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  1. Crimson, if you are in the USA and are on later today, such as around 9/10 P.M. eastern time, we can boost the challenge if you would like. I have gotten 5 wins but it hasn't unlocked. I've had a lot of rage quitters though, so maybe that is the issue. We can just get wins until it unlocks for us I guess.
  2. Looking for USA people for ranked boosting. GT : ShinobiRain
  3. That is the shady way to do it in my opinion. If you want to do it the calm, non-super fast reflex way, you will use 3 pillars. You want to do the first two pillars like normal, with the second one a little bit higher. Angle them both to the center of the screen (you can kind of control how far to the left or right the pillar grows.) Then you get on the second pillar close to the edge (which is leaning to the left), and grow the third pillar to the center and as high as possible. The third pillar should pick you up as it grows upward and when you get to the top you will have plenty of height to make the jump. This method doesn't take luck or fast timing, just simple maneuvers while on the platforms. Hope that helps.
  4. Attatched is a picture. Connect vine and branch at the top, cut vine at the base and it will hang over, giving you a vine to climb up on. Hope that helps.
  5. I put a boosting session up for this challenge/other ranked wins on trueachievements for early morning Saturday. It's for East Coast gamers only (regional matchmaking), but it should work if you can get the people for it near where you live. It's worked before, such as in MK 9.
  6. To answer your question, these maps are NOT good for gaining XP. Both maps require you to use a turret, which automatically breaks your combo. Also, the Ascension map has an archer and catapult as soon as you start the game. So stick with Oasis, Arch, Sandstorm, Courtyard, Rabbit and Market to get your required XP. Also, they are not solo maps.
  7. Just a heads up for you guys who hate the MP, play on Arch. That gives you the most waves and chances for a huge combo. I consistently get above 300x combos on that map, even after patch. Highest score netted me 400k experience and 4000 gold. If the game overall bores you that much, just grind it out on Arch.
  8. Also, since no one noted this yet, two new maps were also released. I assume you need the season pass to play them as I do not see them listed in the Xbox store.
  9. Nah, its not really the XP boosts that do it. For instance, I'm rank 220 something, and my highest game ever netted me 480,000 XP points. 72,000 of that was due to equipment, but 300,000 was combat score from getting above a 300 hit combo. So you really can be in tier one gear and get huge combos to get a ton of experience/gold. The real trick is getting gear that fills your focus up quickly and gives you more focus blocks. Then pick Jupiter and go for the combos. You'll level up very quickly and have a ton of gold to buy things. It is slower at the beginning, but not by much if you know what you are doing. I should also note that the best map for combos is arch.
  10. In the first area with crates on the boat, right where you get the first side quest is where the never forgotten achievement is located. Just search around in the crates - not the area with the hole in the ground, but the crates right after that. There is blood all over the walls and you will have to jump - maybe enhanced jump - to get to it.
  11. I would take an add-on if that is cool Other than that, no real information apart from what is listed above. You can check this - http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=120594 - for the arg that started all the dlc talk. Supposedly, the dlc will come out in the middle of October.
  12. Hey, I'm looking to buy this game,but I was wondering if anyone could enlighten me on what the multi-player is. I hear it is both competitive and cooperative at the same time? How does that work? Also, is it just straight ranked and player matches? Does the game keep track of how many wins and losses you have, or is there some other measurement it uses, like who did most damage to the boss, etc.? Thanks for the help.
  13. Just wondering if there is a trial mode in MK9. I know there is the challenge tower, but is there a specific mode dedicated to pulling off insane combos?
  14. What's the deal with idiotic people who come in here and make fun of him, such as poster #2. Clearly, he didn't call anyone a bitch, didn't smack talk his mom, and had his Xbox blow up over an stupid accident. If he truly didn't do it himself, which is pretty obvious, then it had to be his mom or someone else, which that party denies doing anything. So instead of punching his wall or his mom he comes to the forum to give us an interesting story, in a mature and rational manner and you guys (poster #2) attack him, even though all of his stuff was in his room and not just lying around his house? What the hell is wrong with you. Also, since I just saw the edits, if you really did say bitch and you edited that out, fix your shit man. Everyone makes mistakes, but don't go around cursing out your mom. On a side note, wow that sucks. Hopes you can get up and running soon.
  15. Well, I finally finished all 380, but didn't find too many that X-factor helped on. You would think Felicia #10, the spider man #7, all fast link combos would be better with X-factor, but it really didn't help anywhere else. The only other suggestion I would have is Jill #10, which I think is the hardest combo in the game. I would put that she needs to be not teleporting into a corner when she does the dash. I was having major trouble during the cartwheels because I would get sporadic dashes, until I figured out that I was actually underneath Dormam, which means the kicks weren't coming out and I was dashing. This is easily rectified by staying outside of the corner, and slowing down the first or second cartwheel to give yourself some space from Dorm. Thanks again for the guide, helped for a bunch of trials
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