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  1. I went in expecting a shallow but fun in short bursts game, instead I just found it aggravating, especially the combat. The worst part is the amount thrown at you is just insane, especially the boss battles. At times I had over a dozen enemies firing bullets, rockets and grenades all at once. Then you have those infuriating drones that are hard to target, or the dropships that sit right above your head where you can't see them. If you kill them, they just respawn, so it's far easier just to run straight for your target or focus on the boss, hoping your health lasts out. It feels like zero skill and pure luck. Driving - awful physics make it a chore. Pointless trying to use vehicles in combat as they just get blown up. And the tank shells don't do splash damage, making them worthless. How do you program an explosive weapon that doesn't do splash damage? Climbing and platforming - in a game based around it, why do so many buildings have balconies or architecture jutting out to stop your progress? It isn't always clear what you can hold on to, and the slippery controls make it easy to fall off. Audio - lack of music makes it feel empty, and the characters being near silent robs them of personality. If you've got Terry Crews, why just use him for the intro? On the other hand the two people in your ear just do not shut up. I'm 10 hours into the game, I don't need to be told to collect orbs or that you call this frame lightning, because it's the fastest thing you've built for he thousandth time. Game world - design of the city isn't bad, if a bit lifeless. Enemies always attack you on sight, and if you kill them more arrive straight away. So I mostly just ignored them. But despite the evil mega corp everyone seems to be happily going about their lives and your actions do very little. There were times when I was fighting my way up a building and it almost seemed to click, but then you get stuck in a large area getting hit from every direction. Saints Row IV is the better game in every conceivable way
  2. She's now main evented and won the first and last PPVs of the year. Overall a good show, although Rollins and Ambrose felt oddly flat. Supposed to be a blood feud but they just had a standard wrestling match. Natalya and Ruby was better because she actually made out as if she hated her.
  3. Dynamite Kid has passed away. Difficult to know how to react since he was a genius in the ring but a scumbag out of it. On a lighter note, I am enjoy the self righteous vegan heel Bryan
  4. After the utter atrocity that was Raw, at least Smackdown was quite fun. Becky v Charlotte v Asuka at TLC? Take my money now Vince.
  5. Late 90's WCW would have looked at that booking and laughed. Only good thing to come out of this whole farce was Evolution. Now for a nightmare scenario - Brock holds on to the Universal Championship until Roman is cleared to return
  6. Cancelled my Network sub because of Saudi Arabia, reading about the Universal Title match makes me very glad I did. Edit - Shane wins the World Cup? They have to be booking the worst show possible so the Saudis don't want them back.
  7. All in all that was a really good PPV. Although Ember should have won the BR it was far more enjoyable than I was expecting, the MYC match was good if a little too short. Becky v Charlotte and the NXT match were fantastic, although I'm very scared of what will happen to Kairi if she goes to the main roster
  8. So the WWE World Cup consists of: An American An American An American An American An American An American An American And a Mexican who was born in America It's too funny to get annoyed about
  9. We've listened to your feedback and feel it is not right to hold an event in a country with such a bad human rights record. Therefore, we will no longer be holding this event in Saudi Arabia. Coming on November 2nd - The Crown Jewel, live from the wonderful country of Qatar, where the Crown Prince is working constantly for the rights of his fellow citizens.
  10. That sounds like a great night out, the amount of talent in NXT is just unreal. I can see why there are rumours of them extending the length of the weekly show as there are just too many people to fit into 45 minutes. It's remarkable how its morphed from a bizarre talent contest, to a developmental brand, and now to the place where HHH brings in all the indie talent he's a mark for.
  11. Overall I really like this game, but there is still a lot of room for improvement: - no class based rivals - no championships - front loads the content too much - hard to find an online match, surely this isn't because a lack of players - lack of UK style licence plates and LHD traffic is a bit of an immersion killer - although the Forzathon live events are great fun, they don't seem balanced for the number of players (especially drift zones) - emotes - can't preview designs before downloading them
  12. So glad the Bellas are back, they're just as good as they've ever been https://i.imgur.com/aQax89b.mp4
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