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  1. Anyone who can help with the gift exchange achievements?
  2. Is it posible for anyone who have a saddle to lend it to me for the flying pigs achievement?. Also i have a working rail for the achievement if anybody needs it send me a message
  3. all of them red blue white green and black
  4. Ok i have a problem in orfer to unlock the Yellow Shock mission you have to use a yellow ms 10 times so i used Hyaku Shiki 10 times and didnt unlock ok fine i use the o and nothing again which mobile suit those the game consider yellow????
  5. I would recomend to use Tetora until you can get the forbiden tome to return Sieg And my party is Sieg Alice Leonis Mimel Elise (Digest) Dyshana (Digest)
  6. Just a quick commentafter i beat Decimal there was an event where Shermini and Decimal let me fight against 2 belladonas and 2 sandworms i dont know if this prearrenged or if that was because i missed those two monsters but also after i won they say than you can even capture gods after you have killed 6 of them (Beating digest mode)
  7. I had freezing problems before the Decimal fight the game froze twice but in frustation i stopped playing for the day and the next day it was all good
  8. +999 attack Silver Dragon + White Dragon = Yellow Dragon Ring Dragon + Living Dead = Fafnir Yellow Dragon + Fafnir = Arc Dragon (Trade for Huge Mithril Claw) +999 magic Mandrake Root + Medusa = Dryad ( Trade Dryad for Stardust Bridle )
  9. Thanks for the video really helpful i captured the sandworm instead of killing it so to be safe im gonna kill it before going for the last one
  10. Yes same here i figured i was stuck with the first bride for each gen since on the 4th i choosed Silvi on the first game but again the game choosed Hilda and for the CGs as in the first game is a matter of tittle hunting
  11. Time and Again 20 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.png Successfully executed a distinctive Special Art. Combine Alice and Ellis Lvl 3 Ex skills however the game wont tell you if you can combine the attacks.
  12. It Happens to a Lot of Guys 5 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.png Nope, he did it again. Just like the Oops achievement in the first game. When crafting there is a small chance (around 5%) that you will fail to make an item and instead create an entirely random item. (This can be beneficial early on but a real hindrance in the latter stages). You will likely get the achievement naturally through normal gameplay but if you have yet to unlock it simply buy 99 Long Sword and 99 Silver bullion (both early craftable items registered to the shop) and make silver swords until it unlocks, then reload your save.
  13. Yes you can switch it on/off by pressing back on your controller and i feel they improve the autobattle in this gam ecompared with the firt one for example in the first Agarest if one party member died nobody revived him and thankfuly that changed for Zero
  14. Yes in oder to get this one you must complete digest mode to unlock the first´s game profiles. Or if you can afford it buy the DLC but in my opinion a waste of money.
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