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  1. Stick with Goro. Do his Down Kick, Jump Kick and Sweep Kick. All with B. You'll max this in no time.
  2. Up for a few games mate. Dropped you a message.
  3. I'd like to trade wins on this and boost for the 500 online games achievement. Anyone interested in boosting. Please send me a message. Gamertag is dizzymagic. Cheers.
  4. Looking to boost this asap. If anyone wants to boost, message me please!!
  5. Will do mate. No other alternative really!! Cheers!
  6. It's showing as 0%. Which is wrong as I have followed the guide, and done all 6 required steps to get the achievement. Cheers.
  7. I've done all the required steps to get the Joey achievement, but it's not unlocking. Anyone else have the same problem? Cheers.
  8. Galactic Reign is now free to download as the servers are closing down on 31/12/13.
  9. 3 Hours max for this I reckon. The only slightly awkward level is the Paul's green blob thingys!! The rest is a piece of piss. Funny DLC. Just hope the next add on pack is equally good, if not better, as I have the Season Pass.
  10. Deal of the week is implode. 79p. It might be worth updating davinci pinball too mate as that's 79p aswell.
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