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  1. this doesnt work for me tried everything. the game doesnt even load up it just crashes and goes back to the dashboard
  2. sorry for the slow response regarding this, i completely forgot i posted this, as the game was pissing me off so much i didnt bother with, i tried to 1000G Ryse but thanks for your help guys ill report to ea
  3. its added collectibles now, so u can see how many u have on each level FINALLY
  4. mine just popped no problem, i had all mine upgraded, had to do a kill also before it popped
  5. my battlefield box has the "includes battlefield china rising expansion pack" at the top but i have no code. has anybody else had this issue? who would i contact to get my code if possible? thanks in advance
  6. ill second that. i thought that the upgrades would bring more, but obviously never
  7. have to say when i saw the scores of this only gettin a 6 or 7 i was shocked and was tempted to cancel my pre-order. my god im so glad i never just completed the game and goin to play it again. absolutely brilliant game imo. graphics ang gameplay are outstanding, dont get me wrong the executions can be very repetitive and thats probably why the game got a low score. butild honestly give it a 8.5/9 easily
  8. probably the best mode on fifa, and they have ruined it once again. what do these bastards get payed for because every year they seem to fuck something up ARGHHHH!!!!!!! hurry up an sort it EA:mad:
  9. thank you, i was worried coz it did show 13/13 an though to myself. how the hell am i going to unlock that haha. probably would of figured it out when i clicked on it though thanks for the heads up though
  10. im also getting this mate. its really annoying me now, it was fine all day ive been collecting my skill game achievements. but now ive tried about 10times an nothing
  11. i have 4 acievements to do: Keep your friends Close - 5g Dipping Your Toes - 30g Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - 10g Natural Ability - 10g ill be online most of the day TODAY as im off work. if anybody could help me get this 1000/1000 ild appreciate it, also ill help back obviously. just send me a message and invite My gamertag is St Helens RLFC Thanks in advance
  12. only need 1 achievement and its the "Ghostbuster" ive just won 7 ralleys in a row an was 1st all the way apart from a couple of stages :S how the hell have i not got this, is it glitched?
  13. looking for help with the online achievement "GhostBuster" for 25G ill be online all day, my GT - St Helens RLFC
  14. Wow thanks Danny never thought of that, cheers I'll do that when I've finished this division
  15. Ah brilliant, nice easy way of boosting my money up Thanks for the quick response Just finished nightshift so will finish this season off now
  16. Lookin for Remy (83) at 4-3-1-2 Any cheap deals guys???
  17. Im currently finishing off the seasons in single player And I'm just wondering once you've got to the division 1 can you keep playing games in that division or does it stop?? Thanks in advance
  18. Looking for French players that are 80+ that play 4-3-1-2 Message me on Xbox St Helens RLFC Cheers
  19. Totally agree, the keeper literally holds on to every ball, from every cross an shot. Its shocking!!! Remove assists on keepers, we will soon see how gud they are
  20. Think mine is 379. Moving target aswell
  21. im fuming, was playin head 2 head seasons, not lost a game yet. then i get disconnected wen i was winning. not a happy chappy. oh well gives me time to boost my pro i guess
  22. i need this also, wanna help each other?? not sure how it works tho
  23. only need the following if anybody can help * Queen's Boots * Queen's Crown * Queen's Gloves * Queen's Jacket * Queen's Skirt * Women's Masquerade Hat * Women's Masquerade Mask * Women's Masquerade Bodice * Women's Masquerade Gloves * Women's Masquerade Skirt * Women's Masquerade Shoes * Chef's Hat
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