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  1. Just tested the "glitch" to open the chest multiple times without keys. It doesn't work, and attempting to quit out after opening it will lose whatever items you did get. Don't attempt the glitch unless you have 0 keys anyway, and I doubt it'll work besides.
  2. I'm level 14 or 15 and haven't seen one single orange item...
  3. It has the Holy Hand Grenade. Worms 2 is still my favorite because of the HHG. It was the most fun of all the weapons to use.
  4. The Altar is proving to be harder than I was giving it credit for. I made about 10 attempts today, and the best I could muster was 100 steps. Has anyone cleared a Babel stage?
  5. I don't know about Super Meat Boy, but this is indeed way harder than Splosion man. This is the Ninja Gaiden of puzzle games. Difficulty to 1000 is AT LEAST 9/10 if not 10/10.
  6. The first one I got was True Lover. (which I was extremely happy about and it was the one I was trying as hard as I could to get) I only used help when I got stuck on block puzzles, I didn't spoil how to get a specific ending.
  7. I need some people to help out with the various horde challenges (play wave 1 to x reach level y). I've done the 10 wave ones, and am currently stuck on wave 19 on sanctuary (the map has absolutely no choke points). If you'd like to help out, please message: GT: The Arraigner
  8. I need someone to team up with for the entire game. I bought it when it was on sale and I knew that it had an achievement for playing with someone else, so I didn't want to go through the struggle of playing single player only to have to play the whole thing over again. Please message.
  9. I need someone to use spiderman, iron man, and MODOK. Once I have those three achievements, I've never playing this game online again so long as I live. Way too many spammers and laggers. Please message to the The Arraigner
  10. I picked up portal 2 recently, and have been confining myself to single player because of professor portal. Now, I have a buddy that wants to start co-op, so if someone on here is insanely quick, you can get the professor portal achievement from me. Send a message on XBL, not this website.
  11. Would like help with the online achievements. Send me a message. GT: The Arraigner Please include "I'm from Xbox360a" in the message so I know you're not random.
  12. I really need a copy of the bessie in order to take out craw for the first time. If anyone is still reading this thread and would like to help me out, please message "The Arraigner"
  13. I played through "exodus" while on was on my way through legendary alone. Beat it, (after dying 1230350 times) the game saved, got the achievement for it, and it showed the credits screen. Done for the day, I exited out of the campaign menu and powered down the system. The next day, I sat down to do the next mission, and it reported that exodus was incomplete. That's a massive WTF bungie in my book. For no explicable reason either, it allowed me access to rally point bravo, so I did that, and beat it again. The next mission opened up, but the level screen doesn't show that i beat the level on legendary. I hate that mission and I hate bungie for erasing my hard earned progress.
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