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  1. Yeh except in rescue/beach you will get 27k in 10 mins collecting all the med packs. You are playing an extra 10 mins for just 3000 more xp. If you do 2 rounds of 10 minutes i.e. 20 minutes then you will get 54kxp. This is just terrible advice and you should feel bad.
  2. Need 1 co op achievement (kil from passenger seat of car) and 1 multiplayer achievement, the game is dead online. The only one ive managed to do is "outpost" in battles of Kyrat and it took forever to find a game. gamertag = Nanbag let's see if we can get a few of us together searching at the same time.
  3. I won't be getting 100% until they fix the fucking glitch with the phone. Apparently it happens when you access the internet while you are replaying a mission. God knows when they are gonna roll that out. My enjoyment of this game has been completely ruined until they fix that. Even though I've got the 20 strangers and freaks missions they require for 100% I like getting a true 100% which won't happen until I can use my phone again. Absolute bullshit. Also I fell off my bike during a completely avoidable collision with a lamp post 21 minutes into the 3rd triathalon and that enranged me even more so i'm gonna box the game until they patch the fucking thing.
  4. just got gold on the beverely side mission I was complaining about. I think it's time based, in the end I just drove in front of poppy the whole way because I played it so many times that I knew the route. For the picture, you have to get a clear shot of the cop walking her back to her car. you need to be able to see the handcuffs in the shot and make sure it's not obstructed by the cop in any way shape or form. All gold on stangers and freaks now, nothing to complain about anymore...until next time.
  5. I heard it was 30 seconds from when the red dot appears, but that obviously only happens if you are playing it for the first time and not replaying it. Is there any way to put your sniper on him without alerting the guards? I go to the tree you're talking about every time but I always end up spooking him. If I can do that i'm pretty sure I can run to it in 30 seconds after killing him and pick up the club and take out the guards. My quickest time is 1:08 and that was when I did it the first time (I was on a motorbike. Quickest in the replays is about 1:20, not sure how I can go any quicker. Is it definitely possible to do it in the replay? EDIT: Done in 21 seconds, I'm such an idiot. Timer starts from the kill shot. Don't go right up to the tree with the sniper.
  6. So I like most have completed the story now and i'm trying to get 100%, let's kick this off. * Vinewood souvenirs - Mark - It is fucking impossible to run to him in 30 seconds, you need a vehicle. If anyone knows how to do it in under 30 seconds please enlighten me. * Paparazzo - The Meltdown - I have tried this 50 fucking times now and I literally cannot get any closer to the vehicle without overtaking the cop in front of me. Also i'm assuming the camera is objective is also glitched, I've taken the picture after the cuffs go on, before the cuffs go on, on the way to the car, getting in the car etc etc etc, still haven't got that objective. * I want an option to retry if i complete the mission, I hate having to go back to my main game and then reloading it, it takes forever. Especially for the timed/accuracy objectives. * As many have stated, it takes ridiculously long to lose the cops even if you ditch your car and get a new one. * The occasional frame dropping, but I can get over that I suppose. (No I don't have it installed) * Idiotic AI driving, this game could use turn signals. That's all I have for now.
  7. I played 3 games last night and lost a gun fight every time to a guy who had that hand gun with the green shit on it (c27z?) I tried everything, engaging from range, head glitching, even ran up behind the cunt at one point but he flipped round ninja style and caught me in the head. He went 40+ in each game with a hand gun, this should be impossible.
  8. Just this minute finished the campaign and is it just me or was it ridiculously easy compared to previous titles. I mean I was running through levels like it was on recruit (even though on veteran). Ones to note: The joesfina mission - is it even possible to die on that level? The USS obama mission when you have to get to the flight deck, I ran through without having to kill a single enemy and jumped on the plane. The final mission where you get to Menendez, I ran out of ammo towards the beginning and couldnt be bothered to find another gun so I knifed my way through the entire mission (server room onwards). Very poor, gone are the days of "the mile high club" from cod4.
  9. So i just got to the mission in the club and theres no music....
  10. I have no experience of RTS and these missions confused the shit out of me. I'm not one for tutorials either, so I ended up just button mashing RB LB while moving the reticle, Occasionally i'd jump into the fight as a random soldier. I bought an FPS for fuck sake I don't want to be commanding units.
  11. I felt like your first comment was pretty straight forward and didn't really need any validation, but yeah it was a good point. Happy? The main gripe I had was that you were comparing it to different games which aren't in the COD series which was ludicrous because it bears no value in the discussion. You lost all credibility when you mentioned another game. I don't see why you didn't use other COD games for comparison the first time around.
  12. I genuinely burst out laughing upon reading that. I don't know why people are comparing it to other games, its silly. Although I will say C4 was definitely more powerful on MW3 than it is on BO2. I could throw the thing like 5ft over somebody's head and get a kill. You make me ashamed of our country. At what point did you personally contribute to the spoken word? It's as absurd as saying "we won the war"...no YOU didn't do anything you ponce, the only contribution you appear to have made to society is paying £40 into the economy for a video game.
  13. Probation penalty for leaving, i assume people will stop backing out when they have to wait 30 minutes for a new game.
  14. For MW3 they removed my favourite game mode (HC capture the flag) so for MW3 i turned to HC Domination. Now in Black ops 2 they have removed HC Domination and added HC Capture the flag, but in the time during MW3 I became pretty fucking good at it and now all that time I feel is wasted. Just for perspective, at my highest I was ranked about 400th in the world in BO for HC cap the flag, and in the top 1000 for HC domination for MW3. I guess my point is, i'm lost on this game, i don't quite know what to do. I tried going back to cap the flag but since ive been playing domination for a year i've become accustomed to not having a respawn time. So ive gone off of it. I'm sure the game will get better for me over time. because other than the gametypes availible i dont have any major concerns. People are mentioning lag and hit detection, get a better internet connection. People are mentioning slow menus, its the hardware not the game, one guy even said the MP7 was overpowered, bullshit, its the player, you try shooting that accross the map and dropping someone in half a second.
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