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  1. Looking for someone to do some legendary coop with skulls on. And the pillar of autumn legendary achievements. Also, some of the multiplayer ones gt: bittersweet711
  2. i just got this so im looking for all online achievements
  3. i think it is on level 5. any tips on beating him i tried twice and died both times
  4. i just picked it up not opened yet but soon ill need someone to do online ache with me
  5. sign up here who wants to tonight i am usually on between 4-6 central cut depending whenever everyone else can
  6. i just got this for pc and will boost for some online achievements gamertag bittersweet711
  7. i already have halo 2 and shadowrun on 360 which do you guys recommend... i was thinking kane and lynch Gears of War Hour of Victory Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights Kane & Lynch: Dead Men The Club Universe at War: Earth Assault Viva Pinata are there any im missing
  8. i need all the online ones if anyone wants to help send fr to bittersweet711 and send me a msg
  9. i need them too send me a msg gt bittersweet711
  10. once i finish up some vegas 2 achievements ill be in for boosting just got it also gamertag bittersweet711
  11. I have a 2160.. I saw this game on clearance at target. I don't usually play pc games. A 2160 is a Dual core 1.8Ghz. It says recommend P4 2.8Ghz.
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