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  1. I just got home from work to try this out. Turns out I wasn't holding the left stick long enough for the prompt to come up. After making it past the first two parts I held left and didn't move, then finally the prompt came up. Thanks for the feedback guys. Edit: One caveat for those who might run into this in the future. I did turn on subtitles before I gave this another shot as I read on another forum that it fixes the issue, so perhaps that paired with holding it longer might have just done the trick.
  2. You don't understand. It doesn't tell me to change directions at all. There are no prompts telling me to move to the right once it begins and after I hold the left stick to the left. So it fails every time.
  3. I am on the third step of the abortion process (the vacuum). No matter what I do I fail. When it starts i receive no prompts about the direction to go other than the initial message saying move the left stick to the left. I do that and then I do not see any more prompts to move it in a different direction. Even though I move it to the right, nothing happens and I fail. Have to repeat again and cannot proceed past it. Anyone experience this and figured a work around?
  4. Ah is thats what is indicated by the number beneath the weapon? The level you made it passed in survival?
  5. I cant believe I missed this dlc when it dropped! Anyways now that Im back at it, Im wondering if anyone has found any good levels to farm higher level DLC weapons relatively easy? Boss fight over and over?
  6. Now if we can find a mission similar to this but with a good amount of RP....
  7. Ive modded everything with the 801 RR except an ignition bomb and haven't gotten the platinum medal for it. The bomb tells me I cannot mod the bike anymore once I apply it. Has anyone modded the 801 RR fully and gotten the platinum? If so, did you buy the explosive? I noticed that the 801 RR doesn't have the license plate customization option that the stock 801 has. I'm not sure if this has anything to do with my issue.
  8. If it hasn't already been made clear it's apparent that there is a delay for gta online saving progress. Let's say you play for a few hours earn some ranks and cash then stop for a bit. Start up again an hour later and notice your ranks and cash are gone. If you play at this point you will create a new cloud save that will overwrite your first sessions progress and cause you to lose that progress. The safe thing to do is play for a while and then take a good sized break between next session (im thinking 4-6 hours). This should hopefully give enough time for the cloud save to catch up.
  9. This was one of my last Cheevos I needed after completing the game. No matter what I did, I never got another call after failing the first private fare. I ended up loading an old save where Franklin had enough to buy the cab co again. I then drove around in the cab for what seemed like 20 minutes and finally I got the call to do the private fare. YMMV.
  10. Are they replayable or only obtainable the first go around? I dont see them on my replay list.
  11. Can someone elaborate on the Gauntlet- Mission Row, Gauntlet- Rockford Hills, and Gauntlet- Pillbox Hill missions? I don't see them on the map and not sure what they are.
  12. Has anyone else lost progress of their character post update today? I was rank 19 leveled up to 21, stopped playing, started up again later and now Im back to rank 19 again. Wasn't their patch to fix this garbage?
  13. same :/ I definitely did 13 and 14 cause I was missing them before getting to 49/50.
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