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  1. GT: Repking Haven't played sniper elite yet and this would be a very good reason to start. Good luck to everyone!
  2. hey guys looking to do all the online just add me whenever ill always want to do this game GT: Repking
  3. hey guys hoping to get this done currently only missing a few online achievements message me anytime and we will get them done have no problem helping anyone else out, thank you. GT: Repking
  4. hey guys looking to setup and help some people with the 3 online acheviements for winning in ot and scoring with a pulled goalie. thanks add me anytime GT: Repking
  5. will be trying to ask old people that posted, but i need help finishing the online. currently have only gotten 2 multiplayer achievements. Add me no matter how old this post is wanna finish this game. Thanks. GT: Repking
  6. 2014 now got this game for $5 and was sad when i glitched it lol, but pausing then KKtigun still works if your stuck on this level like i was. Thanks to everyone who figured this out
  7. All right looking to boost all online Achievements free all evenings and would be happy to help everyone with this game add me, also doesn't matter how old this post is will be looking to boost it GT:Repking
  8. Looking to do all online in flatout will be trying to find other people gonna make spots, doesnt matter how old this is wanna get it done, add me if your interested 1.Repking 2. 3. 4.
  9. thank you for posting a road map, now with that said. I'm not sure if they have patched over the years but i played this at release and had about 600 in the game now im down to 325 and have been for 7 years. I will be retrying some of the achievements. so there used to be some glitched achievos not sure, will try to re post if i can get them unlocked again.
  10. thanks to a few others who have added me, i am now completed
  11. OK so its looks like not alot of people are still trying to do this game but i would really like it done doesn't matter how old this message is, i want to finish the online achievements in this game which include lv 50 and the medals, I am free at all times in the evenings. GT: Repking fell free to message me at anytime
  12. Looking to get the 2 online friend achievos would love to return the favour message me edit have helped a few people on this forum get it and still have no problem with helping others GT: Repking
  13. it sure hasn't been fixed i know that, ive been reset about 4 times at this point. kinda sad cause i really wanted to get into this game cause its the first NSF title since NFS:Shift. In another note Wolfenstien wouldn't install that's 2 games that don't work out of the 6 for Xbox One i own.
  14. was hoping someone would post saying if this was patched or not, just started playing though the game so ill repost in a few days i guess. Im playing on xbox one so ill confirm it on there
  15. looking to boost 3 spec ops missions, want to help others with maps cause i need to get lv 50 to, add me if your looking for a game GT: Repking
  16. game very much holds up still one of my top five on 360 just need to dedicate the 14 hours for 7 day survivor and i got my 1k
  17. well just got the game and from the looks of it nobodys had a problem with the one online achievment there is. i will come back and edit to see if it still attainable
  18. Yeah I did objective maps I think on rubble and was far enough for spawns and just got kills then for mp 1000 the one map you can get a round in like 5 seconds so it takes close to 10 hours for mp 1000
  19. Yeah I'm glad that the game was still open cause I originally got it in like 08 and didn't boost the online till like summer 2012 so that was good just gotta do the extreme instant action maps got 1 of em done so far should have 1000 soon.
  20. Personally for me extreme is just a matter of patience and using SLOWMO and I honestly only died from me throwing bad nades lol. And as far as the dying achieves if your quick enough yes you can avoid missing the achievement I did that method once. Hope it helps
  21. Having been one of a few I'm assuming, maybe not tho since CoD is extremely popular. I have beaten every cod on veteran from cod 2 till black ops 2 and by far the infinite NADE spawns of WaW were the worst then a close second 2 and 3.
  22. Sorry for repost but since its been almost a year I'm assuming there is no way to fix this and I'm still only missing 3 achieves
  23. Sorry to hear about this, I to have that same problem at 30 ranked wins I'm just posting to see if anyone else was having this problem but sorry I can't help you
  24. Hey there looking to boost got 1 other guy who has achieves and wiling to help out only need 2 people for the TIR episodes. GT: Repking
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