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  1. PMILL69

    Game Savers

    i was waiting for him to post no suprise what hes saying
  2. PMILL69

    Game Savers

    you want me to put my x360a name back on here dont worry I will change my name and not rep the site then
  3. Cheater!!!!1111!!!1!

  4. my subscribtion ends july 17th could you have it not renew thanks

  5. I am tired and done with this site so im leaving
  6. Why did you get a new gamertag?

  7. why did we copy wii
  8. PMILL69

    Game Savers

    my account is only 5 months old at the most
  9. PMILL69

    Game Savers

    its was the begging of my xbox experience it was like the 5000G I got I didn't now better I regret it if I could take it back I would.
  10. PMILL69

    Game Savers

    really I had no idea i thought that glitch was aloud its not that but on my old account i really did have the 10000 kills and every thing but i lost my account
  11. PMILL69

    Game Savers

    what are you talking about
  12. PMILL69

    Game Savers

    Your right people will always find ways to cheat its stupid
  13. PMILL69

    Game Savers

    why dosent microsoft like make an update to make it not possible to gamesave
  14. PMILL69

    Game Savers

    hey sorry I will fix it I wasn't paying attention when writing.
  15. PMILL69

    Game Savers

    what did I do wrong
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