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  1. If anyone is reading this and hasn't played co-op yet or has an extra gold account, please hit me up. I really need Professor Portal ASAP because it's a rented game. Will help with whatever. GT: Alpha T Dawg
  2. Need Professor Portal and hugs. Willing to help with anything else.
  3. Sorry, let me make myself more clear. I was talking about getting the 5000 kills achievement quickly. There is a challenge for 5000 XP with one weapon and 1000 kills with a single weapon. The Sniper method covers the achievement and the challenges very quickly. With a completely open level (after it is destroyed) that is relatively small, the Sniper works with deadly efficiency.
  4. Dude, don't listen to this douche. I've seen some of his other comments on this site and this dude's a troll. A really bad hater troll. Ignore everything he says.
  5. You basically have that in SP anyways. There are ammo crates every 5 feet in the campaign and buildings and EDF everywhere to destroy. Go nuts. Btw, this thread should probably be on the official forums if you actually want Voalition to see your input. Putting it on 360a won't get it noticed.
  6. This is a modification to the fast CTF boosting method mentioned in several other threads here on 360a. If you wish to get the Multiplayer Challenges at the same time while boosting XP, the Quarantine map (after destoyed) is probably the best map to try for these, especially the kills challenges. See my below post copied from the boosting thread.
  7. Make your opponent pick up the flag and stand on the point of capture. While you're running, kill him. You will get a kill, all the bonus XP, and the capture within a second. This adds no time and ramps XP gain exponentially. Quarantine Thermobaric Rocket Two other weapons: Your choice (See below) Fleetfoot 130% speed All flag and player icons on Might as well set the two other weapons as ones you need for Challenges and add a couple minutes to the time to allow both of the players to work towards those as well, cause once you destroy everything on Quarantine (which takes about 45 seconds with both players using the Thermo) getting the kills needed takes less than a couple of seconds each time they spawn. With the player icons on and a completely visible map, its easy to find and kill players. A Sniper kill takes less than 2 seconds after they spawn if they turn their Fleefoot on to cancel spawn invulnerability then you shoot them in the head. So I would suggest using the Sniper to get the 5000 kills needed for that one challenge.
  8. Up for all MP achievements. Message me with slate Overlord. I'm CST and usually online 4 p.m. and after on T, TR, and on the weekends. I don't have the DLC, so obviously those are not what I will be going for.
  9. I just noticed something at the bottom of my main screen. As the text rolled across, it said I had 46 out of 58 achievements. I know with the DLC coming out soon, there will be 54, but why does it say 58 there. Anybody else notice this? Does this mean they already have another DLC pack with four more achieves lined up but not announced yet?
  10. The very last two you get for beating the game both ways. You get a white jedi robe if you choose the Light path at the end and a wierd mechanical Edward Scissorhands lookin' character by choosing the Dark path.
  11. You should try what the guy above said, but I'm not sure why quitting in the middle would matter... I know on a couple levels, especially the flood level where you have to rescue Cortana, I got frustrated and just saved and quit and came back to it later and I still got the achieve.
  12. I'm your wife. I mean...ex-wife. We are now divorced. It's not so much your fault as it is mine... You see, I was also doing "important top secret stuff" with the door closed and locked....with someone else. Sorry And yes, what the one dude said. No date/time stamp, but they update just fine.
  13. I need someone willing blow through the campaign on Legendary. I need to do it quickly as well to get the Mr. Punctual achieve. I already have all boxes, skulls, and gold medals, so this will not be a run for those. Send a message with coop Halo Wars to: Alpha T Dawg I'm CST, and I'm on a lot, so hit me up. Oh, and please speak English well so I can communicate with you.
  14. ..........Religion may be what you think starts all wars between man, but guess what? Men start wars. They start wars over who gets the last piece of the hot dog and even who's piece of grass they're stepping on. I hate when people use anything, including religion, as a scapegoat for how evil man really is. People make their own mistakes. They may use religion or any other means as an excuse for why they are fighting, but they would still be at war even if there was no such thing as religion. So that's a retarded statement. Also, who says there is no God? You? Okay, I guess since you are the self-acclaimed king of this forum that everyone should listen to you. Not likely. Everyone has their own opinion, and I am entitled to that as much as you. I wasn't hating on anyone, unlike you. I stated blatently that I tolerate homosexuality. I am not a homophobe like you probably think I am. I just don't agree with it. I have friends that are gay, but I don't hate on them because of that reason. It's for the same reason I'm not cussing you out right now; because I have morals. I believe everyone should be treated good and just, but that does not mean I have to agree with everyone.
  15. First of all, there is only one God. There are many gods that have many names, but only God calls himself by that name. Second, the Bible states in several places that homosexuality is a sin. Here's one I just looked up. Leviticus 18:22 NIV: "Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable." NLT: "Do not practice homosexuality; it is a detestable sin." Also, if something is unnatural, then it is unnatural. I was just saying the "horse" thing to make my point, but there could be many unnatural examples of the same act. Men were made to be with women, and that's that, no matter who or what you believe created the universe.
  16. Wow. Lots of people like to say welcome. Well, I say Bienvenidos! Actually, that's what I'm saying anyways, so I guess I'm still a sheep...
  17. The demo was meh for this game. Cool idea coming from some great movies, but there was too much "Go here, do this and don't fight people along the way." At least that's what it felt like to me. The pitch black mode looked cool, but if the controls are anything like the sp then I don't think it'll be my thing. Plus the community will probably disappear really fast just like every other non-CoD or Halo or Gears game.
  18. EASY AS PIE. 1 - Blood Berry (No More Heroes) 2 - [sniper] Pistol (Halo 1) lol 3 - RCP-90 (GoldenEye) 4 - Fully upgraded Shotgun (Bioshock) Looks freakin' sweet with both upgrades and does what it does best! 5 - M16 (CoD4) May be a nOOb tube, but with pinpoint accuracy and and secondary grenade launcher, it can't be bested. 6 - Laser Sniper Rifle (Star Wars Battlefront 2) Tis' satisfying watching a laser beam shoot across screen to a one-hit kill across the map. 7 - A3-21 Plasma Rifle (Fallout 3) 8 - Rocket Launcher (F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin) 9 - Morph-O-Ray!! (Ratchet and Clank) Who dosen't want to turn enemies into chickens??!! 0 - The Redeemer (Unreal Tournament) Ul-ti-ma-te Destruction!
  19. I'm confused... When did 3 become 5?
  20. Well here's my two cents. I don't believe people should be fired for personal preferences, but that doesn't mean I agree with these personal preferences. I'm not EXTREMELY religous and I don't believe I have to be to state this, but homosexuality in not natural. Just like having sex with a horse is not natural, there's no difference. I don't believe that homosexuals should be allowed to wed because then I feel that our country is condoning it. Tolerance is one thing (not firing someone for being gay is an example)...but condoning is different. This country was started on religous morals and "In God We Trust" is stated everywhere....yet is not followed or even noticed by many people. "Lost are we are do not know our origins" - Andrew Jackson
  21. This is because no one is going to openly state that they watch "grandma's getting banged" pornos. If they did, I would probably take two steps towards the door...
  22. This is why I said they are not "zombies" in the sense of what we gamers consider zombies. But if someone is declared dead...and they "come back to life".....................I freakin' consider that a zombie.
  23. Actually, it will most likely be 2012 at the earliest, cause the Origins of Magneto has a release sometime in 2011 and if Marvel is going to have anything to do with the Deadpool film, WHICH THEY BETTER, then they will need to finish their efforts on the Magneto one first.
  24. Looking for a co-op partner to go through on easy and get all black boxes, gold medals, skulls, and under par-times. Anyone that's interested, send me a message with Halo Wars in it.
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