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  1. Totally random as far as I can figure - I can't believe they didn't even let you choose the decade let alone the game.
  2. Just wait until you try for the two Plinko achievements - it will make you fondly remember the time you spent trying for No Strikes
  3. That works well - another way that may be a bit faster or just as fast is to use a custom deck. You only need 20 cards to build one, so you can really stack it to your advantage.
  4. I agree to get it regardless - this is a fun and unique game that shouldn't be missed. There's also really no need for heavy use of solutions, but if they are needed there will always be some type available - I just happened to find the users more helpful on my "trouble" puzzles. I probably used them on around 10 puzzles total, usually to get a missing spark.
  5. Having the user solutions still available is actually a fairly big help - on the puzzles where I used solutions, I often found a better, less complicated solution in the user submissions than I did on YouTube.
  6. No boosting partner needed...they are all easily done by yourself in about an hour. These are the online achievements: Solution Sharer Pick a Pick Pick of the Bunch Challenge Wizard Challenge King Challenger Fave Rave Rise to the Challenge Share and Share Alike Radical Remix Creation Craver Top Marks First Rate Give Something Back Pretty sure I got them all, but be sure to look at your checklist to confirm it. Anything involving uploading/downloading or rating content created by another user requires the EA servers.
  7. Just wanted to let people know that EA is shutting down the servers for Create (and several other games) on April 13th. I finished the game some time ago, but those out there who haven't done the online achievements (mostly voting on creations and uploading/downloading creations) should get them done ASAP.
  8. Thanks to your excellent guide to 1-14 that was posted earlier, I'm now down to one level, which is level 3-1, Back in Town. I got close on it the first time (20 points away from gold), but can't seem to replicate whatever it was that I did. Any advice on this level is appreciated!
  9. Nice guide! Just an FYI for others - I had trouble with "Carried the Team". The achievement didn't pop after three successful attempts that were hosted by a friend, but when I hosted it worked fine and popped right when it should have. Not sure if I'm the only one who had this issue, but it might help someone else if they run into trouble.
  10. Thanks for posting this - I was on the fence about buying it, but you convinced me to give it a shot.
  11. Looking for 2 others to do the 4-player achievement - I already have 2 systems and 2 copies of the game. Just send me a message and when I can get enough people together we'll do it.
  12. If you have a turbo controller like a Hori it can help immensely for this achievement. Here's what I did: - Pick a position player. I picked Carlos Ruiz of the Phillies so I could get the achievement for winning the World Series in My Bobble mode as well. - Set the hitting/batting function to "Auto" in the settings, and the computer does the hitting for you. - Set the controller to turbo the "A" button, and it will advance through the season, automatically starting a new game as the previous one finishes. The downside of this is that you still have to keep an eye on the game because if someone from either team gets a walkoff hit or home run, a postgame highlights package will loop (you need to hit B to stop it, so your A turbo is ineffective). Even with that downside, this method will allow you to do something else like watch a movie or read while only occasionally glancing at the game. Is there a way to turn the postgame highlights off? If so, it would allow people to leave the game on overnight.
  13. Got it! I'll help anyone who can't find a partner though - just message me.
  14. Not yet, unfortunately. It was announced over a month ago.
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