag along with gamerscore over, that'd be nice.
  3. worked, but just made it so i could view the level a little more i guess, thanks.
  4. like roll up in a ball whenever you want?
  5. same here lol but Lost omg the one level where you have to go past the black smoke or whatever was soooo hard.
  6. somebody add me and invite me to a team for 6 man skate.
  7. All but 3. I could probably get the other 2 but Thorax was so hard.
  8. me, too. so add me. ill be on at like 5 pm central
  9. how do you save before a hole in case you do bad?
  10. Took me 2 days with 3 hours of killing challenges. Pretty hard. :s
  11. add me for the 6 man free skate achievement.
  12. Just add me because I need 5 people
  13. 7th person I clicked, I got it. Yay, thanks!
  14. Nice guide, I will try this later tonight.
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