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  1. For the July XBA Giveaway, see this thread: https://www.xboxachievements.com/forum/topic/485357-july-xba-giveaway/
  2. For the June XBA giveaway, see this thread! https://www.xboxachievements.com/forum/topic/485229-june-xba-giveaway/?do=getNewComment
  3. So I checked your achievements, you have the 5 3D glasses collection achievement. When was the last time you loaded up the game? Were you able to turn in that quest? I think the Claptrap Revolution may have been bugged back in 2019. Load up the game and go to Tannis right at the beginning of Tartarus Station and tell me what comes up.
  4. Today November 10th, 2020 marks the dawn of a new era. Today we see the release of the most powerful console known to man, the Xbox Series X. We wish Microsoft a firm congratulations on an already worldwide launch and success. XBA looks forward to continuing to see the growth of the Xbox product today and in the future. Coinciding with the release of this powerful console, XBA has received a major facelift. I have been around this website since it's inception and would like to give a large thank you to all those who have come and gone who have made XBA what it is today. I want to thank all those who "stuck it out" with us during this multiple year long process. During this phase roll out you will see multiple new features as well as tracking. Look around, explore. Those who stayed with us, we hope you enjoy what you are seeing, those coming back, welcome!!! XBA has always been firmly based in the "Xbox Community". We will continue with all of our community based initiatives and continue to make XBA the greatest forum experience you will have on the net. Hang out, chat and let's us grow around what we love...gaming. Lastly, I truly want to thank each and every one of my staff members. These men and women have all volunteered countless hours through the thick and thin to make this site what it is today. Thank you all for all of your hard work. Cheers all and welcome to the new XBA!!!!
  5. Name changed, greened up and awards given. Thanks for subscribing!
  6. Great response Alan. The Community Team has been diligently working with the tools they have been given to make these forums the best that we can. The Events Team, Guide Team, Max Club Team, Mod Team and Graphics team are in daily constant communication dedicated to giving everyone who visits the forums a great community experience. Most of us have been here for a long time at this point and we are all eagerly looking forward to the front page update. In the meantime, the Community Team will continue to provide the best forum experience that we can. Take care all!
  7. This case has been resolved. Good Luck on all your future endeavors Lee.
  8. I gave you your award back. ManBearPig is already in use. Anything else you want?
  9. bplayak here! Making fun of my buddy Ed? Yeah that's a derp
  10. I took care of that. Right back to the front of your showcase! Oh be afraid, be very afraid
  11. A live look at Mike's profile right now...derp time!
  12. It was pointed out that most of the other crews have been vacant. We currently have a very active crew. Search "Official XBA" to find it. I try to keep our crew number consistently at 49/50 to always keep an active rotation with one open spot. Our minimum "cog" requirement is 500. If you are an active player, hit us up and feel free to join!
  13. Happy birthday brother!

  14. Yeah bLaKgRaVy put in for those. He shall face my wrath. Also, I'll make sure those two get removed and one added
  15. The XBA Game Giveaway: November (Any retail game from 2018 or already released in 2019) Welcome to XBA's Game Giveaway for November! With our latest giveaway concluded (congrats to Spanish Assault for winning a copy of The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series), we thought we'd offer this month's winner their choice of any retail game released in 2018 or released in 2019 so far! Entry Requirements (Please read) Leave a single reply in this thread with your Gamertag and the game you'd like to win (you can say other stuff too if you want, but your Gamertag must be present). We will confirm with the winner and their game of choice when the competition closes. The winner will be decided using a random drawing by staff. Winner's chosen game will be provided in a physical format The base version of the chosen game will be awarded to the winner This giveaway is open to staff and has no minimum post count requirement You must include your Gamertag in your post One entry per household Multiple entries will render all your entries void You must be aged 18 or older to enter Competition will end, this thread will close, and entries will be drawn on November 15th, 2019 Prizes not claimed within 3 months from their announcement date will be forfeited Please allow 2-6 weeks for logistics, postage, etc, for your game-prize to arrive
  16. Very well said and written Blu. I hope everyone takes time to read that.
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