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  1. You can only plant cocoa beans on jungle wood.
  2. My bad. I was looking at the Strange tower from Arkham City and not at the island
  3. So I have searched the threads and was unable to find the glitch I am encountering with the Riddler collectibles. On my save where I have done the snapshot or photo of the desired image that matches up with the listed riddle, or what are called riddle locations. On Bleake Island, top right corner - "She stands at our center that we may not weaken, a symbol of hope, a towering beacon." It reads that the image has been captured, but the Riddler symbol with the quotes remains on my map as well the Riddler section with the checkmarks still shows it unchecked. Anyone encountering this?
  4. Friend code: 11358 I am on all the time - daily. Will continue on even after obtaining achievements as I love the game.
  5. ***I have completed this game***. Roughly 2 weeks 2 days of solid playing. Realm 274 (v6 274 x4) City Name: Seahawkville Available: No children at this time, but will update soon. Easiest way to do this is click on the photo of the person you want to marry off. Click "marry abroad" and then search for the city name. No need for friend request or need to be in an alliance with someone.
  6. Feel free to join: x360a This is needed for several achievements. I do not think I can leave it OPEN so you do have to apply. You can make your own but again you have to have members to complete some other achievements. Such as marriage and sending off gold.
  7. Join a faction, especially one that is near full. You can call for help during on close to 50 battles. You can also get 50 hearts every 24 hours. To call for help there should be an icon on the bottom left of the screen that will bring up a list. Select someone from the list. I do not think it matters if they are level 1 or level 60. Then when the match starts there is a radio icon further up the same side of the screen.
  8. Go back to your Win 8 version and log in with a Facebook account. It should be under the settings options, the select the communications tab. Same area as the store. Leave your game running. Then open the game on your phone and log in with the same Facebook account. It will tell you there is another Facebook account associated with the game and there are some options. One option is to preview it. Hit the preview button and you should see your Win 8 game. You can then select to have that be your SAVE. Once you do that all achievements will unlock. Just found this out myself and I had both phone to level 32+ on separate games. I just need to grind the HQ too. However, I had over 2500 on each game. Now that sucks!
  9. That makes sense. Thanks for clarifying. I had waited a whole day to see if it would regenerate, but this makes sense.
  10. There is also a Trophy Room in the main hub.
  11. The update on 11/11/14 was supposed to fix this. Currently all my achievements on both games are the same.
  12. The 1.0 playsets will not work on 2.0, i.e. the crystals. Everything else can be used.
  13. If you plan on playing both the WP8 and the W8 version of the game, you should unlock all achievements on the phone. While both versions use the same cloud, they do have their own achievement list. Unlocking an achievement in the W8 version will not automatically unlock it in the WP8 version and can prevent it from unlocking. However, if you unlock the achievement in the WP8 version it will pop when you start up the game in the W8 version. Just keep an eye on the achievement status in the options on how close you are getting on the counting achievements or if you are going to do something monumental like upgrade an Age. I am unsure if this was addressed in the latest patch.
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