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  1. Yes, works OK on W10. Won't hurt to test yourself though.
  2. I had this issue and was advised to go through their CD Key authoriser (I forget their name now), waited a month and received nothing back! In the end I had to purchase it through Steam, will try Microsoft again - thanks.
  3. Thanks for this! - Running through this on PC, but helps all the same.
  4. Are you able to get achievements using the retail copy or is it still connected to steam? Looking at purchasing a retail disc version myself to finish the game off properly. I have google'd around and not seen anything on your error.
  5. Going to have to find a retail version, completely forgot this changed over to Steamworks, bought them specifically for getting achievements last year I think. Ah well.
  6. Happy with the merged Xbox 360 & Steam signature.
  7. Session created, willing to help anybody looking for these achievements. All BAND achievements to be completed, looking for 2 singers on Medium for Bohemian Rhapsody.
  8. Hi, Main thread is locked, I'm going through older games tying off loose achievements, mainly multiplayer/band/co-op related. Anybody looking for band achievements across the Guitar hero scene? I can play Drums, Guitar and Bass on hard (few mistakes depending on song). Can play some songs on Expert without issue. Add me or message if you can or know anyone who can! GT: Tha Reaper Guy Thanks.
  9. 60fps should be a must in the newer generation of consoles, the hardware is there & the demand for 1080p is also there, sacrificing frame rate for resolution shouldn't be an option. Switching between PC and Xbox, it seems a shame to see it locked at 30fps as it takes away the smoothness I enjoy. However, the game does look great even on Xbox 360 & plays nicely. Will be looking forward to it.
  10. Hi, Anyone still looking for achievements? I see the main thread is locked and guessing there may not be many people around, but if you do add me; GT: Tha Reaper Guy Thanks.


    Gears of War 2 - Dark Corners Map Pack Horde




    Gears of War 3 - Total Completion



  12. Status: Offline I'm currently running some Gears of War 2 boosting and Horde so I'm going to work on Gears 3 whilst that is going on. I'm looking for a dedicated 5 man team, including myself to help with gaining mostly all the achievements needed across the entire game, I'll be posting this in the campaign forum as well to make up the numbers, I'll send messages to the players above also. I've only touched the game to unlock insane & to play online so far, and left the rest so I can whiz through them with a team. If you're interested in helping with most achievements then send me a message or add me on Xbox Live - GT: Tha Reaper Guy. Horde/Versus Achievements Currently Working On: - Zeta Team, Go! [DLC] - Kill Locust (Like a Boss) [DLC] - Places to See, People to Destroy [DLC] - The Host with the Most [DLC] - Come to Poppa! [DLC] - Locust, Forever! [DLC] - Defending the Past [DLC] - Unstoppable Force [DLC]- - Force Multiplier [DLC] - Enriched and Fortified Horde, Versus & Beast Players - #1 - Tha Reaper Guy #2 - Smelly McTroll #3 - XBLMaximusNL #4 - Eragon Zulu #5 - As stated above I'm running Gears 2 also & have other commitments outside of gaming, so time is precious, Any time zone work with me so no worries there. I'll keep this post updated regularly throughout the next month or so until everything is done, I'll be working on the game whilst this post is active. Message me for details & I'll add you on Xbox live. - All maps would be highly recommended. - Willing to help others without needing the requirement yourself, you'll have this favour returned. - Should be fun! - Need Gears 2? Message me also. Working Solo, On medals.
  13. Trying to setup a team of players to do the maps with, Looking for several players to help with through horde on dark corners. #1 - Tha Reaper Guy #2 - Skillz MVP #3 - oldmanjenkins95 #4 - xVivaLaGrant #5 - DecadentBeaver #6 - CRA1G 76 If anyone else wants to join the list then message me as we can't guarantee that everyone will be on so we'll need as many people to help to maintain numbers. MESSAGE ME. Currently working on - 1-10 War Machine Achievement - COMPLETED Currently working on - 1-30 Allfathers Achievement - COMPLETED Currently working on - 1-26 Snowblind Map - COMPLETED Still need to complete - 1-10 Highway Map Still need to complete - 1-20 Sanctuary Map Still need to complete - 1-20 Way Station Map Still need to complete - 1-40 Memorial Map Still need to complete - 1-50 Nowhere Map Message me or add me directly and I can add to the list, willing to help whenever as I need to get to level 100 also, Looking for level 100 boosting as well. Horde Boosters: #1 - Tha Reaper Guy #2 - xVivaLaGrant #3 - Bunny07x2 #4 - #5 -
  14. Bad idea, I daren't look at netflix knowing i'll be charged vast amounts of money or points to watch a single trailer!
  15. Quick question as im quite confused about this and have looked around for a while, is the xbox 360 achievement list and the PC version list different for Bioshock? Like the Fallout 3 version, where they have two different lists? Or, I may be wrong and the PC version doesn't have achievements but I've been told they have? Any help on this guys? Thanks, TRG.
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