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  1. Or do all of them have to be done in season mode?
  2. Hi! Still need more for Tiger 13? I'm looking to do Play Date and Little Tiger Big Bite.

    GT: LegendIsReal

  3. Rating everyone I see in these threads....please return the favor! http://skate.share.ea.com/profiles/84878/posts/1709388.aspx Thanks and send me a message to dandl318 if you need to be rated and have rated me.
  4. Will help any in rating! http://skate.share.ea.com/profiles/84878/posts/1709388.aspx Thanks in advance for you help!
  5. To curl the stone arond the middle I went with a left curve (i think all the way), power about middle of last section, sweep to first line. Pretty sure but that's how i remember doing it. I should bounce off of the inside, deep yellow and be close enough to position to count.
  6. Guys, I will be helping to get the club achievement tomorrow at 11 am eastern. Please send me a message over live or a FR if you want in.
  7. I will be hosting a club game tomorrow Nov.1 at 11 am eastern. if you are interested send me a message through xbox and i will add you to the team
  8. I have added a club called Boostersss. I could not find Pizzabit or wollybully69 when i did a search but did inivte renaud and findub. I've also put out another couple of invites to friends. If you need a club or want to schedule against this club please send me a message or FR at dandl318
  9. To anyone who has finished their game: I cannot find this anywhere and am looking to purchase a new or used copy. Send me a live message to dandl318 and we can talk price. P.S. I'm not looking for anyone to play it for me or gamesaves. I want the game so I can legit score this.
  10. dethlok, see above. doll of war and i tried this today in a player match and both dropped over 250. she used plotting and I just dropped. we also picked up and stacked all pots. NO ACHIEVEMENT....hopefully they will fix this but I have my doubts.
  11. Finish your first Opi season in career mode.
  12. Gang, I'll be up for hosting a max player game on sunday at any time. Send an FR to Dandl318 or post here with a time that is good for you (with your time zone!)
  13. i did get the join tourney and win tourney games first. I did have a quit as well. I sent a message to tech support for 2k7 and suggest others having this error do the same as well. I've tried it now using quick match, ranked in the lobby, and through a tourney and this ach. won't pop for me. sucks... Stuck at 980!
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