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  1. I can confirm that nate1326 method does work if u have the disc, though u don't need to install the game from the disk to the HD. But I can't confirm if this will work if u bought the game from the XBL Marketplace.
  2. Maybe, but if u play spikes u have a shield to rip and throw and easy air stomp and stealth kills.
  3. Instead of posting info on numerous threads I'm putting it all in one. Now what I put here may not help anyone with there problem but its how I solved mine and it may help you. 1. First things first the achievement The Specialist. It say u need a stealth kill a rip and throw kill and an air stomp kill in one match. The first and last are pretty obvious. Thought the rip and throw kill can be done 2 ways the first which is the way I did it was rip a shied of a spike and throw it at an enemy. I believe it can be numerous things like vents, stone tablets (museum only), etc as long as it rip. the second way is listed in the guide. Has something to do with a pinger. 2. Some people have a sound issue I have come across this. There is a option in the game that say 3d stero could not access it, and thought this was the problem so I solved it by putting my output from my Xbox to 1080p. Loaded the game and my audio was fine. 3. Last boss. When u use the last mindcarrier don't waste ammo ur invariable to harm till u do ur first QuickTime event with the boss so go find a bolt sniper or x-PAC mortar or if u want a reaper cannon and head to the boss. Now after u take one arm, kill the minions before the comes back, when ur done that find a batterie to stand near and turn on armor and fire away with one of the weapons I spoke of earlier, ur ammo and energy won't go down. 4. Last boss attacks. His drill attack starts when he puts his arms together and they begin to rotate. Just as this is starting u should undo armor mode and run ether away from him or towards him (if ur close). His other attack which he does not use all the time, he put his arms together and plunges them into the ground where u are, easy to avoid. His last attack is gunfire from one or all 3 arms. 5. Super soldier glitch. U do not need to delete ur save I never did, after I completed my first playthrough I started a new campaign on SS difficultly and everthing unlock fine. (If u don't believe me check my GS I have 1000/1000) 6. If ur having trouble keeping track of challenges, times killed in some way, etc get a piece of paper and mark it down, it worked for me.
  4. I have yet to see or hear of a team that does. I took about 2-3 hours solo to do it my way and I`m just below average in skill, so i`m sure those who are better than me can do it in less time. I`m sure looking for a team that has the requirements for the achievement will take a lot longer than doing it yourself.
  5. I believe there is a thread devoted to recruiting people and teams, please post such things there please.
  6. True, Finding a team to do this is impossible. so I tried this and it payed off, And I thought I should share it. Good Luck some ac`s are difficult.
  7. The Ruler Achievement is Awarded for belonging to a team that holds one or more territories in all areas. Now the easy way to get this is to play offline (so unplug that cord). every Territory will only cost 3,000 instead of the 50,000 like online. Now if it looks like your going to fail dashboard out show you don`t lose any points and try again, It took me many try`s to succeed. All Territory will have 2 AC`s and 5 Choppers, now some will be easy others very troublesome, depending on your skill these will very. Some I destroyed the AC`s others were just the choppers do to the power of enemy AC`s and my limited skill. Hope this helps. P.S. You can not get the Overlord Achievement (Awarded for belonging to a team that holds ten different territories at the same time.) And Customize Territory (Awarded for acquiring territory and uploading custom gun battery positions.) this way, it has to be done online.
  8. Question on mercenary's? When people say take your time and they'll so up how quickly must I move though the mission. EX. Western Europe how long should I take before reaching the first doors.
  9. When people say take your time an they'll so up how quickly must i move though the mission. EX. Western Europe how long should I take before reaching the first doors.
  10. I know its a little late to put my 2 cents in, Still playing on the first day of the month should unlock it. I got my Jan 1st and my friend got his Feb 1st (and we started playing in March). now I don`t know if time of day is a factor or not we played around 2-5 PM Eastern time, I suggest if the first match you play does not unlock it try many times throughout day. If it still does not unlock I`m sorry, you could be that 1 in a million that can never get it.
  11. For those who r still looking for Banoi excerpt #25 it is in the Bloodbath arena DLC. it is located upstairs on a bed which is on the floor just above the repair table. also there are 5 mod scrolls 1 on a table near where u enter the other 4 and in the arenas and there really not hard to find.
  12. I just need some info, to the people who have gotten the achievement did u download any DLC. A yes or no answer will be fine. Why I ask is it might play a part in why it's not unlocking and I do not want to waste my money if its not the case.
  13. Just like it says I am Giving my map pack code for the Halo Anniversary, to the first person to mail my Gamer tag witch is From the VOID It's First come first Served. And if u r wondering why I am doing this is because I bought the map pack before buying the Halo Anniversary. the game case said nothing about this code on it so I didn't know. Things Happen I can deal with it. And the winner is xMidget Furyx. And I must say less than 5 min from post s quick.
  14. I'm just going to ask this dumb question. could not having the dlc be causing the glitch. just asking, cause ya know how crytek is so messed up.
  15. Forget using camo, activate armor mode and go WILD :):):).
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