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  1. It's crashing a lot, just freezing up when too many explosions are happening at once. The missions you have to do in each sector to be able to take them over are overly arduous as well, with too many timed ones - and too many switches to flip. It's getting very samey. I'm at the point just past where you get the lightning boat and do that main mission and I still haven't unlocked a supply drop for a helicopter with any weapons on. Think once you'll be able to get a missile chopper on demand things will get a bit more fun.
  2. Not had any issues with cheevos not popping, but you're so right about the vehicle controls, especially tanks - and the whole mechanic of the controls for the main character just don't feel as fluid as JC3.
  3. Been playing for a couple of hours. The usual destructive sandbox fun, which no game recently does like the Just Cause series, but it certainly feels like evolution rather than revolution in terms of gameplay. Is it fun to play - Yes, however a few early impression niggles like awful pop in and some ropey textures (I'm playing in 4K on XB1X) and I certainly do not appreciate pop in to this level on what should be a cutting edge console. Also the guns seem a bit underpowered at the minute, and you're frequently running out of ammo every 30 seconds, maybe this will improve with upgrades.
  4. Looks like an interesting list, just bought this but won't get a chance to play it until tomorrow. Hopefully will just play on my own, and then by then someone will have done a walkthrough on how to get all the cheevos.
  5. As someone for whom the original ME trilogy is their favourite series of all time, all I can say is anyone who loved those will probably love this. Anyone not buying as it's trending below 80 on Metacritic seriously needs to learn to judge games on their own opinion and not what the reviewers say THE GOOD - Great environments - Combat feels fast and fluid, the jump jets and mobility are great - Lots of silly optional missions as always (movie night anyone?) - New alien races are good - Nice new ship! - Great easter eggs hidden everywhere for the die hard fans THE BAD - Human facial animations are abysmal - Characters can get stuck on rocks a lot, even with jumpjets - Bloody Nomad/MAKO MK 2 still can't get up hills as easily as you would like - Too many 'filler' missions like 'collect 6 of xxx' With a little more polish to the cutscenes and animations, and a lot more missions with a genuine feel of consequence and peril this could have hit the heights of ME2, but for now, I'd rather play an above average Mass Effect game over any COD or Assassins Creed!
  6. Looking forward to carrying on the story of Clem, but for those who have already played this; have Telltale done anything to improve the game engine? Recently finished Batman: The Telltale Series, and although I loved the plot, my overall game enjoyment was marred by the stuttering, jerky engine (as usual) and poor voice syncing. Any opinions on if this release is better optimised?
  7. Have you got a link to the guide? Can't find it on TA anywhere! Thanks
  8. Sure the achievement for getting 30 stealth kills should have popped by now, so maybe I'm doing them wrong. Surely it's just a simple case of creeping while kneeling behind an enemy undetected and then hitting the melee button? I don't see any special prompt or anything?
  9. Thanks all, got it now - hardly intuitive, but does the job as a radio system. Not much host chatter, just the occasional breaking news story depending on what you've been up to. It's areas like this where it's obvious how much futher down the 'extra mile' road Rockstar goes compared to other devs.
  10. Might be a daft question, but how do you turn the radio on in cars? The music app on your phone just seems to play songs - are there no actual radio stations with hosts like you'd get in any other open world game such as GTA/Mafia etc?
  11. Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying it, but haven't been able to kill anyone yet!
  12. The icon to where the weed drops are is hidden right in the bottom right hand corner of the map and you need to zoom in a bit to see it which is bad design. As other have also said, I think I could only do 2 side missions for Emmanuel before I maxed out the 'take' for The Hollow district, and it won't let you do anymore until you have other areas recruited with spare income.
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