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    I play lot of game That are you need to know about me.
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    video game

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  1. You can earn all the achievements in assist mode making making the game very easy to 100%
  2. You can earn achievement while playing in assist mode make the game easy to 100%
  3. So achievement are working kinda right now i earning some but other are sill not unlocking
  4. same but knowing that i get all the achievement later gave me some motivation to play
  5. Here a link from Rare Issue #3 https://support.seaofthieves.com/hc/en-gb/articles/115015860268-Missing-Delayed-Items-Gold-and-Reputation?flash_digest=1227078cb13f4cc28c354f30a4d7c441c8933e33
  6. I don't know why but the achievement are not unlocking for me. I Eat a banana no achievement I set sail no achievement i put my sail to wind no achievement I know people have unlock achievement I'm just wanted to know if anybody else is having this problem
  7. Well at least im not the only one then Hope they get this fix soon
  8. Is any one else having sync problem I 1st started on xbox then I play a bit on my pc but now when i try to go back to xbox it won't ever finish syncing. and now i can't even play on the xbox sill work on my pc but xbox is mess up
  9. Do anybody know if save from season 2 on 360 carry over to the one maybe with the telltale account to season 3 because i play season 2 on 360 and i don't want to start over
  10. That so cool that they add some new achievement
  11. There will be achievements there just taking there sweet time with it, hope it get fix soon. If you want to know what the achievements just look at the ps4 trophies list
  12. need to do king fall on hard raiding party and Flawless Raider
  13. hey you should make a game session for this also they gonna patch this achievement soon to make it longer https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/blog/20178523 under Miscellaneous Timing on Zenyatta's Rapid Discord achievement is more lenient
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