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  1. hey guys for the life of me i cant seem to grind on rail or do the 2 wheel thing? ive pressed left/right ive turn screen ive done everything? am i missing something? cheers
  2. great guide but please remove the coulor code text as some peeps have coulor blind issues cheers....
  3. Apparently from 28th nov till 5th dec should be a good time to get the pistol kills!!! info from TA
  4. and the second week i get nothing AGAIN!! :S
  5. anyone know why i didnt get my rewards from the end of week? i know i last saw i was 120ish in leaderboard so was expecting 5700 coin pack! but nothing came!
  6. good guide... can i ask.... if i finish it all on W8 and then do it on WP8 will i get all chevos? like this but vice versa?
  7. 1. ILLEGAL BEAGLE 2. Michael111417 3. graverobber44 4. Theadvncd1 5. Bunny07x2 6. Suicide MErcy 7. busterbob42 8. Invincible666 9. FordTotalWar 10. Iridium2002 11. P0000 12. dice nickey 13. Mrsunchaser 14. 15. 16.
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