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  1. I am currently experiencing an awful glitch in Stacking. I just bought the game [finally], thanks to the sale this week, and I just finished the Steam Ship level. During the Steam Ship level, I noticed some specks on the screen while playing, but I didn't pay attention to it, as I thought it was "sparkles" on the screen when entering the ballroom. However, as I continued playing the Steam Ship level, I noticed more and more of these specks started showing up. I really noticed the problem when I watched a cut-scene, and the cut-scene was glitching out. At first, I thought it might have been my HD cable. I reset my system, restarted Stacking, and it immediately went back into that state. The weird thing is that the Pause screen was fine. It was just the gameplay screen that was spazzing out. I deleted the game off of my hard drive and redownloaded it, and I am getting the same thing. Has anyone else experienced this, and if so, what in the world do I do to fix this?
  2. Well, considering that's where I live anyway, I guess I'll just wait until the end of the month. Thanks for the info, Pants!
  3. Didn't they say that these games were all being released on Games on Demand on the same day as retail release? Or was I just hearing things?
  4. AWESOME! That's exactly what I needed to know and wanted to hear! You are a saint!
  5. It's not a completely absurd topic. Surprisingly, there are a lot more region-free games on the 360 than most people are aware. I live in Japan and have an American 360, and I have 6 games in my library that are Japanese "region" but work on my American 360. And this is informative, because I was wondering if I could buy the retail disc in a couple weeks (The store I frequent is doing a great promotion!). Looks like I'll just download is on Games on Demand whenever it's released on there.
  6. Not a matter of finding a language pack, but is there something in Audio/Visual in the Options menu to change the spoken language? Normally North America releases only have English, Spanish, and French, but since this is MGS, there might be a slight possibility that the Japanese might be on there as well (Like with Street Fighter IV). Thanks for the info.
  7. I figured if that was the case, I could just set my language to Japanese (Which is fine by me). I just want to hear the Fury in Japanese again! 「帰って来た!!大地だ〜〜〜〜!!」 Totally awesome stuff. Oh, and Japan is awesome. You should just come. A lot of people don't end up visiting because they just won't take the risk. That's why I say, "JUST DO IT!"... but in a non-Nike kind of way.
  8. It's difficult, because I live in Japan. It might even be possible to download it on Games on Demand. However, my main account is a US one, but I do have a Japanese account as well. I'm wondering if the purchase is universal (Like most things are today), so if I purchase it with my American account, the Japanese account will get the Japanese port and vice-versa. It's worth a shot, right? PS: I like that we're both sporting some Scotts.
  9. I was wondering if anyone was aware whether these Metal Gear HD remakes will be in both English/Japanese? I ask, because I originally played Snake Eater in Japanese and I'd love to replay it that way for nostalgia's reasons. Something about the Fury in Japanese is completely awesome! His English voice is just... disappointing to say the least. Does anyone have an idea? It would be totally awesome if they added that.
  10. How come the only one I can see in my character's list is Onyx Guard right now? I don't seem to have Bernie or Big Rig Dizzy right now.
  11. I downloaded the Season Pass, and I am not seeing the Liquid Metal weapon skins. They're not even in the possible list to purchase. Has anyone else experienced this?? Other than that, everything else worked; my Gears 1 and 2 achievements, beta stuff, etc. But I was pretty excited after my friend told me about the free Liquid Metal ones that come with the Season Pass until I realized I didn't even have them. Any help or advice would be great.
  12. Just want to run the co-op levels, if anyone is interested. GT: Disco Penguins EDIT: Got it.
  13. He does have a point, though. This was something, once again, Capcom could have easily dealt with and decided to leave it exactly the way it was before. It's pretty poorly set up. As I continue to say, the graphics look GREAT, but the menus and controls are just like on the Gamecube... which was good then, but NOT good now.
  14. That's the stupid part. We SHOULDN'T HAVE TO GET USED TO IT! This is an updated version of Resident Evil 4. Not a direct port. If it was the latter, I would be accepting of the control schemes. However, that's not the case. This was designed specifically for the Xbox 360 and PS3, both of which have dual-analog controls that would have made the controls for this game SO much better than on the Gamecube (And possibly even the Wii). What's the point going backwards in control schemes when Capcom could have quite literally taken 5 minutes out of their time to update the controls for this game as well? Simply this; If you're spending the time and money to make an updated version of a game and don't even bother mapping out the controls to suit the control pad for the systems you are designing for, well, that's just plain stupid.
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