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  1. 120 hours in the digi goty ed. and not many left to get for the 2000 but I've gotten all the grandmaster set now armour and swords for Ursine school and when worn it say i have the 6 piece bonus but will not pop, also have all 8 pieces of the Ofieri set and when worn not popping, I've just spent 3 hours in the pit shooting what must be at least 300 head kills and that will not pop either. So.far all story and misc achievments have popped. Dont now know what to do to get these to pop.
  2. Not my guide but as theres not a lot around for this great game thought I would link it here. http://ps3imports.org/forum/index.php?/topic/9660-subnautica-trophy-guide/
  3. wow I stand amazed at this as there not even a issue and the game is amazing and finishes the trilogy, your loss I guess.
  4. why is nobody talking about the persistent freezing I can play for 30-40 mins then freezes and I restart from save.
  5. what do you want ppl to say to comments like this its not helpful or constructive to anyone that is awful or struggling with this game. I guess your awesome so well done Mr Awesome at sekiro we are not worthy.
  6. Well I'm gonna have to admit defeat I couldn't kill madam butterfly so headed to the ashina castle where I went through the window and picked up my 5th gourd seed but the general enemies are so hard in the castle I cant get through them when theres more than one. So I wont get to see anymore of this great game as it's only going to get harder which I cant think is From softwares idea to create a game that's so hard the consumer cannot get to advance any further thus wasting there money I will defo wait on the next game to read how difficult it is and if it's like this I will just skip it. 1st time in 37 years of gaming I've quit on a game through difficulty, very sad day for me I really wanted to finish this.
  7. Wow madam butterly is just way to difficult I've watched video after video of ppl doing it but I cannot kill this old bat maybe 5 hours now and am truly peeved off with it as I haven't even got past the 1 st stage, I have 4 gourds and attack power of 2 but she just keeps wiping me out. I keep trying to spam the dodge,dodge 2 hit repeat but she breaks it really easily. Sometime I run down and she kills me litterly in a few seconds. CRAZY!!!
  8. Thanku I finally found it and killed ogre first time from there.👍
  9. I cannot find it are u talking about near the stables wear u get the 2 blue apparitions that trigger a memory scene. Or actually up the stairs where the other is chained up.
  10. Can anybody plz tell me the closest save point I can use on the 1st chained ogre as I am using ashina outskirts and it's a trek and a battle just to get to the ogre without dying.
  11. I cannot even get madam butterfly past the 1st stage am completely ready to sell this on and quit but I really don't want to, I went back to see if im missing anything but im not as far as I can tell. But ppl are saying they faced Madam with 3 attack power and 5 gourd upgrades and I am 1 attack and 2 gourds and my question is how where did you get these and from who. At the start I went Ashina outskirts, then wall- Gate path on onto the Dragon spring Hirata Estate, estate path, bamboo thicket, Main wall and audience chamber where you go through the fire to kill the drunk big guy and onto Madame. can I back track a different way??
  12. With a game where you die over and over and over again its a crazy design flaw to then punish the user further with this dragon rot, you already lose coin and xp, I had 3000 sen going into the 1st boss I died so many times it went down to basically zero. I have now 4 dragon rot statues.
  13. ceramic shards are useless imo they don't work u should be able to aim where to throw these but u cant u just throw them around u on the floor.
  14. This game is way to hard for almost any normal gamer there will of course be many players that love this sort of constant parry block strike game but I have 1000 pointed over 200 games some of them were extremely hard to complete recently I 1000 pointed Darksiders 3 on Apocalyptic and it was very rewarding but if Sekiro is a 10 on difficulty I would put DS3 on apocalyptic at about 3-4. Sekiro is not a fun or rewarding game imo, and that's disappointing as ive loved all of From Softwares titles upto now but I spent 2 frustrating hours killing a the large guy in the fire to almost instantly be presented with madam butterfly where ive spent another hour trying to kill her before giving up through frustration. That fight is made more difficult by here jumping and breaking the lock on camera then u try to relock on her but she usually kills you before that can happen. I dread to think whats coming and seriously am thinking of quitting which I have never done in my 37 years of playing games. Maybe at 49 im just to old now for the speed I need to hit the various block buttons and attack over and over again. A depressed and deflated life gamer as was so hyped for this game and this is what they given us, the most ridiculously hard game ever made for a small percentage of gamers who have the right skillset for this type of game.
  15. wow these are so very hard to follow due to the fact hes going after all the charms which in mission 5 makes it an absolute nightmare, the worst part who cares about all the whalebone and charms there linked to zero achievements.
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