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  1. GT: ScoobyWRX555 Mass Effect! or as the missus called it "The elevator game" as each time she saw me play it I was in the elevator.
  2. Locks 360 console. Have to be logged out of live to load. Then log in
  3. Nothing wrong with those specs. Its weird when you try to reinstall it states it 31gb. It dumps loads of files in the download folder so I deleted them all As said it installs fine and faster if you get it from their site. Doesn't connect to xbox live so I don't think that version has any. I get nothing from the app store
  4. Can't get it to install via win10 store, 12.4gb Installs ok via Disney site, 3.8gb. no xbox achievements?
  5. On the PC version it skips past the main login screen so I cant log into xbox live or facebook. Is this the same for everyone? edit: oddly 5th time reinstalling now logs in ok
  6. I am finding this the hardest due to the glitches and dodgy camera angles with legolas' dodgy jumping esp with water and moving blocks. So if I do all I can do, can I then just enter the minikit,mitheril, treasure codes and those associated achievements will be ok?
  7. Is logging in to xbox working on the win8 version? It quickly flashes passed that screen and straight into the garage. Also what are the controls? clicking on the back button, social media button etc aren't doing anything.
  8. Would like to know that too. Have read many posts about changing ai amateur to legendary but havent seen the word 'ai' anywhere in the menus. How do you change ai?
  9. Good news. Now need a fix for kingdoms & lords locking at loading screen
  10. a lot of random firing and guesswork on these levels. Really stuck on 108 now, was hoping Jaq's cannonball would blast through but it doesn't...
  11. yeah locks up at loading content 473 remaining
  12. can anyone confirm they can see the gun & number of shots left at all times?
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