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    Irish-total gamer-i've been told i look like the drummer for boston (hairy) and i'm on my 4th xbox
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  1. Looking to play thru hardcore in co op then mop up any remaining co op achievements. We will also get all the collectibles. Msg me over live to set it up:) All done cheers peeps!
  2. hey im looking for an infinity or a lvl50 moxxis heart breaker from anyone who doesnt need one, msg me on live and ill see if i have anything you want!
  3. I thought id throw this in cause i just got the achievement and it took a while for me to figure this out, so i did the game on hard (white-black-red) then the opposite story on normal (black-white-red), a campaign is 4 areas with 3 main story missions and 3 side missions in each, but the second part of a story campaign (so if you start with white then black will be the second part of the campaign) the final area only has 2 main story missions. This means because i had all the missions of the white-black-red story done on hard i just had to go to the level select and pick black side and finish story level 3 on hard then complete red story of the black side on hard(thats the top red i believe) to get the achievement. This also works for the normal achievement just do the oposite, white story level 3 and red story of white side. It cuts out more playthrus so i hope this helps anyone who had trouble understanding all the multicoloured story paths!
  4. It's not a terrible game, but for me it's a shadow of its former self. It has lots of things I like but a lot more that I dislike. Its like new coke, if people like coke then they have to like new coke, right? And we all know how that ended. Also if I could get my hands on that first chode who said "his hair is different so I'm not getting it" I'd swing for him, cause of that ass any classic devil may cry fan who doesn't like DmC gets lumped into that argument!
  5. Yeah mine are gone too, do you know do they come back if you get the DLC? I was gonna get it but now I may have to wait til they patch this! Also as for the costumes in the DLC, a black version of the default outfit, a rotten thing(best way I can describe it) and the costume from DMC3. I don't think they have special abilities but I may be wrong!
  6. Im a massive mass effect fan but i think 6/10 is too high, what we got compared to what we were promised is a joke, i mean i was expecting a decent chunk of gameplay and got 4 half missons sepearted by some filler, the companion missions in ME2 were longer. I hope when someone goes thru the omega code and finds lines of dialogue from the next ME3 DLC that its at least its twice as long! Also you only have like 3 choices the whole DLC!
  7. I have been trying to change the email address linked to my gamertag (its a yahoo one) and before i can even log into xbox.com it has me varifying all my info and stuff like that but as i havent used the email address linked to my profile in years its no longer working so any varify messages they send dont come thru, does anyone know of an easier way to change the email address or anything that can help?
  8. Ive got the season pass and was wonderin when will i be able to get the DLC from that? its available to buy with MS points but i should be able to get it for free, right?
  9. Hey, i need a co op partner for the last 2 areas on hard, msg me anytime and ill be sure to get back to you! Edit- got it done, cheers to all who helped!
  10. This is my last mission to S rank and its a total nightmare, the forward Y move is great for some room, but i cant seem to even out my rank. I either do well in time bad in damage or no damage and reall bad time. If you have any other tips it would be really appreciated!
  11. A tip for rivalry 2 which i had a ton of trouble with is to use the martial arts core demeters touch (i had it maxed), i used its B attack and soul sieze when possible. The B attack will build your sould sieze so you shouldnt need to attack enemies, just group the enemies together. my stats were 2:30-0-159
  12. the room is ok for a horror game, it wasnt originally a silent hill game, konami decided mid development to turn it to SH4 and linked it to a serial killer mentioned in SH2. Gametrailers has a really good SH retrospective you should check out, and as a side note the room has a part when you enter a room in the hospital (i think its the hospital) and the whole back wall is a giant head, i found that the creepiest thing in all silent hill history that could just be me though!
  13. i found silent hill 2 doable, some of the glitches occured like the boss death freeze and a few sound things but its silent hill 3 that ruined it for me, after the first boss the screen it freezes like crazy for 20 seconds and ive heard it gets worst. Also the silent hill 2 results screen takes AGES to load and im kinda worried about the SH3 one now. The patch cant come out quick enuff!
  14. The DLC you purchase for Asura's Wrath will appear on the main story right after chapter 11 and so on. If you purchase after you progressed past it it will be on there and you can replay it. Enjoy, they are both amazing with the artwork.

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