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  1. x ib ii g g zzz Lego City Undercover GL everyone!
  2. Halo 2 for sure, I also liked Indigo Prophecy, and PGR2.
  3. Cannot do Strategy games to save my life. (C&C, Halo wars, etc) Other then that nothing!
  4. I know what thats like. I had over 5000 pokemon cards that i cherished, decided to sell all but about a hundred..
  5. I seriously hope this was some kind of sick joke.. GM mode is all I play. And you're telling me I can't even draft players? I'm literally so mad right now
  6. I agree with OP 100%.. I'm about an hour or two into this game, and I love it. But it is not a 100% overall game. NOTHING is, nor should be. and as said above, I wouldn't even consider giving my favorite games of all time a perfect score. Closest game i've played to perfect is The Last of Us, and by no stretch of the imagination is it a 100% in my eyes..
  7. If I were you i'd just start a new save, just do nothing for the time as a male, and switch up to a female. It sounds like your cheevo is glitched haha.
  8. I can't throw out 10/10 too loosely.. so for me: 10/10: The Last of Us. The best game i've ever played. Closest thing to it for me is Fallout 3.
  9. Chances are you haven't discovered them yet.. For me the last two things I needed were those hot spots filled with enemies (forgot what they're called) But yeah pretty much drive around the grey area looking for the activities or gang controlled area.
  10. If you were looking to buy this game, Walmart is having this on their anniversary sale starting Friday! (Thursday in Quebec) I don't know about you, but for $15 I'll definitely be picking this game up come Friday!
  11. Haha I loved the vid! But yeah I already wasn't buying at launch. Just too much left to play on the 360 for me..
  12. Were the Millers - 9/10 Its actually really funny. Even if it wasn't.. Jennifer Aniston, enough said!
  13. I LOL'd at this.. thanks for the memories I think though the best season pass would have to be Gears of War 3/ Halo 4 for me. Worst I can think of is Saints Row the third. Omg was that a waste of money.. I finished all three DLC's in one sitting.
  14. Wow I guess I'm the welcoming committee then, welcome Sal
  15. If they make another one I'd hope they go back to SR 1&2 rather than look back at 3&4. And that in no way is me saying I didn't enjoy 3&4 because I did haha. 4 was actually really fun in my opinion. It's different.
  16. Any experience I've had, when you get close with someone with intentions of being "just friends", it never ends up working that day. In high school me and my best friend at the time caught feelings randomly. Horrible situation, she was dating my best friend. (Of course I took the high horse and didn't do anything relax ) I don't know if thats just me though. I mean I think you're more prone to it if you hang around said person a lot.
  17. They really are brutal I know! I had played Saints Row on my previous account and lost all my progress on it, I too haven't been able to get into it
  18. In terms of favorite overall game, definitely Fallout 3. Countless hours I put into that game. But my favorite multiplayer game of all time would have to be Gears (1). Sunk 1000+ hours into that game easily.
  19. Being a college student myself, I'd say you're in the perfect time to switch your path. Yeah you might have wasted a year.. but atleast you didn't get this epiphany after you were finished college. I always say you have to stick with what you like even in college, not whats "convenient" which in your case is you already one year into your program. I can't say i'm speaking on experience here, but I have a friend that switched his course twice! So don't feel bad about not finishing your program on time. I'd say focus on doing or finding something of interest to you, and it seems like you have.
  20. Yeah I'm not going to lie I'd do this too if I were you. But if you must, play SR3 before 4.
  21. The Last of Us is seriously the best game i've ever played. I've had my PS3 for almost two years (blueray + netflix) and this is the first game I ever bought. 1. The Last of Us - Anyone who hasn't played it doesn't know what they're missing. 2. Fallout 3 - This remains one of my all time favorite games, the atmosphere, the story, everything was perfect in this game. If it had the gun mechanics of New Vegas, it would have been that much better. 3. Pokemon Gold/Silver - I got both of these along with my gameboy color on christmas as a kid.. and I'm still playing pokemon games today (Pokemon X + Y anybody? ) I think these two games in particular have to be the games i've put the most time in ever. 4. Gears of War - My friend forced me to buy this game to play coop with him, and after we did I could never see myself playing it again.. until I went online. I've never seen a better online community then that of Gears 1. Great way to make new friends, and ESPECIALLY enemies, as the truly dedicated gears players will always end up coming back into the same game as you haha. Easily dropped 1000+ hours playing the online. 5. Halo 2 - Just flat out loved it. Before I had xbox live on the xbox (1), I would always replay the campaign, and local split screen or LAN parties. When I first got my 360, this is the only game I played online for almost a year!
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