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  1. I think I see which you are talking about. For example, there is a gold brick in a pipe and trapped under some of this glass in a hanger/warehouse structure on the west side of the island. Long story short... you can't break that glass. You have to find other ways to solve the problem - such as in my example there is a near by Sandman teleport space that connects under the gold brick. EDIT - for whatever odd reason I didn't notice the one reply above this one, sorry.
  2. No classic purple Hawkeye outfit. EDIT ... NM it's in the DLC costume pack ... But there's not enough replay value for me to justify the purchase.
  3. For Road Rage, the drones you shoot down while using the guns on the SHIELD Helicarrier count toward the 100. I got my Road Rage ach while doing such.
  4. Yea, the game doesn't actually register the note being struck until you begin releasing that trigger after hitting down. It might sound asinine but that's what I came to find out. Music 3 is a big pain in the ass because of hose double trigger note. Either way thanks for the tip about not being dainty when it comes to striking the triggers.
  5. Not certain if anyone is still reading this particular thread, but when I was down to 97.xx% I just went and did 3 mowing jobs. And to be even more technical I mowed the 2nd lawn two times in a row and on that second time over the same lawn I popped the achievement. Kicker was I know I had already mowed every available lawn in town because of the other achievement.
  6. Not too sure how highly I'd recommend them, but ... Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince They have the same type of free-roam gameplay with an attached storyline you can do fairly leisurely. They're fairly easy like Bully and keep in-line with the whole private school theme. The later Harry Potter games (Deathly Hallows,etc) might do this as well, but I haven't played them. Also the LEGO Harry Potter (and LEGO games in general) might work well for you. I know I enjoyed them. Granted none of the games listed will give you the raunchy humor of Bully though. Here's to crossing our fingers for a number 2 still.
  7. Rev3 video showing off gameplay while Burch(game writer) discusses things they come across.
  8. I'm in need of a couple dupes: Conference Call and a Legendary Psycho mod. Also any Psycho heads if you got'em, but I'm not too worried about those.
  9. To be specific, for anyone looking for this info in the future: As of August 31, 2011 the ranked servers were taken down. Top Scorer Flawless Marksman ...achievements are now officially unattainable. Killing Spree Rampage Fashion Police Noob ...unranked achievements can still be attained.
  10. After trying Blossom at this (and throwing in her sisters as alts) I ended up getting really close a couple times. BUT then I died and it brought in Buttercup... she performed wayyy better. Buttercup near the same basic.forward combo as Blossom but with a slight bit more dmg and her sig.forward attack combo is a flurry of kicks... that combo did nice work as well. That combo will pop more cubes out of the enemies to build PTE. And as for her PTE fireballs they do more damage (from what I could tell) than Blossom's ice breath. When I took Buttercup as my main she pulled the whole thing off in less time and with not but a tiny bit of Cheese's health gone. Only problem is from what I could tell she doesn't have much recovery if you happen to fall off. ...ps - HARD on a game like this should not be THAT hard though.
  11. Hmm, nice a whole guide without the word "simply" in it.
  12. UPDATE : My 25+ wins are glitched so apparently I'm locked out of this achievement. Good luck everyone else.
  13. Ya some weird stuff about this game... http://angryjoeshow.com/2013/04/star-trek-the-game-angry-rant/
  14. I remember when this was in my local arcade... yea, it wasn't any fun back then either. Easy achs and nostalgia sake is the only reasons for me to pick it up.
  15. Ya, that doesn't sound like a financial nightmare or anything.
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