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  1. I'm looking for someone to help me gold Sinkhole and Farnsworth (I don't have two Gungnirs) I'll help you gold whatever or just help you grind out whatever if you help me. GT: IWi11KickU. I'll be on late Saturday night or Sunday night. Probably later in the week too.
  2. I'm having this same issue. Anyone else who grabbed it free this week having trouble?
  3. I'm looking to boost a couple of weapons and will help with any seriously group, so long as I can use the weapons I need (pistol, torque, sniper). My GT is IWi11KickU. Send me a message about seriously along with a FR.
  4. I've been watching the official forums to see if this ever actually gets mentioned. So far I haven't seen anything about it there yet, but the first couple DLC releases and title updates were buggy as hell. I would expect that it's something that will eventually get fixed, but as of right now no one has identified new acheivements either here or on Steam, and no new trophies for PS3. The official site specifically listed "new achievements and trophies" as part of this DLC pack, so I would think they'll be coming soon.
  5. With the new Fenix Rising DLC Execution and Warzone have been merged into one playlist. Every match I've joined has been execution. Is there a way to ensure that I get a Warzone match, or do I just need to keep quitting and reloading until I find one? Has anyone been able to get into Warzone matches?
  6. For the lazcannon I used the stabalizers and reload perk and dropped the iron halo. If you don't have stabalizers someone can kill you before you can land a hit if you go sniper head to head against someone with a stalker. This happens a lot in habcenter. If you have the stabalizer you will win against a stalker every time.
  7. It's funny, I am of almost the exact opposite of Darth Bambrox. I thought that the story was a bit cliche. I wasn't surprised or impressed by any of the twists, as they are similar to twists in many other video games. I would post examples, but I'm following your lead of trying to keep spoiler free. On the other hand, I found the game play and the atmosphere to be the strongest points of this game. I stopped to check out background art, sculptures, scurrying gretchins just barely within reach, orcs who hadn't noticed you yet fighting each other, etc. I thought that the setting and atmosphere were outstanding. I also liked the gameplay precisely because it wasn't your typical "strike, evade, cover" tactics. You must kill to stay alive. I loved being immediately swarmed by orcs from out of nowhere, and not being able to hide and strike. I agree with you that this game is definitely worth picking up cheep, but not at full retail price at this point. But the reasons I like and dislike this game are the complete opposite of yours. As an adjoiner, the multiplayer has a bit of a learning curve, as the tactics and gameplay are vastly different to Halo, Gears, MW, or any of the other popular pvp shooters, but if you stick with it and learn the game grinding to level 41 is a lot of fun too. Of course, that means either picking it up new (which will make it more expensive) or buying the online pass. But the campaign alone makes this worth a mid-price purchase.
  8. Jefferz, your kills (even when playing solo) show up on the Exterminatus leaderboards. There is no counter for the xenos that you have slain in the single player campaign though. The kills in Exterminatus definitely do count towards True Son. My friend got Visible Violent Death in Exterminatus. The engine uses the same counting mechanism for those achievements, so if you can get one in Exterminatus, you can get the other too.
  9. I can confirm that Exterminatus does count towards 40k kills. Last night someone in my party got "Visible and Violent Death" (2500 kills) in Exterminatus. The game uses the same mechanism to count kills for any of the kill count achievements. Ergo, if you can get "Visible and Violent Death" you can also get "True Son of the Emperor."
  10. Last night I discovered a way to rack up kills faster than the game can handle. Step 1: Create a multiplayer loadout as an assault marine with a chain sword (or power sword), either pistol, frag grenades, swordsman's zeal (or power swordsman's zeal) and improved damage for ground pound (the name of the perk escapes me at the moment. Step 2: Start a private game of exterminatus by yourself on Hab Center, arena 1 (presumably this will work on Kalkys as well, but I have not tested it). Step 3: Choppy chop chopity chop chop. You will generate more health with zeal than you will lose from combat. Concentrate on Shooters first, so that when they are dead, if you absolutely need to get out of combat and regenerate some health and shields, they can't shoot you. Using this method, I got through the first 6 waves of Hab Center before I died. I got 750ish kills in about 10 minutes (maybe less). At one point (the end of wave 2), I actually had to stop the killing and let the engine catch up with me. There were 3 orks left, they glitched into the ground and I couldn't shoot them until all of the kill bonuses caught up with me. I was standing there watching "kill", "death from above" "triple kill" etc flash across my screen for about a minute and a half. Once the engine caught up with me I killed the last three orks with my pistol. This has to be the fastest way to get kills. I literally outran the game engine. I was getting kills faster than the game could count them. This will probably only work in the early waves as the more shooters that spawn, the more difficult it becomes to stay alive, but you will get a massive amount of kills, even on the first couple rounds. Happy ork hunting.
  11. What is the best way to get this? I've gotten close a couple times sniping with the lascannon, but the match always seems to end before I can get to 10 kills. But if I use Assault or Tac and play more aggresively I can get the 10 kills, but I usually die more than once. Anyone who has gotten this legitimately care to share their tactics?
  12. I would also love a counter for "Death from Below." I saw a screen cap from Steam that showed counters for these achievements and it made me rage a little. I'm not sure if that feature is built into Steam or into the game. If it's into the game, I don't see why they couldn't have included the same feature in the Xbox game though.
  13. The launcher is challenging to use, but not impossible. I haven't used it as much as some of the other weapons, but I've gotten 50 kills with it and 3 or 4 multikills. It just takes practice. Learn to use it, don't just expect to be able to dominate with it without learning to use it first. I've been killed by good players using it many a time.
  14. There aren't a ton of people online, but there are enough that finding a game is no problem in either seize ground or annihilation. Exterminatus comes out this Tuesday, so that may at least temporarily decrease the number of PvP players, but there should still be enough to play some good games. BTW, the PvP in this game is incredibly fun. I can't understand why so many players on this site are boosting when the goals are so much fun to achieve legitimately.
  15. The 25th is confirmed for the Exterminatus release. I have never been this ready for DLC to come out. Usually I'm still playing catch up when the DLCs start churning out.
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