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  1. working on a playlist for this to complete all 5 gold challenges. It can be found Just Here
  2. I took some time to make an easy walkthrough for the first challenges and working on a few more to simplify the process Age Of Empires IV | Early Economy Gold Guaranteed Guide - YouTube
  3. boosting pretty much any and all achievements i can for people strikes raids nightfall pvp whatever shoot me a message GT: h4mm32 dont just say "raid?" i will probably ignore say you saw my post please.
  4. myself and others willing to help people finish strike, clan, and some pvp related achievements feel free to contact me large player base GT:h4mm32
  5. need a warlock and a hunter for triple play, boosting for the next few hours and maybe later tonight have 2-3 others already would be easier with 6 people 2 of each class GT: h4mm32
  6. looking to boost triple play, message me GT: h4mm32 might have some who will help if we can determine a time and day
  7. Another quality guide from xeno. Great job man
  8. i jumped off the empire and fell down through the rings to get the superior spider man token, however when i went to buy it there was still a question mark. i went back to do it again and now there is just the blue stud. the game froze shortly after and after i've gone back it the same issue persists. will using SP:FF code work? any help would be obliged.
  9. I mean in theory people are saying you can download as long as you have downloaded it before... so you would download a profile then redownload otherwise the next best thing would be to look for someone whos willing to send the content via flash drive. Buy it yourself then transfer the content....to be able to play it....
  10. would it say be possible to use some one elses account via recovery on your personal console to redownload, using their account, said items that you have paid for since you would have access to use them. download the files and then play them that way?
  11. as of right now there seems to be NO way to get this done until actiblizz comes up with a resolution after eliminating COD ELITE just bought my share as well only to find out there's nothing you can do after purchase. why not just house the files on the xbox servers and set up the DRM through there! call xbox for a refund and a warning to any who haven't finished but want to, don't buy these packs
  12. would love to be added to the list jaz man i'm EST available most nights and weekends
  13. i had completed all 18 races with no achievement popped i was just before the last mission and wanted to resolve this first, i tried going back to do races with no fix did all 17 through the replay improved my times on most and still nothing. did the fight club, still nothing i had remembered that i failed the mission for fast girls, i hit a divider and some how flipped the car after crashing into a pole mid-air. i went back and replayed the mission without failing during the racing segment and it popped the achievement the moment the race part was finished. dunno if it will work for any body else but it IS worth a shot.
  14. I seem to have run into a glitch preventing me from finishing a spy cam I believe in central. Sorry if this were posted kept trying to forum search but my mobile isnt working wih the function. I have killed the gang ajd hacked the box but when pinnig the guy during the cam sequence upon loadig it freezes...tried dropping gun and holstering it, restarting the xbox and clearing my cache, really dont want to revert to old save with the thought it might do it again Any help is much obliged
  15. looking to do thief co author, i've been busy as of late and i wont have the time to likely do it myself. I also happen to be getting it through amazon, thanks to a christmas gift, and thus wont be getting it on release which will contribute a lot to how quickly someone of caliber will jump on the guide before i. thief however is one of my fav revived franchises and i WILL be exploring any and all things, i can provide youtube videos assuming i know they are coming or if XBO auto records before achievements.
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