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  1. Was really looking forward to this, unfortunately didn't get the invite If anyone got a spare code somehow, I'd be eternally grateful for it
  2. Yeah, except it completely freezes my game and I can't load my save file. Hopefully they'll fix this shortly.
  3. Make sure you all add me. knight0fkh0nshu is my GL id
  4. If anyone could give me a set of rare armor I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm struggling with some of the bosses in this game. GT: knight0fkh0nshu
  5. Same problem here. When I log it shows me my profile, but when I back out to the game it still shows me as logged out.
  6. I still cannot find the Raiders in Madera/Saulsalito...any suggestions?
  7. So I realized I didn't have mine set up right, it should be working now for those who want to add me: knight0fkh0nshu
  8. knight0fkh0nshu (same as gamertag). Question, do you have to add your phone number to the account to get it to work?
  9. Anyone know how big the patch was in terms of GB/MB?
  10. Well crap. That explains a lot. I was just in the Explosions 101 with 3 other people and the "kill the hulker" part came up and it never appeared. Looks like I got the same crap as everyone else.
  11. I may be wrong about this, but I think that under each faction there are two challenges. I think the top one is a Daily challenge and the second one below that is the Weekly challenge.
  12. Another Nokia Exclusive is out now The Sims: Medieval http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=a703c941-2b1c-49c5-ae00-abb8a0745b1e Found on WPCentral.
  13. Wish that was an option, the only other option other than Verzion (which is what I have) is AT&T Dial-up.
  14. Good idea! I think I will try that out, thanks! Normally I get close to my limit but not over. But as I get closer to it resetting I'll use up what I can as close to my limit as I can get.
  15. 14 GB a month. If I go over, it's $15 per GB used.
  16. I know most people don't have this problem, but where I live at I can't get an unlimited internet. I have a data cap. I was curious how much data you think this game would use on a daily basis if I play for about 5 hours a day? I realize that it's not out yet but I'm hoping someone with previous MMO experience might know something about it. Thanks!
  17. Has it been confirmed if this is split-screen co-op, same screen co-op, or online co-op?
  18. So has anyone been able to download this on the Nokia Lumia 822? It keeps saying my storage is full, but I wasn't sure if I was having the same problem as some of the older phones.
  19. I'm definitely picking this up as well. I have the Ultimate edition already pre-ordered! This has potential to be an interesting cross-over between t.v./video game. Can't wait to see how it all plays out.
  20. Definitely won't get one now as THQ has shuttered.
  21. A huge thanks goes out to EP1C R3AP3R!!! Again, thanks for everything! I had to clean out my entire safe to store everything you gave me lol!
  22. Anyone willing to dupe Conference Call, Baby Maker, Infinity, & the Bee for me? Preferably level 50? I don't really have anything I can offer in return
  23. I have a question about the digital version of this game. Is it streamed or when you download the app is it downloaded to your hard drive?
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