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  1. Take care of Denyce, Bill, Ted/Snowflake and Lenny first. Then: Grab the 2 survivors in the Palisades Mall, grab the 2 on the Platinum strip, enter the south plaza and wait till 3:30 PM and grab the 4 geeks. Use the door leading to the Uranus zone, find the clown car, done. Easiest achievement ever.
  2. Wow, really? That boss was really easy imo. Didn't even use one healing item. TK on the other hand, nearly got me but I still managed to beat him on my first try.
  3. Glitched for me as well. Never consumed anything other than OJs and I havn't received the achievement.. maybe it'll work on my next playthrough..
  4. I've had to kill ~3200 zombies before it was available.
  5. Extreme Offroad challenge IS NOT available from the beginning, OP! Edit: LOL, plus you need to remain in a certain area or else the challenge will get cancelled. The method for the 72,000 in DR2 is still the best method. Period.
  6. Who else agrees? I mean, it took them WAY too long until they finally managed to include a complete free-roam mode, but making it so that you can use the same character for sandbox & story mode is just awesome. I think they really did a great job here. The only annoying thing is imo those zombies which are kinda.. supposed to startle you? You know, those guys randomly coming out of toilet stalls and such. I hate them. They are just annoying. : /
  7. T0b3


    This is actually quite clever and way better than recording it.
  8. If you own the DLC and beat the sewer mission, you will get +1. I didn't do the minigames and still received obsessive compulsive.
  9. I think my 1st playthrough was something between 12 and 14 hours. My second (nightmare) run was finished in about 4-5 hours.
  10. This. The .. "ending" .. was pretty much done effortless.
  11. You mean the ATV? You can ride it when exiting Wellspring by choosing it from the garage..
  12. Make sure to buy some car shields before going near those Authority vehicles.. you'll know why.
  13. hahaha! Tyger's is definitely the most epic posting of 2011!
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